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Let It Be Me - Review

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Five months after his historic return to live performing Elvis was back at the scene of his triumph,namely the International Hotel,Las Vegas.
Captured on a new cd LET IT BE ME (Audiophile CD AR 2006-2-2) is the almost complete midnight show of February 21st.1970 featuring fifteen songs. Whereas Blue Suede Shoes kicked off the '69 shows this time round All Shook Up has been elevated. RCA has never been able to locate a performance of it from this engagement for the On Stage LP, upgrade cd or Polk Salad Annie (FTD) cd titles. This show, from the final week, is UNRELEASED and new to even the most avid collector.
The packaging is worth the price alone with an eight page booklet full of photos from the time and 'a fans perspective' that is very revealing.
As a bonus to the main event, if that wasn't enough,we are treated to seven songs from the night befores dinner show.
Sound wise, which is all important with any audience recorded taping, is extremely good, you get the sense of it happening in front of you as opposed to being surrounded by sound.... Some of the between song dialogue can be a little strained to listen too but if you make the effort you can work it out.
Verdict: A must have for live show addicts and also advised for the selective purchaser as so few recordings have appeared from this engagement,inspite of the set list being of familiar fair.

Trivia: Composer of the song My Little Friend, a true life experience about a girl called Luwan, Shirl Milete recalled that Elvis played the International Hotel and sang the song saying "This song goes out to a beautiful lady Luwan,wherever you are". If Elvis did sing it would have probably been at this engagement being the flipside of his latest single Kentucky Rain, which was sung regularly, though a recording has never surfaced. (Writing For The King by Ken Sharp-Follow That Dream books page 206)

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Post by BigredG »

Thanks Pseu - never found the time to do my review. Interesting Cd, and a quality package, rather than the smash and grab that comes with Cds like The King Has landed etc etc.

A cut above, and genuinely "new" to my ears too.

Recommended for audience recording collectors for sure!! :)

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GOOD REVIEW PSEU . it wasa great pleasure reading your review on this cd - :wink:

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the concert is circulating in collector's circles with better sound.
the CD is probably made from a later generation audio tape which means loss of sound quality.
the bonus songs are poor in sound quality.

however it is hard to find audience recordings from feb. 1970 so as a collector you can add this to your collection.

colonel snow

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After seeing everyone comments on this CD before coming out, I was hesitant to purchase this release. But, after purchasing Audiophile's first release "The Las Vegas Years Volume 1" which was very good, I figure to take a chance and purchase "Let It Be Me". After listening to this CD, I must say I'm glad I've purchased it. As we all know, Elvis was fantastic in 1970 and it's ashame that RCA didn't record many shows from the January-February 1970 engagement.

As for the sound of this show, I find it very good, not as good as Rick Renees sounded recordings, maybe second to it. The only exception is the dialogue, I find it a little hard at first to understand, but if you listen carefully, you should be able to figure it out. Now, someone stated that this CD has been circulated in better sound and this is a later generation tape. As for this recording circulating in better sound, I wish someone would put up a sample audio file so that way the fans like myself can hear it for themselves. I had a audio tape of this show that I got in a trade years ago and the sound was so bad, I threw it away as it wasn't worth playing.

As for using a later generation tape, I disagree on that because if you read the Elvis Fan's Sleevenote, this is the fan's recording. Also if you look on the backtray, the CD offers special thanks to this Elvis fan. And after seeing the name, I've done some research as the name sounded familiar. After doing some research, I've found this persons name mentioned on the following CD releases "The Midnight Hour" (Memory Records), "Rockin' The Northwest" (Memory Records) and "Spring Fever" (Unicorn Records). My opinion and conclusion, these are the first generation tapes. It's possible however someone else could of taped the same show, it's not only one person at the time was trying to sneak in a tape recorder as most Elvis fans from 1969-1977 would attempt to tape the show without beign caught.

Anyway, back to the CD. As for the packaging, it's very well put together. It comes with an eight page booklet, some rare photo's that the fan has taken during the show. Also it contains some photo's we've seen before as well. But, it's still worth having.

Conclusion: A must have, especially it's Elvis at his best. Will never probably get anything else from RCA/BMG FTD from the 1970 Vegas engagement which is ashame. This is probably as close as were going to get to hear Elvis performing during this great engagement. I give it 3 1/2 stars instead of 4 because of the dialogue. But, it's still worth having!


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colonel snow wrote:the concert is circulating in collector's circles with better sound.
the CD is probably made from a later generation audio tape which means loss of sound quality.
the bonus songs are poor in sound quality.

however it is hard to find audience recordings from feb. 1970 so as a collector you can add this to your collection.

colonel snow
Well this show was definitely NOT IN CIRCULATION before, I compared it carefully to all feb. 70 tapes, previously available. This one is completely new - and not only to me...

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Post by Rob »

This is a very enjoyable CD. I am especially fond of the shows from February 1970 anyway, and this one is no exception. It is definitely a keeper and a great addition to my (or any) collection.

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master tape

Post by ForeverElvis »

the tape used for this cd was the tape used to record elvis that night - it is the master recording.

I know the fan that recorded this show, and that person attended over 30 concerts in the 70's recording most if not all. Yes other fan's may have recorded it as well, but this tape is an original.

Always Elvis