Elvis UK – Extended The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British EPs 1957-2001

This soft-backed book, a newly written 500 page, fully comprehensive text, follows on from our previous publications in the Elvis UK series, each of them acclaimed by collectors, and provides the ULTIMATE guide to Elvis’s EP releases issued in the UK between 1957-2001. 

This new volume:

In short, as readers have come to expect from each of the previous Elvis UK publications, this book is intended to be the last word on its subject – in this instance, the much-loved extended play record format as seen in the UK.

As with our last book project, the soft-backed print copy of Elvis UK Beyond RCA published in September 2023, this new book is only available exclusively from www.nowdigthis.co.uk  priced at £58 (which for UK buyers includes first class post and packing, tracked and signed for).  Overseas buyers have to pay for additional postage.

For ordering details please contact Now Dig This / Elvis The Man And His Music directly. 

Please note: the link is available on our website www.elvisukbooks.co.uk

Update February 13, 2024

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For 36 years, the only reference guide for collectors has been 
エルヴィス・プレスリー 日本盤レコードジャケット大全集 
Elvis Presley Complete Japanese Record Covers, published in 1987.
Until now!
We are proud to present to you our updated and upgraded guide to Elvis Presley’s Japanese record releases.
Over ca. 700 pages, we’ll show more than 2,700 full colour pictures of front and back covers, labels, inserts etc.
Many entries are accompanied by extensive notes and tables to find all variants at a glance.
For the first time ever, you’ll now be able to find out when your record was pressed by looking at the information
in the run-out portion of the record. This also allowed us to get more exact release dates of the records and their variants.
It’s all extensively described in our “Guide to Dating Records”.
Also described are topics like:
-  differences in label design
-  colour differences on obis and covers
-  stamps on covers and labels
-  record prices
-  company sleeve designs
-  free gifts and special offers
-  Victor and RCA promo records
and many more
From Memphis to Tokyo is a hardcover, almost LP-size book, weighing in at no less than 4 kilos, that will answer
almost everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis’ Japanese vinyl.
Be amazed by the absolute mastery of Elvis‘ Japanese vinyl releases.
Update September 7, 2023

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ELVIS UK: BEYOND RCA The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British Non-RCA LPs 1974 - 1997
By John Townson & Gordon Minto

With fully comprehensive text, Beyond RCA follows on from the previous publications in the Elvis UK series, each of them acclaimed by collectors, and provides the ultimate guide to Elvis’ non-RCA LP album releases issued in the UK between 1974 and 1997.

This new volume:

• Complements - and extends considerably - information relating to these particular releases included in our original books Elvis UK, published in 1987, and Elvis UK2, published in 2002
• Is extensively illustrated in full colour
• Features a host of background information including a chronological list of all the albums included
• Deals with each album individually, in a detailed and forensic way, while the text is amply illustrated with scans of every known cover and label variation, relevant photographs, and scans of contemporaneous newspaper and magazine articles
• Includes background information about each release including historically significant events of the period
• Contains hitherto unpublished information from company files
• Features a header block for each album release comprising information about the songs or spoken word material included, along with details about the writers, as well as showing the record modes
• Includes a detailed Song Index, showing recording dates, which album(s) each song has been featured on, along with details of outtakes used, as well as a Spoken Word Index referencing when and where the material was recorded
• And as readers have come to expect from each of the Elvis UK publications, there is a wealth of background information relating to the record industry incorporated throughout the text.
Now available as a 377-page softback book!


Update August 29, 2023

Elvis Encore Performance VII: The Chicago Blues

A new book coming out from JAT Publishing is titled “Elvis Encore Performance VII: The Chicago Blues” with lots of unpublished and rare pictures from June 17, 1972.
For a sneak preview you can check https://youtu.be/SPaRxKzTlNI

Update May 12, 2023

Elvis UK – Beyond RCA
The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British Non RCA LPs 1974-1997

This digital book, a newly written 377 page, fully comprehensive text, follows on from our previous publications in the Elvis UK series, each of them acclaimed by collectors, and provides the ultimate guide to Elvis’s non-RCA LP album releases issued in the UK between 1974-1997.  This new volume:

And as readers have come to expect from each of the Elvis UK publications, there is a wealth of background information relating to the record industry incorporated throughout the text.

        Please note: this definitive work is only available as a downloadable digital flip book and stored on your own device

Why a digital flip book?

  • A flip book provides a highly intuitive, multi-faceted search facility allowing the reader to access whatever they are looking for quickly and easily, by typing in key words or page numbers
  • The sensitive zoom facility allows for zooming in and out of text or images quickly
  • It makes invaluable research material available to fellow collectors throughout the world at an extremely modest cost when compared to physical books – crucially, there are no postage costs!
  • There are no storage issues – the files can be accessed wherever you are
  • It can be held on multiple devices and will not deteriorate at all
  • And, importantly, pages – or the whole document - can be printed off, if so required



Elvis UK – Beyond RCA costs just £20 and can be ordered via our website www.elvisukbooks.co.uk which also includes details of our other publications and how to order them.



Update January 27, 2023

The Comprehensive USA Artwork Guide

The Comprehensive USA Artwork Guide to Elvis Presley Tapes (RCA Reel-To-Reel, 8-Track & Cassette) features a collection images of Elvis Presley albums released on tape from 1960-1977. This is the perfect companion to the best seller - The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977Included with this release will be a 2022 pocket calendar featuring and image initially chosen for the Elvis Is Back reel-to-reel AND a 2021 pocket calendar featuring an image found on inserts of several cassette releases.

Update September 10, 2022



It is the stuff of legend: imagine buying an Elvis collection, and then stumbling onto a stack of unpublished Elvis negatives… This is precisely what happened to Jon Daly of the Elvis Pawn Shop about a year ago. Jon is now proud to be able to present these amazing photos in his first book “Elvis: Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind” (hardback, 152 pages).
The book details the November 1976 West Coast Tour, and does so in remarkable detail. With full cooperation of Elvis’ road manager Charles Stone, who also wrote the introduction, the book gives you unique VIP access on that tour. There are over 150 photographs, unpublished paperwork from Colonel Parker’s office, insights from the musicians, memorabilia, tour and recording details, original advertisements, reviews, memories from the fans and more.
This is a fun book that really brings that tour back to life. Elvis had lost a lot of weight, and was looking and sounding better than he had in a while. He was excited about performing again, and in many of the photo presented in the book you can clearly see that sense of joy in his face. The book is printed in a limited edition (July 2022), so it’s wise to order your copy now. It is “Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind”!
Update July 27, 2022

Elvis UK – Cover Story

The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s EP & LP Sleeves 1956-77

This newly written 286 page, fully comprehensive book, provides the ultimate guide to Elvis’s EP and LP album sleeves released in the UK between 1956-1977.

