Frank Sinatra "My Way" documentary news

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Frank Sinatra "My Way" documentary news

Post by elvis4life »

May 16, 2024 8:18am PT
Frank Sinatra Cannes Premiere Doc ‘My Way’ Boarded by Mediawan Rights, Teaser Unveiled (EXCLUSIVE)

By Christopher Vourlias

Mediawan Rights will rep international sales rights and has released a first teaser clip for “My Way,” a documentary about the iconic song that features a star-studded cast including Ol’ Blue Eyes himself and is narrated by Jane Fonda. The film premieres May 16 with a screening at the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinema de la Plage.

Directed by Thierry Teston in collaboration with Lisa Azuelos, “My Way” is billed as “a captivating journey into the heart of an iconic song that explores the universal appeal and enduring legacy of a timeless classic.”

Through the lens of performers including Frank Sinatra, Ben Harper, Paul Anka, David Bowie, Claude François, Clara Luciani and Sparks, and full of never-before-heard anecdotes, the documentary aims to paint a vivid portrait of the song’s evolution and impact on different generations and cultures, using rare archival footage to trace the remarkable journey of a single melody as it transcends eras and cultural boundaries.

“Behind the documentary ‘My Way’ is a story of friendship and a common desire to bring back to the forefront this song which is still omnipresent in our ears and our society,” says producer Patrick André of High Sea Production.

“A record-breaking song, ‘My Way’ has had the most beautiful voices to carry it from its birth at the end of the ’60s to the present day,” he continues. “Despite this omnipresence, no film related to the song had been made for 30 years, and we therefore wanted to transmit this incredible and little-known story to younger generations who know nothing about the trajectory of this song.”

Here’s an exclusive look at the film’s teaser:

In a form of a biopic, “My Way” tells the story of the genesis of the mythical song, beginning by the pool of French pop singer Claude François’ mansion on a summer afternoon in 1967, when unbeknownst to many, the song was first conceived. It then follows the succession of fortuitous meetings and sleepless nights that guided the track across the Atlantic towards the man who would make it one of the 20th century’s most indelible pop cultural artifacts, later to be covered by the likes of Sid Vicious, Tom Jones, Luciano Pavarotti and Nina Simone.

“The idea of making this documentary was born in May 2019, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of ‘My Way,’ the most covered song of all time,” says Kyril Courboin, president of J.P. Morgan France. “A few days later, driven by the desire to celebrate this anthem that has crossed generations since the ’60s, I began to sketch the outlines of this documentary film that I shared with Patrick. This is how this idea came to life.

“We both immediately sensed that the trajectory between France and the United States of ‘Comme d’habitude’/‘My Way’ made this story all the more fascinating and universal,” he continues. “We then shared this idea with Thierry and Lisa who immediately wanted to take it on, and we were thus able to bring this biopic of the song to life.”

“‘My Way’ has undeniable international appeal with its compelling exploration of a song that has transcended cultural and generational boundaries,” says Valérie Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Mediawan Rights. “This exceptional project, narrated by Jane Fonda, with testimonies from Frank Sinatra, Ben Harper, Paul Anka, David Bowie and Sparks, succeeded in capturing the very essence of what makes this song iconic and timeless. We are proud to add this heritage project to our line-up because it perfectly illustrates the power of this IP, which has touched millions of people around the world for more than 50 years.”