Elvis with Jane Bay (Morris) in Florida - 1955

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Elvis with Jane Bay (Morris) in Florida - 1955

Post by MikeFromHolland »


Found this on pinterest.
1955 00 00 Florida - with Jane Bay - Morris.jpg
Elvis with 13-year-old Jane Bay (neé Morris) in Florida, 1955.

"Not long after my thirteenth birthday, and several years before his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, I met Elvis Presley while he was touring in Florida with the Grand Ole Opry.

I got hooked on rock ‘n roll, and my life was changed forever."

Jane Bay


The original stems from this site however:


This is Jane and me. We are standing on the “Love Boat” in Long Beach Harbor getting ready to sail away to Acapulco. Jane is a little bit older than me (not by much ~ but at the time it was enough; I’ve almost caught up to her now) and I looked up to her. I thought she was brilliant.


Here’s Jane with Elvis. She’s 13. He wrote her a letter:


See? How could you not do anything this person told you to do? She obviously had the magic touch. You can visit her website, Jane Bay and read about her on Star Wars Wookiepedia ~ she was George Lucas’s ~ of Star Wars fame ~ assistant and right-hand-person for the last almost-forty years, and just recently retired.

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Re: Elvis with Jane Bay (Morris) in Florida - 1955

Post by drjohncarpenter »

The fool posted these images a year ago:

Lakeland 1956?

Almost no one replied. I did, and this is what I wrote:
drjohncarpenter wrote:According to the address on the envelope, Jane Morris lives in Tampa, and most all the images appear to date to the two shows at the Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory on 8-05-1956.

One shot clearly shows the basketball hoop and backboard at the Armory folded up into the ceiling above and behind Elvis. The one where he's sticking his tongue out may be from Lakeland, though maybe it's Tampa as well.

Jane got what appears to be a legitimate personal thank you letter from Elvis. She must have been high up in the food chain of fan club representatives.

Nice find, as usual. Thank you for the share!

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