This definitive work is only available as a downloadable digital flip book stored on your own device

Elvis UK – Cover Story costs just £15 and can be ordered via our website www.elvisukbooks.co.uk which also includes details of our other publications – Elvis UK, Elvis UK2 and Elvis UK3.
Update May 16, 2022


Poplar Tunes Publishing is proud to announce the release of 'Elvis Day By Day 2018 - The Year In Review' this August. This third volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series is the first volume going back in recent Elvis history covering 'Everything Elvis Presley from 2018' on over 300 pages including 40+ in-depth reviews, interviews and articles.

The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley (Elvis Information Network website), Rogier van Luyken (It's Elvis Time magazine, The Netherlands) and Andreas Pendl (Graceland magazine Germany) and other fans from around the world.

The foreword was written by renowned Elvis biographer Paul Bélard.

Soon after the release of the first volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series I received the question if I would cover more years than "just" 2019. Since that first book was an experiment, I had to let that question sink in for a while.

As the 2019 and 2020 editions of 'Elvis Day By Day' received positive reviews, I decided to follow-up on those requests, stepping back in time to 2018. Compiling this yearbook was a great trip down memory-lane. Reading the past news on all the music, book and movie releases brought back many memories. News and events I had forgotten about. CDs, LPs, books, movies and documentaries I hadn't played, read or watched for a while got another spin.

Released this August as a 'Summer Special' and 'by popular demand' here is 'Elvis Day By Day 2018 - The year In Review', the follow-up to the successful 'Elvis Day By Day 2019 and 2020' editions.

For more information check the Elvis Day by Day 2018 page or contact the autor at:  elvis@xs4all.nl.


Update July 27, 2021

ELVIS UK The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley’s British Record Releases 1956-1986

John Townson & Gordon Minto

Following the successful release of Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide To Elvis Presley’s British CD Releases 1983-2005 as a Flip book in February 2021, co-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto are pleased to announce that their original book – the long out-of-print Elvis UK – published in 1987 – is now to be made available using the same digital technology but with an additional 60 pages of ‘bonus material’.

Our prime reason for making this book available is due to the constant requests for hard copies as it went out of print in the late 1980s.  Unfortunately, a physical reprint was not an option, owing to extremely high production costs – just as it wasn’t for Elvis UK3.  However, unlike the latter project - which we wanted to be able to update when required  – Elvis UK will be available as a download.  The document will not be held on a digital platform and accessed via the internet, but will be available on the buyer’s own device.

The original Elvis UK was a 565 page hard-backed reference book, published by Blandford Press, dealing with the then hitherto largely unexplored subject of Elvis Presley’s UK record releases from March 1956 through to 1986, nine years after Presley’s death. The digital copy of Elvis UK features:


        Plus - 60 pages of bonus material – which includes the following:


Fortunately, in tranferring Elvis UK into the Flip format none of the original search features have been lost. On the contrary, the comprehensive contents and indexing system built in to the original book has been accentuated by the highly intuitive navigational features offered by Flip.  Searching is much easier and quicker.

In our view, this move represents the only sensible and cost-effective way of making this valuable and much-sought after reference work available to a much wider audience – but at the reasonable and affordable price.  The download version of Elvis UK, complete with 60 pages of bonus material section costs just £20. 

More about this release (and others in the series) and how to order it can be found on our website – www.elvisukbooks.co.uk  

John Townson & Gordon Minto (co-authors)

Update June 12, 2021

The First EP Of Elvis Presley Around The World

The Highlight of this version is a book of 147 pages with a unique format talking again this one of the EP (18 x 18 cms - 7 inches). This first volume traces all the very first edition of the very first Extended Play of Elvis Presley around the world. For the very first time, we are going to cross ages & continents to discover or rediscover these first rare editions. In the USA, in Canada, in Mexico, in Argentina, In Brazil, in Chile, In Uruguay, In South Africe, In Australia, in New Zealand, In Iran, In Israel, In Japan. The different EPA 747, EPB 1254, SPD 22, SPD 23... covers, records, labels, temporary sleeves... A Wealth of Information !!!
You can see a film promo on You Tube with ELVIS EPA 747
Update February 24, 2021


The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley’s British CD Releases 1983-2005

John Townson & Gordon Minto

Co-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto are pleased to announce the publication of Elvis UK3.  This book follows their two previous works – Elvis UK (published in 1987) and Elvis UK2 (published in 2002). 

Both books were extremely well-received by collectors, earned critical acclaim, and have become invaluable reference sources for Elvis collectors all over the world.

However, their latest reference work is bigger and more comprehensive than either of their two original works.  The new book comprises 1400 pages (containing over a million words), and features 4,000 plus high quality black and white and colour illustrations.  It provides the definitive guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases and details the development of the medium from the 3 CD set The Legend – the world’s first ever Elvis compact disc in 1983 – in meticulous and unprecedented detail.

Every single, RCA, BMG, FTD and third party album (all 450 of them!) issued up to 2005 are written about individually in fascinating detail, arranged in chronological order, carefully cross-referenced, while charting and describing company and industry developments along the way.  It has been painstakingly researched over many years, and features many contributions by former RCA / BMG personnel who helped with key background information. 

The book also includes sections on various artist CDs containing Elvis material, as well as company promos, including BMG in-house CDs, etc.  The huge song index is presented in forensic detail, indicating exactly where each master (and any known outtakes) can be located and, in the case of live performances, when and where they were recorded.   It is a must for serious collectors!

And in what is almost a first for such a project, this incredibly detailed book is presented using Flip technology for use on your own digital device – a computer, laptop, ipad etc.  Once you have the link, accessing the whole book is simple.   The system allows the reader to access any part of the book in seconds thanks to a very sophisticated - but childishly simple to use - range of navigational tools.  Hard-backed specialist reference books of this sort have become extremely expensive to buy (and post) and of course are notoriously difficult to handle and store.  Not so with Flip.  The book can be accessed on any device and has the advantage of being portable: it can go where you go – and once on your device does not deteriorate at all.   Another major advantage is that the price to buy such a book - £50 - is much cheaper than an equivalent hard-copy would have been and as there are no prohibitive post and packing charges to factor in, it is readily available to anyone interested, wherever they are in the world.

