With a guy from Cleveland…

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With a guy from Cleveland…

Post by MikeFromHolland »


…. Who happened to be named George Lucas. Yes, the same name as that Star Wars guy has. Extremely funny isn’t it?


His son Rick Lucas was so kind to post here: https://eu.cantonrep.com/story/news/local/2018/01/26/reader-photo-day/15639644007/

“Rick Lucas of Canton shared this photo his grandfather, George Lucas of Cleveland, far right, and a friend had taken with Elvis Presley. My grandfather was with Cleveland Police Department, and Elvis was performing at Cleveland Arena in 1956. The photo was taken backstage.”

This is my very last post. I don’t like it here anymore.

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Re: With a guy from Cleveland…

Post by Markus K. »

Thanks for the share!
A shame you feel like this place isn't for you anymore, really, as you've been a great contributer.
Maybe taking some time off and droping in later will be beneficial and do you some good? The internet as a whole and forums and social media in particular have a tendency to bring out the bad side in people. Over time this can sum up to a lot of negativity you may subjectively or objectively encounter and taking a break from time to time from those places may generally be a healthy excersise.
Here's hoping you'll find some joy outside this forum for a while and will come back rejuvenated and looking forward to share with others your hobby that is Elvis. Until then thanks for all your great contributions!