Best original live album

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Best original live album

In Person
On Stage
Madison Square Garden
Aloha From Hawaii
Live In Memphis
In Concert
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Post by JerryNodak »

Matthew: I agree.

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Mike DK
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Post by Mike DK »

On Stage for me. It is a much stronger album than any of the other live albums.

I never listen to MSG as I find it pretty bad (bad sound/mix). Also I find MSG more to be an "event" than really great music. The show is much to rushed.

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Post by PEP »

I voted for INPERSON, at the same time On Stage comes
in neck and neck with INPERSON for me....

MSQ a very strong 2nd....

PEP 8)

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Post by Lennart »

I voted for MSG!
Hard choice since both Msg and the live LP from Memphis to Vegas/Vegas
to Memphis were my favorite albums I bought as a kid when Elvis was still alive.
They hit me right in the face when I heard them the first time.
In fact, they are still my favorite albums to this day of the ones released during his lifetime.
I´ve played these records thousands of times.
Johnny B Goode and Mystery Train/Tiger man from 69 rocks BIG TIME.
The pace of the MSG is perhaps a bit rushed but it makes at least me feel like he wanted to knock em dead with high energy and a great show.
I don´t think that all old numbers are throwawys, save maybe Love me tender and All shook up. It was one of the last times Hound dog was
performed decent at lest.

Well as you can guess, I really love these records.


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Captain Marvel Jr

Re: Best original live album

Post by Captain Marvel Jr »

1-In Person
2-On Stage

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Re: Best original live album

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Re: Best original live album

Post by SteamrollerBlues »

On Stage.

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Re: Best original live album

Post by sgoodyear62 »

"In Person" I voted for. Johnny b.goode rocks on this album and is the best live version of this song ever done by Elvis. Plus it was the first "live" Elvis album I ever bought.

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Post by fn2drive »

Juan Luis on Sat Dec 10, 2005 8:55 pm wrote:MSG. Will be even better when mixed again.
We agree on something. While On Stage and EIP are superior, they don’t capture the full performance a concert which MSG does. By the time you get to Aloha and Memphis, Elvis’s live work is generally substandard.

As an aside, I would love to have MSG with a second cd mixed with the crowd noise the way it was that night drowning out the singing. The crowd roared that June night but of course the mix potted down the crowd so we can listen to the music. Given how many time and mixes of there are, I would like one where Elvis and the band are drowned out so fans can appreciate just how crazy it got.