The authors have also compiled a 23 track CD which accompanies the book that will be sent out to all UK buyers free of charge, although overseas customers will be asked to pay the post and packing costs if they want a copy.

Anyone wanting more details of this magnificent and authoritative reference work should visit the website www.elvisukbooks.co.uk where many more details are available, including the option of accessing some free sample pages to try out, as well as how to order and pay for the actual book itself.  

Update February 19, 2021

Elvis @ Argentina 1963/1969

This new book by Carlos R. Ares shows the impact of Elvis in Argentina between 1963 and 1969, his complete discography and filmography, press clippings, record releases and his film reviews.   In addition, John Kennedy’s assassination aftermath, Argentinean Rock in the 60s, magazines, promotional material, RCA label copies, and everything related to the aforementioned period in our country.

֎ There were many years of work and research in this  elvis@argentina 1963-1969 book.
For more info you can contact Carlos Ares by his e-mail address elvis.shop@gmail.com
Update December 10, 2020

Press release 'Elvis Day By Day 2020 - The Year in Review' 

In January 2020 I released the first volume of 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year in Review'. The reactions were positive and several readers described the book as a 2.0 version of the annual Elvis Specials that were published from 1963 to 1985. 

Some reactions:

"This is an informative and easy to read book for fans and collectors, only when you read it you know what you missed. It should have been done years ago."  
"I definitely recommend this book. It offers an excellent overview of everything Elvis has done in 2019."
"It’s brilliant, nothing sure of absolutely brilliant … Get it if you can, you will not be disappointed."
 "It is extremely well laid out - in full colour, easily accessible and fully illustrated."
"There is nothing like this book, very original, and stands up to the best books out there of Elvis 10/10." 
"What an amazing book this is! … I do try to keep up with all things Elvis but was pleasantly surprised to read something new to me on nearly every page! … Of course almost all of this can be found if you want to search the internet, however the book puts it all together in a much more accessible way." 
Reason enough to do a 2020 edition!

Elvis Day By Day 2020 – The Year In Review

Poplar Tunes Publishing and the Memphis Mansion are proud to announce the release of ‘Elvis Day By Day 2020 – The Year In Review’. 
The 600 news-updates on everything that happened in the Elvis world this year clearly show that Elvis Presley still matters today! 
We compiled all the news and added over 50 in-depth reviews, articles and interviews, covering both the important as well as more odd-ball releases of the year, in one complete and fully illustrated reference-book. 
The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley - from the Elvis Information Network - and other fans from around the world, and a preface by renowned Elvis Presley author Alanna Nash.  
The full color book measures 20 x 25 cm / 8 x 10 inch and contains 300+ pages with more than 550 illustrations. 

The book will be available mid-January 2021. The price: 30 euro. 
For more information or to (pre-)order the book visit:
http://ElvisDayByDay.com or contact Kees Mouwen at elvis @ xs4all.nl.

http://MemphisMansion.com or contact Henrik Knudsen at info @ memphismansion.com.

(Note: the address for the Memphis Mansion page is: https://www.memphismansion.com/shop/elvis-day-by-day-2020/)

Update November 30, 2020

From Memphis to Taipeh

From Memphis to Taipeh is a reference guide to the colorful magic of Elvis' Asian vinyl.

This is the very first book about Elvis' Asian vinyl records. The hardcover book measures 28c28cm, lists 500+ different records on 500+ pages and contains almost 2,500 pictures. Covers and labels are reproduced with great care so you can enjoy the many mistakes on said covers and labels, they are sometimes hilarious and often tell a lot about how and why these records were made. And such things will also be explained throughout the book.

While working on the book we very soon we found out that we had run right into a wasp’s nest of countless titles, flying in from everywhere. We could never tell this epic story in just a single volume. So we decided to limit our coverage to 10” and 12” records from six major Asian countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Other countries and formats will just have to wait for Volume 2, and perhaps even a Volume 3!
Update October 16, 2020

Elvis@argentina 1963-1969

elvis@argentina 1963-1969

This new book by Carlos R. Ares shows the impact of Elvis in Argentina between 1963 and 1969, his complete discography and filmography, press clippings, record releases and his film reviews.
In addition, John Kennedy’s assassination aftermath, Argentinean Rock in the 60s, magazines, promotional material, RCA label copies, and everything related to the aforementioned period in our country.

֎ There were many years of work and research in this  elvis@argentina 1963-1969 book.

֎ You can purchase your numbered and signed copy of elvis@argentina 1963-1969 in pre-order as of October 1st.
֎ offer limited to the first 50 (fifty) numbered and signed copies.

֎ Includes bonus repro of the ultra-rare Record ad from March 1963 to promote the album LPM-2697 / “Rubias, Morenas Y Pelirrojas” (It Happened At The World’s Fair) only available IN THIS OFFER.
Update October 1, 2020

Welcome to ELVIS: BEHIND THE IMAGE  - The Series


21 years after my original 1999 concept, I am proud to announce that  "ELVIS: BEHIND THE IMAGE" is back!  Coming soon is the first of many exciting episodes of a brand new, web-based video series that will premiere on YouTube. This series is based on little known, and often times bizarre and unbelievably true accounts in Elvis' life that have not been fully been explored ...and NEVER like this before!



Elvis was a complex individual, and there are many pieces to the puzzle.  No “one person” in Elvis' personal life, holds more than their one, exclusive piece to that puzzle.   By carefully gathering, and examining each individual piece - only then does the puzzle start to take shape to reveal the real man... "behind the image".

This new series is the result of the incredible culmination of a lifetime of my personal research and collection.  The source material is comprised of a wide variety of essential unique ingredients that include:
First hand, eye-witness accounts, that have been relayed to me personally over the past few decades; Rare 8mm video footage; unreleased audio; classic corresponding photos, documents and supporting material that establish the factual base to each episode.  

Then, utilizing my work as an Elvis historian, book author, documentary producer and Elvis museum owner - I combined those key ingredients and add my personal spin in my own totally unique, often humorous narrative. 
The end result is this fresh, modern presentation - delivered in exciting, bite-sized episodes. 

