For Elvis CD Collectors Only (FECC) is offered to you, the member, free of charge. All that we ask in return is for you to act in a civil, courteous, and friendly manner.

With that goal in mind, below are some guidelines to keep the community as friendly as possible. If, however, you choose to ignore the guidelines; appropriate actions will be taken against your account.

1.) Contact. If you have any comments/suggestions/concerns regarding the forum itself, then send us an e-mail at

However, if your commentary has something to do with a moderation related matter,  please send a PM directly to Moderator3 or FECC-Moderator
As a friendly reminder:
lecture us on the board or in a PM about what we should or not do as moderators. 
We have been appointed by the FECC administration, and as such, everything we do as FECC moderators is seen and approved by the FECC administration.
Our decision in any matter is final!

We, as FECC moderators, strictly enforce their guidelines. 
In addition, emailing or personal messaging ("PM") other moderators, administrators, or ancillary staff seeking an "explanation" after disciplinary action is taken against your account is not needed. If suspended or banned, you will be given a full explanation. 
We as FECC administrators, moderators, and ancillary staff are in frequent communication. Trying to "play" one moderator against another, or an administrator against a moderator on your part will not get your suspension or ban lifted. 
We have seen time and time again where the suspended or banned member pretend to not know why these actions had been taken against them, and try to appear as if some giant mistake occurred (or that they are a victim of some sort of conspiracy) in hopes that the other administrators or moderators reverse said disciplinary action. This didn't work in the past, and it won't in the future. So don't try it. Thank you :)
2.) Use of bad language. It is possible to disagree with someone without cussing. (If we are made aware of it or if we see it on our own, the post or the entire thread could be edited or completely deleted.
In addition, if the bad behavior continues; your FECC account could be suspended or deleted without any further warning.) Do not attempt to circumvent the word censors. 

3.) Personal attacks.
3a.) Hate speech.
3b.) Invoking hatred
3c.) Racism
If a member alerts us (via the forum report system) that a personal attack is made against themselves, or if what you say comes across to us (FECC) as though it will start something, we can and will delete or edit the inflammatory content without warning. The person making the personal attack will also be subject to actions taken against their account. These actions may include a 1 (ONE) to 4 (FOUR) week suspension, probation, or complete termination of the account.

4.) Political and/or religious debates. We understand how some feel strongly about these topics. While we do not limit the ability of members to discuss these topics in a civil, friendly manner; once it appears that things are getting hostile, posts or the entire topic can be deleted without warning. Addendum 04/01/2018: This includes semi-permanent images such as avatars or signature images. If we feel an image may cause problems, or if we receive enough reports about such an image then it will be removed. If removed, you may not add it or any similar image back again. Doing so will result in disciplinary actions up to and including the banning of your account.

5.) Personal Wars. Do not fight any personal wars on this board. Baiting other members and derailing entire topics will involve the removal of posts, and disciplinary actions taken against your account. Staying on-topic will avoid this. 

6.) Off-Topic Posts. Complete irrelevant threads or posts which may offend, or are meant solely to start trouble will be deleted, and disciplinary actions taken against your account.

7.) "Name Dropping". Do not mention names or email addresses of persons when this may cause problems. Do Not suggest or make accusations as to who is behind any label which could be deemed illegal. (Note: Your account will be banned if a WARNING is given and you decide to continue with accusations or suggestions of this nature.)  

7b.) "Name Dropping from multimedia files".  Do Not post multimedia files that may suggest or make accusations as to who is behind any label which could be deemed illegal. (Note: Your account will be banned if a WARNING is given and you decide to continue with accusations or suggestions of this nature.)  

8.) Links. You can link to just about everything here, but PLEASE keep it "clean". Some exception(s) do apply. 
If you see a thread disappear or a post edited or deleted, then it most likely contained a "forbidden link" and/or contains a product, website, or person whom we do not want to see on our forum.
(Note: Once you are informed through a Moderator directly by PM to not bring up either the  "forbidden link" in question and/or product, website, or person not allowed on our forum and you then continue to do so, your FECC account will be banned without further warning.)

9.) Identification. You may not use a board member's identity solely for causing problems on a topic. Doing so will have the messages deleted, and your access to FECC blocked. 

10.) Downloads. Downloads and other links to copyrighted material are not permitted to be shared on FECC. 

11.) Editing Warnings. If a "mod edit" is placed inside one of your posts, you may not remove or edit the warning. They are placed there for a reason. If you do not break the guidelines, then a warning/edit obviously will not be placed inside one of your posts and you will have nothing to worry about.
Upon first offense in relation to this rule, you will receive a direct warning. If you then repeat this behavior, you will be suspended from the website for up to 2 weeks depending on the severity.

12.) Public Discussion of Disciplinary Actions. Suspensions, Probationary Periods, and Bans are not a topic for public discussion between members of the forum. The issue is between the suspended member, and the moderators and administration only.

13.) Account sharing. Your FECC account/Username is for YOU only. If we learn that you "share" your account with a banned member, this will lead to the instant permanent banning of your account as well. We have a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior.

14.) General notice: Staying a member of FECC means, you will try and abide by our guidelines to the best of your ability. 

If you feel you cannot abide by these guidelines, then please leave. At some point, your account will be removed anyway.

Also, please keep in mind, that if it is brought to our attention (or if it is apparent) that your only purpose here is simply to cause trouble (even by what you might say or write elsewhere), your account will be Permanently Closed without warning.

Our main focus on FECC is to discuss Elvis.

We are not here to allow anyone to gang up on another member; making them the subject of ridicule on this forum, or posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliating the other member.

If it is brought to our attention that you are doing this here, or even elsewhere, and then you come back here as a member, your FECC account will be closed for this act of cyberbullying.

Take note: any post, thread, avatar, or signature can be deleted without warning.

15.) Abuse of Reporting System. The reporting system is in place to inform the administrators and moderators of content that you feel is breaking one of the above guidelines. Clicking the report button just because you don't like the member who made the post is an abuse of the report system. Reporting a post for a "personal attack" when you aren't even involved is also an abuse of the reporting system. If, however, someone makes a post and it is a personal attack clearly aimed at you - please make a report. Constant abuse of the reporting system will lead to actions taken against your account.

16.) Intentional posting of misinformation. Particularly related to Covid-19 and Vaccines. This will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.

Disciplinary Actions Explained

After being warned, and the member continues to display the same behavior which leads to the warning(s) - the member will then be suspended from the forum. 
Usually, a member who has never been suspended before will be suspended for a 7-day period the first time. This is, of course, also dependent on the severity of the behavior. 
Members can, and have been suspended for as long as 8 weeks. 

Probationary Period(s)
A newer "tool" in the moderator's toolbox is placing a member on probation. This is generally the last step before a member is banned. A member can still contribute while in the probationary period. However, all posts, replies, and topics will first need to be approved by a moderator before appearing on the site. The length of the probationary period is solely up to the moderators and administrators of FECC. If it has been deemed that the member is no longer causing problems on the forum, the probationary period will end and the member will return to their regular status. If, after this time, the member resumes negative activity, they will be banned.

Banning is truly the last thing that we, as FECC staff, want to do. Once a member is banned, they will no longer be able to participate on the forum. Any attempts to register a new account will be denied. If by chance a member does make it past the initial screening, and it becomes clear to the FECC staff that this member has been previously banned, their "new" account will immediately be terminated. 

Enjoy your stay and treat everyone with respect!

Revised: 2024-06-13