The Curious History of Blue Moon!

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Re: The Curious History of Blue Moon!

Post by fn2drive »

poormadpeter2 wrote:
mike edwards66 wrote: That's the key. The singer deliberately, with no previous blueprint to follow, denies a happy ending to himself, the song itself and the listener.
There is a rather obvious "but" here, which is not one we necessarily want or like to consider. It could be that, as with When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold, The Wonder of You, Hey Jude, Stand by Me, and others, he simply didn't know the whole song. It's a very unromantic option, but one which shouldn't be discarded to be fair.
Doc brings the insight. The song is perfect and reveals Elvis genius at a young age.

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Re: The Curious History of Blue Moon!

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I never liked Elvis' version of this song. But I am happy so many find it great!

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