Think you know the real Elvis?  
Forget what you think you know regarding a typical "feel-good" story about Elvis and his fans.
You are about to cross over to the unexplored realm of Elvis' personal universe- that lies somewhere between unimaginable fame, and simple, mortal humanity.  
You KNOW the Legend ...  now meet the MAN!

Be sure to visit the official ELVIS BEHIND THE IMAGE website - watch the brand new teaser video - then subscribe to be personally notified when the first episode drops!  After that - fasten your seat belts… It’s about to get REAL!


See you soon!
Bud Glass

Update May 8, 2020

ELVIS and ALICIA - A Mystery Solved
Available now! ELVIS and ALICIA - A Mystery Solved. Alicia Cecilia Kerwin... For The Record by Darrin Lee is an A5 format soft cover numbering 192 pages (US$ 14.95) that gives voice to a young lady who never really had one.  In doing so, the author permits Alicia to provide answers to questions fans have asked and pondered for decades.  Preceding Chapter 1 and the greatest wealth of information about Alicia C. Kerwin anyplace is a special 4-page bonus entitled, " 'Elvis Is The Greatest Of All Time,' declareth Muhammad Ali & A Joseph Tunzi Tribute." 
Prolific author Joseph A. Tunzi’s contribution to this book is significant and will be appreciated by hardcore fans as Chase Park Plaza/Kiel ’73 falls under scrutiny.  Mr. Tunzi shines in this 4-page piece about Elvis Presley’s June ’73 tour date in St. Louis!  A consequential bit of St. Louis background has been culled from an excellent 2006 “For Elvis CD Collectors Only” and “ElvisNews.com” joint Q&A with Mr. Tunzi – posted on both the FECC Forum and Lex Raaphorst’s site www.elvisnews.com.  In an exclusive quote provided to the author, Mr. Tunzi adds to the Q&A’s high point. 
Rare images include Ms. Kerwin's Las Vegas employer The California Hotel & Casino and Central High School. • Special features are numerous and include Tori Petty 'Extra Knowledge': From Memphis to Las Vegas Pre-Alicia • Ginger Alden's 2020 Evening In Memphis • "Elvis: Every Memphis Girl's Dream — Tori & Gail" • "Ginger vs. Alicia as Documented by ABC-TV And Referenced in 'Elvis: The Record' – 1979" • Scott Jenkins Questions Ginger on Alicia Kerwin. David Troedson’s "Elvis Australia" GingerScoop. • Deborah Watts 'Extra Knowledge': Second Memphis Bank Teller In EP's Life During '77. • An incredible 45+ pages detailing the EWH bodyguard book/firing and its "Hycodan Tale" dating to October 26th, 1971, including critical source reference to Chapter 7 in Mr. Dick Grob’s 'Elvis: Safe & Sound' (a hardcover edited by David J. Wade of Strictly Elvis UK, available in The Elvis Shop London) and Sandi Miller’s eyewitness account.
In a Statement to Shelby Co. Investigators, Ms. Kerwin shared her thoughts about spending time with Elvis at Graceland, in Las Vegas at The Hilton Hotel that included meeting Dr. Elias Ghanem, and on 845 Chino Canyon Road at his Palm Springs retreat. Brand new copies of ELVIS and ALICIA - A Mystery Solved. Alicia Cecilia Kerwin... For The Record can be ordered today on www.Amazon.com and shipped to fans in countries around the world: England, Canada, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, etc.

Update April 28, 2020


Available now is the new hardback book ‘Inside Elvis’ (300 pages), featuring Arjan Deelen’s interviews with many of Elvis’ musicians, including James Burton, Bob Lanning, Scotty Moore, Jim Murray, Jerry Scheff, D.J. Fontana, The Sweet Inspirations, The Holladay Sisters, Glen D. Hardin, Johnny Christopher, Charlie Hodge, Duke Bardwell, Sherril Nielsen and The Imperials. Some of these interviews first appeared in “Elvis – The Man and his Music”. These in-dept, candid interviews are presented here in complete, unedited form. Highlights include the first-ever interview with the elusive Bob Lanning, and a heartwarming conversation last year with Jim Murray, where Jim concluded the interview saying, “These are things that I’ve never told anybody before”. There are many great stories and unique insights that will give you a deeper perspective of the man and his music.

This impressive work contains over 300 photographs from the collections of various high-profile collectors, and most of these are in color and razor-sharp. The artwork of the book was done by graphic artist Michael van Werven, who has worked during most of 2019 on the design of ‘Inside Elvis’, and has made it a visually stunning work. Also included as an extra is a 29-track CD containing various rarities, including the acetate of ‘Viva Las Vegas’, rare live attempts at ‘Crying Time’, promos for both ‘Love Me Tender’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’, as well as ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Hound Dog’ from Elvis’ show at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas on October 11th, 1956 (note: poor audio), courtesy of longtime collector Luuk Bonthond, who had the recording since the 60s.
You can order ‘Inside Elvis’ directly from Arjan Deelen at: deelen@elvis.dk Price for the book is €50. Postage to Europe is €20, rest of the world US$30.

Update January 7, 2020

Elvis Day By Day 2019

Due for release early January 2020 is the book “Elvis Day By Day 2019 - The Year in Review” by Kees Mouwen.

2019 was a year of many celebrations. It marked the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's triumphant return to live performing and the release of two of his most iconic recordings, "Suspicious Minds" and “In The Ghetto”.

This was celebrated with several milestone releases like the "Elvis Live 1969" deluxe 11 CD box, a vinyl re-issue of "From Elvis in Memphis" and the sessions that for that album on the “American Sound 1969” 5 CD set, a Record Store Day 2-LP and the “Elvis Now In Person” book. 

2019 also marked the 60th anniversary of the release of the classic "A Date With Elvis" LP, his trip to Paris and much more. 

Sadly 2019 also marks the 42nd anniversary of his untimely death. Elvis Presley has been gone for longer than he was among us, but he left a permanent mark. His cultural impact may very well have been more visible and ‘alive’ during the last 42 years than when he was actually alive. And so is the Elvis-world today.

The almost 500 news-updates about Elvis Day By Day this year about the many new books, CDs, LPs, movie releases on DVD, Blu-ray and in movie theaters around the world, appearances on music and movie charts (and still topping some of those) and still playing sell-out arenas clearly show that Elvis Presley still matters today. Especially when younger generations discover his music through digital releases and Spotify and start to buy re-issues of his work on old fashioned vinyl.

