Elvis' PHS weight!

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They did put this shot in the package:
but kept the original cover, which was the whole point
of these great reissues...

Here's Oven's review of that FTD - for ever skeptical LiketheBike.

"Dixieland Sucks?"
(Review by Oven Egeland)

This updated soundtrack album of Frankie And Johnny is presented in the same manner as the previously 3 updated soundtrack album; Girl Happy, Fun In Acapulco and finally It Happened At The World's Fair. The CD is housed in a colorful gatefold pack with appropriate pictures and necessary information. Inside you will also find a booklet telling more about the movie and the soundtrack. A nice delivery!

After the original LP soundtrack, you will find 15 bonus tracks, 13 of which has never been released officially before. On the other hand this material have been released already on great sounding bootlegs. Only the acetate of the movie master is "new" for the avid Elvis collector.

The sound quality is very good all the way through and of course better than on these high quality bootlegs mentioned above. I acknowledge the mxing work done by BMG.

Frankie And Johnny was, perhaps next to Harum Scarum a movie where Elvis sang music quite outside his ordinary repertoire. Dixieland music isn't my cup of tea, perhaps not Elvis' either, but all the same it is nice to hear him sing these tunes. Some of the songs are catchy, like 'Petunia The Gardeners Daughter', the gipsy 'Cheesay' and even 'Everybody Come Aboard'. The several ballads are all beautiful, the emotions are in fact enhanced by the dry vocal recording technique used. Especially take 7 of 'Please Don't Stop Loving Me' stands out above the rest. I wonder why this was not chosen as master!?

Unfortunately the CD does not offer any outtakes of 'What Every Woman Lives For' or 'Beginner's Luck'. They are still lost from the archives. For some reasons the intro on 'Beginner's Luck' has been axed on this release.

I would recommend this CD whether you like the music or not. Such dedication from FTD should be supported!

Oven Egeland, Norway, January 2004

These are rare shots...Thank, Funk.
He does look pretty heavy, even for the '70s.

I recognize this from the recent DVD package:

On the Edge of Reality

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The shirt Elvis wore in PHS with the leafs on it is smartly tailored to hide his waistline. When he's in the tan shirt you get a bit more of a sense of his thicker-than-usual middle, but to be fair, he did lose weight while filming. I don't think he looks particularly overweight in this film, just not lean.

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Re: Elvis' PHS weight!

Post by jurasic1968 »

The pictures are one thing, the movie is other matter. Elvis looked tired and out of it in the movie. He looks bad, puffy faced and sleepy. I think he looks very bad in the film in almost scenes and those crappy songs are an embarasement to see and listen.

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Re: Elvis' PHS weight!

Post by Phoenix78 »

It's not a huge revelation that Elvis started to suffer from certain "problems" as far back as '65. For the majority of his career, he looked great and healthy, but not exactly "slim." Which I love about him. But for some, put him in a stage suit the next decade and everybody's all over him. Go figure.

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I'll tell ya what's a "revelation"! Members asking (if it WERE 2013, and it wasn't) for someone to "scale down" the photos!!!!!!!!! At least TWO different requests for this! Or an apology for hi-res photos! :smt003 :smt005 :smt003 :smt005 :smt003

It was 2005. Wow . . . things have changed! Bandwidth! You gotta love it!
A Current Member In The Past wrote:FA, I liked them as well. But I have one request -- in the future can you scale such photos down from (approximate) 1000 X 1400 pixel size? I know that you don't usually post in such large dimensions.

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