Today’s Elvis news primarily finds its way to fans through on-line channels and in summarized form in newsletters and fan-club magazines. Based on the Elvis Day By Day news blog, and with additional and exclusive in-depth reviews by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley from the Elvis Information Network, the "Elvis Day By Day 2019 - The year in Review" book compiles a comprehensive and illustrated chronology of ‘everything Elvis from 2019’ in one physical reference book.

The full color book measures 20 x 25 cm, contains around 280 pages with more than 550 illustrations. The book will be available on-line as both a paperback and hardcover edition early January 2020.

The book was inspired by the great “Elvis Day By Day” book by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen.

For more information or to order the book visit ElvisDayByDay.com or ElvisInfoNet.com or contact me at elvis@xs4all.nl.

Update January 3, 2020

Click on the image to see it enlarged.

From Cover to Vinyl – The Artistry of Elvis Bootlegs

Coming Soon!
When Bootleg Elvis appeared in 2012, it sold out almost immediately, and became an instant favorite of Presley collectors all over the world, most calling it the "Bootleg Bible”. Since then, additional rare bootleg titles have been discovered, not to mention many unexpected variations of some classic albums.

So … it seemed to be time for a new and updated look at this world. Whereas Bootleg Elvis mainly relied on text to tell the story, this new edition chooses to focus on photographs. Using the 2012 classic as a reference point, we decided to feature scans of every cover, label, piece of vinyl and insert for you. This will make it easy to identify each and every pressing and variation.

We also decided to split the original book into TWO volumes. In the first, every known bootleg 7” and 10” record will be noted on 300+ pages, with more than 1,600 color pictures, cross-references to Bootleg Elvis, and totaling perhaps 400 titles in all!

The second volume will cover all the wonderful 12” releases and is planned for an early 2019 release. Please contact your local dealer to ensure your copy of this very limited release!
Update September 11, 2018

Elvis relics

Elvis Collector Budd Glas has a new website for the people who are into collecting of rare Elvis artifacts of all kinds. His website "Elvis Relics" is online now.
Update August 8, 2018

By Dick Grob
Dick Grob first met Elvis in 1967, when Elvis was on his honeymoon in Palm Springs, California.  At the time, Dick was a Palm Springs Police Officer and was assigned to provide personal protection to the “Star.”  Thus began a friendship that lasted for more than ten years.
Dick is no stranger to the field of personal protection.  During his career, Dick has worked with the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies, including the U.S. State Department, providing protection to very high profile dignitaries, including U.S Presidents and Vice Presidents, and  protection for foreign heads of state such as Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, England’s Prince Phillip, and Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Ailon of Israel when they visited Palm Springs.  Palm Springs was the playground of the “stars and dignitaries,” many of whom Dick provided personal security, and Elvis was no exception.
After providing security to Elvis during his visits to Palm Springs, Elvis made Dick “an offer he could not refuse” as his full time personal bodyguard and eventually Elvis’ Chief of Security.  In this capacity, Dick planned the security for all of his concert tours, appearances, and vacations to locations like Vail, Colorado and Hawaii.  Dick was responsible for the safety of not only Elvis, but for his daughter, Lisa Marie, and the rest of Elvis’ family.
“Elvis Safe & Sound,” Dick’s new book, tells some of the stories experienced by the author over his ten year relationship with Elvis.  Not only was Dick Elvis’ bodyguard and Chief of Security, he was Elvis’ close personal friend.  Some of his stories are funny; some are scary; other’s just plain interesting.
“Elvis Safe & Sound” is jammed-packed with Dick’s personal descriptive accounts of his time with Elvis.  It includes documents from Dick’s personal archives as well as rare, never before seen photos of Elvis on stage, and copyrighted documents and photos (in color and black and white).
“Elvis Safe & Sound” is a great narration of Dick’s authentic and personal time while he kept “Elvis Safe & Sound.”
Hardcover 278 Pages
Approx weight  1 kilo
Size 25 cm x 17 cm

Update July 23, 2018


Our show will be returning this spring for a 25-date tour of Finland, Holland, Belgium and Sweden. We will be bringing Elvis’ 1970 drummer BOB LANNING (‘The Wonder Of You’, ‘Polk Salad Annie’, etc) as well as original Imperials member JIM MURRAY, who can be seen in the 1970 movie 'Elvis – That’s The Way It Is'. YouTube phenomenon 'The Spa Guy', Billy Stallings Jr, will also be joining us on bass. At each of the shows, there is a meet & greet where you can say hello to the musicians.
This is a production that’s done with passion, integrity and authenticity – no jumpsuits! Leadsinger is Dwight Icenhower, and the band includes top guitarist Carl Bradychok. Don’t miss out – this is a show that really pays tribute to the man and his music.
Photos: Elvis with Jim Murray, 1971. Elvis at the Astrodome with Bob Lanning on drums, 1970.

20.4. (Friday) Club Teatria, Tornio (Finland)
21.4. (Saturday) Radisson Blu, Oulu (FI)
22.4. (Sunday) Hyvinkääsali, Hyvinkää (FI)
25.4. (Wednesday) Sellosali, Espoo (FI)
26.4. (Thursday) Tampere-talo, Tampere (FI)
28.4 (Saturday) Podium Victorie, Alkmaar (Netherlands)
29.4 (Sunday) Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)
30.4 (Monday) Stadsschouwburg, Nijmegen (NL)
01.5 (Tuesday) Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL)
02.5 (Wednesday) Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
03.5 (Thursday) Theater de Mythe, Goes (NL)
06.5 (Sunday) 013, Tilburg (NL)
07.5 (Monday) Theater de Veste, Delft (NL)
08.5 (Tuesday) Muziekgieterij, Maastricht (NL)
09.5 (Wednesday) Hedon, Zwolle (NL)
10.5 (Thursday) Tivoli, Utrecht (NL)
11.5 (Friday) Iduna, Drachten (NL)
12.5 (Saturday) Stadsschouwburg, Antwerpen (Belgium)
13.5 (Sunday) Concertgebouw, Brugge (BE)
14.5 (Monday) Atlas Theater, Emmen (NL)
15.5 (Tuesday) Schouwburg Het Park, Hoorn (NL)
16.5 (Wednesday) Metropool, Hengelo (NL)
18.5 (Friday) Vara Konserthus, Vara (SE)
19.5 (Saturday) Rättvik Arena, Rättvik (SE)
20.5 (Sunday) Royal, Eskilstuna (SE)

Source: Arjan Deelen

Update February 27, 2018

The EPE Catalog

Out now is a new book "The EPE Catalog" by Bob Pakes. This book is a comprehensive A to Z guide of vintage Elvis Presley Enterprise Memorabilia. The book is a beauty, and is together with one of my favorite book "Summer of '61" in the same league with content and design. For the people who are familiar with his website Elvis Echoes Of The Past can expect what to find in this book. This book has it all, tons and tons of info, beautiful illustrated with rare pictures of Elvis 50's merchandises. It also features a chapter about the Evis fanclubs in 1955/1956, the premiere of Love me Tender and more.

This book is highly recommened, a must have!
Update December 31, 2017

Elvis Files magazine # 21

Here's some pages from the new ELVIS FILES MAGAZINE # 21 to be shipped to the subscribers this week. For more info and subscriptions go to www.elvisfiles.no
Update October 15, 2017

Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Elvis @ Argentina 1956-1962

The Most Awaited Argentinean Elvis Book
This new book by Carlos R. Ares shows the impact of Elvis in Argentina between 1956 and 1962, his influence on local artists, complete discography and filmography, press clippings, records and films reviews, magazines, promotional material, RCA label copies and everything related to the aforementioned period in Argentina.

Hundreds of records, documents, posters, RCA label copies never before on print!!! Over 200 pages of ultra-rare Argentinean collectors ítems on display.

There’s more!!!

Many years of work and research showcased on Elvis@Argentina 1956-1962 book.
For more info you can contact Carlos Ares by his e-mail address elvis.shop@gmail.com
Update September 13, 2017

Elvis Files magazine # 21

Here is the artwork of the latest Elvis Files magazine # 21. For more info and subscriptions go to www.elvisfiles.no
Update August 26, 2017

“Elvis & The Colonel”

“Elvis & The Colonel” numbers 208 pages and you can rest assured that this is no whitewash or rose-colored approach to biography; nah, just the most contemporaneously-rich, fair-minded & engaging collection of material about Colonel Parker to ever be assembled in one place. The following message inspired by respect for Elvis on Tour’s producers is printed on page 208 and closes the soft cover:

Two, richly-lived lives honored with this book are Pierre Adidge (Mar. 20, 1939 - Nov. 10, 1974) and Robert Abel (Mar. 10, 1937 - Sept. 23, 2001). Although no other ELVIS biographer has done so, I assure you that it is humbling to be given this opportunity. May God keep you both.
— Darrin Lee Memmer

A Treat For Hardcore Fans:
1. The most comprehensive presentation of the Guardian ad Litem’s Amended Report (Blanchard E. Tual vs. Colonel Thomas A. Parker) & the March 1973, $5 million RCA “Masters Buy-Out” to appear in print. This includes pertinent language/$ agreements for Elvis, RCA, RCA Record Tours, Col. Thomas A. Parker, and All Star Shows deals and side deals.
2. Fifteen pages of fascinating, SINGER presents ELVIS reflections (vast majority, unpublished) by Steve Binder, “Bones” Howe and Billy Goldenberg. 3. “A Little Doggie In Danger.” The engaging account originally appeared in ‘Elvis Monthly’ and is courtesy of Mr. Todd Slaughter and The OEPFC of Great Britain. URL: www.elvispresleyfanclub.co.uk.
4. Grelun Landon (no apologist!): “The Colonel didn’t know about the pills during the MGM days.” This is pertinent to EIN’s spotlight article entitled, “The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker.”
5. The Wrecking Crew’s Hal Blaine: “Elvis asked me to go to Las Vegas for his first big opening. I turned down $10,000 for the month.”
6. The respected “FECC” ELVIS Forum has its ‘Jack Valentine’ script mystery solved.
7. FECC Forum has an active topic dealing with The Colonel and selling (or not) Elvis’s contract. Check out the previously unpublished, raw quote by bodyguard Sam Thompson that follows.

I heard a rumor. I am not really sure where the rumor originated or even where I heard it, but I did, while Elvis was alive. I think—I’m going to put a month, in say April or May of ’77. Somewhere in that time. I’m [not] sure even if it was that close, but I heard that Elvis’s contract was about to be sold. The Colonel was tired of messing with him. In fact, the Colonel, on one or two occasions when I was travelling with him… (Mr. Thompson gets sidetracked discussing The Jet Star and The E.P. Show’s Advance Team) For a time there, the Colonel did indicate to me—did say that he was considering selling the contract. That Elvis was a lot of trouble. It was getting to be more trouble than it was worth. But then, later, when things blew over, I guess, I would ask the Colonel about it. He would say—he would deny everything. “Oh, no, that has never been the case. I would never sell him,” you know. So, there at one time there was some discussion and that discussion emanated, at least to my knowledge, from the Colonel—between the two of us—about selling Elvis’s contract.
— SAMUEL ALLEN THOMPSON (Statement to criminal investigators, E.L. Hutchinson, Jr. and David N. McGriff on February 8th 1980 in Memphis, TN)

When was the last time a Presley biography gave you something useful, interesting and credible, such as what you just read above RE: the status of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis’s contract? And in doing so, fully answered a decades-long question posed by fans dating back to 1976/77 ? Never? Well, “Elvis & The Colonel” has just done so and offer you much, much more.

Folks, for the 1st time in your life, you have an opportunity to soak up a tsunami of never-before-published quotes by notable figures including Mac Davis, bodyguard Sam Thompson, EP’s first manager Bob Neal, DJ Fontana, Billy Goldenberg, John Hartmann, Hal Blaine, “Bones” Howe, TCB band rhythm guitarist “Big John” Wilkinson, Grelun Landon, his beautiful co-star Yvonne “Batgirl” Craig, Minnie Pearl, Sam Katzman, bodyguard Red West, Jerry Schilling, Joe Pasternak, Las Vegas Hilton VP Henri Lewin, Freddy Beinstock, KPAO program director Ron Jacobs, Jordanaires Gordon Stoker & Ray Walker, songwriter Jerry Leiber, Joe Guercio orchestra member/tour conductor Marty Harrell, CMA President Jo Walker, Hubert Long, Johnny Rivers, Pete Johnson, Bill “The Incredible Hulk” Bixby, and, of course, The Chief Potentate—Thomas Andrew Parker.

Fellow Elvis fans, never again anticipate reading contemporaneously-recorded quotes from a list as influential & expansive as the one just detailed above. This soft cover features groundbreaking content from the Colonel’s “For The Record” interview with 2 astute, take-no-prisoners criminal investigators (Mr. E.L. Hutchinson, Jr. and Mr. David N. McGriff) from the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office.

A baseless charge has been leveled that “Elvis & The Colonel” is a whitewash of Colonel Parker. No such thing took place. Consider just three quotes from this definitive look at The Colonel:

“I think people like Colonel Parker should [not] have allowed him to work when they became aware of the problem. A rude, crude sonofab*tch.”
— JOHN O’GRADY (Private detective)

“I feel that the Colonel was concerned about Elvis…but I think it was primarily financially motivated. That was his meal ticket.”

He wouldn’t listen to the Colonel. And strangely, I don’t know why, I got the feeling that he couldn’t stand the Colonel…It was in private conversations, a couple of times, Elvis put him down real bad… [Excerpts from a story] He turned around to me, sorta like this (Mr. Wilkinson makes a face): “F*** the Colonel!” And kept right on walkin’! Because he had business to do up there on that stage, right? The Colonel was never inside Graceland, so far as I know. As far as I know, he never attempted to enter the grounds. They might have huddled at one time or another. They probably did. I am sure they had to. But they’d never do the town together.

Yeah, the author sure was engaged in a whitewash all right! Jesus Christ, how silly for a critic to claim to have read this book and then allege something so asinine as an author “whitewash.” Although Elvis and the Colonel are featured throughout the book, “Bones” Howe, Billy Goldenberg, and NBC-TV Special visionary Steve Binder are given considerable space. Do ELVIS fans wish to read pages of never-before-in-print words spoken by these three gentlemen? The author certainly believes so, and thus, has allocated multitudinous pages to ‘em. Mr. Binder’s telling of a special overseas request is indicative of the fact that Col. Tom Parker often ends up as the primary focus of this book’s rare material.

“General de Gaulle and The Colonel” STEVE BINDER: He’s a sly, old fox in the truest sense of the word. The Colonel is, in my estimation, 100%—he is the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. He is Frank Morgan, the guy hiding behind a big black velour with lots of gadgets and neon signs lighting up and all. And he’s putting on the whole world. That’s where he’s at. He is one of the great storytellers of all time. You are mesmerized by his storytelling. The Colonel tells this fantastic story of during the war. No, it was not during the war, but when Elvis was in the Service. He used to get calls from all over about Elvis performing for troops. And he gets a long-distance phone call from General de Gaulle, who has an interpreter on the line. And then, de Gaulle’s interpreter says: “The general would like Elvis to perform for the French army.” The Colonel says, “you got it. But there is only one thing.” He said, “I have to charge General de Gaulle the exact same amount of money to perform for the French army, as I would charge President Eisenhower to have Elvis perform for the American army.” De Gaulle’s interpreter tells de Gaulle, and then says, “the general would like to know how much?” And the Colonel says, “three hundred and fifty-thousand dollars,” or something like that. The Colonel hears de Gaulle say, in English: “That’s a lot of f***in’ money!”

This book is available on www.Amazon.com, www.Amazon.co.uk and all Amazon bookstores around the world.
Update July 16, 2017

Marion Keisker - Elvis, Sam, Sun Records, Cash & The Colonel: Through Her Eyes

“Marion Keisker - Elvis, Sam, Sun Records, Cash & The Colonel: Through Her Eyes” by Darrin Lee Memmer is an A4 format, 200 page-soft cover on track for publication (with convenient, international shipping courtesy of Amazon) no later than June 10th 2017.  Amongst the most stunning knowledge the reader will gain is Ms. Keisker’s detailing of the six (6!) primary reasons/motivations behind the sale of ELVIS by Mr. Sam C. Phillips.  Four compelling, previously unpublished quotes from Darrin’s forthcoming project honoring a lovely lady who adored Elvis Presley:


EP, SAM & MARION at SUN (“For Elvis CD Collectors Only” featured picture)
“In fact, I do not have one single picture of me with Elvis. Not one. The only other picture I have taken, Nick Adams — the kid that was just in The Rebel — he took some pictures of us at the studio one day. The last time I saw Nick, he was in that Rebel costume walking down Time Square.
And I said, ‘Nick! I have never gotten my pictures!’
And he said, ‘I am gonna send ‘em to you. I am gonna send ‘em to you.’
So, I have never gotten the pictures. I am prone to think that he didn’t even have any film in the camera, he was clicking so much!” — Marion Keisker

GRAND OLE OPRY (Myth: EP received “polite” applause, at best)
“But when it was time for Elvis to go on, I happened to be standing there and give him a little pat on the back before he made his entrance.
And Elvis was a very big success. He was one of the few artists who performed that night who got spontaneous applause. There was no need for the applause signs or the applause signals from the announcers, which are standard procedure at the Opry. The applause came very spontaneously and very naturally and very exciting.
And afterward, I remember we were walking down the street and Elvis still wasn’t so sure; although, the applause had been great and the response from the audience had been terrific.
I think some other things had been said — some comments had been made — that had hurt his feelings and he wasn’t too sure. We were walking down the street and we passed a little boy and his mother walking down the street. And the kid turned around and said, ‘Hey, look mama! That’s one of the guys that was on the Grand Ole Opry!’ And Elvis just glowed. I think that was his first, you know, sort of on-the-street recognition and it was a very big moment for him.” — Marion Keisker

TIGER MAN (1 of “easily, at least” 50-75 SUN songs on “hundreds of tapes”?)
“I don’t know how Sam feels about it, but I have got to kick myself around the block a thousand times. I don’t know how many were in there, there must have been easily 50, 75 songs. And many different versions of each one. And hundreds of tapes. That Sam just said, ‘Here. These are some things that we were trying with him that didn’t come off.’ And these were tapes that we never would have released.
Some of them we had prior to what we even did release! Because we didn’t think they were good enough. Or we didn’t think they were fresh enough. Or Scotty broke a string or Elvis flatted. We never intended to release.
By George, Victor released ‘em. I would have destroyed ‘em (the tapes); I wouldn’t have turned them over. It was a gesture that Sam made because he was interested in Elvis, and what happened to him, and he wanted to show ‘em what he was trying to do.
I know one of them was Blue Moon — one of the songs. I remember that, particularly, because we worked on it quite a bit. Anyhow, one person in the music publishing business came back and told us that he had walked in and whoever was the [Victor] Rep Man there had these Sun tapes playing. The person had his head down on his desk, just listening to these tapes till the bitter end. ‘How do they do it? How do they get that sound out of him?’
Which was always the great question. How did Sam get that sound with his studio and the facilities that we had? There were easily, at least 50 to 75 that we never intended to release. We didn’t think they were good enough.” — Marion Keisker

Sam C. Phillips (“The Perfectionist”)
“One standard. Sam used to say over and over and over again. If we ever release a Sun record and it’s a flop, at least we know we did all that was humanly possible to make it. And artists can say, ‘Okay. Let it go. Let it go.’ Sam wasn’t going to let it go until it hit that moment of pure perfection. As far as the sound. As far as the engineering. The arrangement. The song. The convergence of all elements.” — Marion Keisker

Update June 7, 2017


Memphis Recording Service will release a Limited Edition 3CD / book ‘ELVIS STUDIO SESSIONS ‘56’ on June 16th.

The set pays tribute to Elvis Presley’s first recordings made for the RCA label in 1956. The 172-page book focuses on each of Elvis’ studio recording sessions during his first year of national stardom - from the first one in January, held in Nashville, then later in New York, before finishing his final session of the year in Hollywood in September. The full and comprehensive text is complemented by rare and previously unseen photographs and pieces of documentation. 
The 3CDs contain the complete archival master and session studio recordings of Elvis Presley from 1956, along with bonus interviews.  All 90 tracks have been remastered and restored to their original sound quality. Also for the first time on CD is the complete ‘The Truth About Me’ from an original US 45rpm flexi-disc. Although this has been claimed complete by FTD and other past official releases, they all had a missing sentence that was on the original disc. Included also are all the out-takes from this interview.  



I Got a Woman
Heartbreak Hotel
Money Honey
I'm Counting on You
I Was the One
Blue Suede Shoes
My Baby Left Me
One-Sided Love Affair
So Glad Your Mine
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry
Tutti Frutti
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
Shake, Rattle & Rol
Don Davis Interview March 1956
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Hound Dog
Don't Be Cruel
Anyway You Want Me
Playing For Keeps
Love Me
How Do You Think I Feel
How's The World Treating You
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
Long Tall Sally
Old Shep
Too Much
Anyplace Is Paradise
Ready Teddy
First in Line
Rip It Up





01) Love Me Tender (Matson/Presley)  02:41
02) Let Me (Matson/Presley)                02:07
03) Poor Boy (Matson/Presley)             02:12
04) We're Gonna Move (Matson/Presley          02:28
05) Love Me Tender (End Title Movie Version) (Matson/Presley) 01:07


06) We're Gonna Move (Take 4) (Matson/Presley)       02:49
07) We're Gonna Move (Take 9) (Matson/Presley)       02:47


08) I Got a Woman (Unknown Take)
09) I Got a Woman (Incomplete Unknown Take)
10) Heartbreak Hotel (Incomplete Take 4)
11) Heartbreak Hotel (Take 5)
12) Heartbreak Hotel (Take 6)
13) Money Honey (Incomplete Take 10)
14) I'm Counting on You (FS Take 1a & 1b)
15) I'm Counting on You (Incomplete Take 2 Dry Version)
16) I'm Counting on You (Unknown Incomplete Take)
17) I'm Counting on You (Take 13)
18) I'm Counting on You (Incomplete Take 14)
19) I Was the One (Takes 1 & 2)
20) I Was the One (Take 3)
21) I Was the One (Take 7)
22) I Was the One (Incomplete Unknown Take)
23) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 1)
24) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 3)
25) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 4)
26) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 5)
27) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 6)
28) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Incomplete Take 7)
29) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Incomplete Take 8 & Take 9)
30) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 10)
31) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (FS Take 11 & Take 12)


32) Love Me Tender
33) Let Me
34) Poor Boy
35) We're Gonna Move



01) Shake Rattle & Roll (FS Take 1, Take 2, FS Take 3)
02) Shake Rattle & Roll (FS Take 5, FS Take 6, Take 7)
03) Shake Rattle & Roll (Take 8)
04) Shake Rattle & Roll (FS Take 9, FS Take 10, FS Take 11)
05) Shake Rattle & Roll (Take 12)
06) Shake Rattle & Roll (Take 12 Unedited Un-dubbed Master)
07) Shake Rattle & Roll (Take 12 Edit Un-dubbed Master)
08) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 3)
09) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 4)
10) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 13)
11) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Incomplete Take 14)
12) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 15)
13) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 16)
14) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Take 17)
15) Old Shep (Take 5)
16) Rip It Up (FS on Takes 10, 11, 12, 13, Take 14)
17) Rip It Up (Take 15)
18) Rip It Up (Take 16
19) Rip It Up (Take 17
20) Rip It Up (LFS Take 18


21) The Truth About Me (Take 3)
22) The Truth About Me (Take 2)
23) The Truth About Me (Take 1

Update May 5, 2017

‘The British Elvis Fan Club’s “SuperTrip USA” ‘74’

‘The British Elvis Fan Club’s “SuperTrip USA” ‘74’ by Darrin Lee is an A4 format, 376-page soft cover featuring rare, contemporaneous material originally published by the OEPFC of Great Britain.

This book is dedicated to Rusty, Elvis and Bill Roberts — three generations of loyal fans from the Land Down Under.

In Chapter 4 (“Elvis Confronts Hecklers, Stands By His Friend For Life And Spreads The Love In August 1974”), readers will learn why the Ragdoll label’s 2 CD release, the superb ‘Elvis Presley – 12:00am’ (RD 2016-01), was such an important resource to the author.

So, special thanks are due Ragdoll Records.

Mr. Keith Alverson (forthcoming project with Erik Lorentzen, entitled ‘Strictly Elvis: 1973 – 1974 – 1975’) is the premier photographer to have captured Elvis onstage during ‘Desert Storm’ and his three images from Closing Night are featured. Mr. Todd Slaughter, president of “The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain,” kindly permitted the inclusion of multitudinous Elvis Monthly articles from years past, specifically those penned by fans on board “SuperTrip USA” ‘74. Mr. Slaughter did not participate in and doesn’t even know the content of this project, so please don’t misinterpret his kindness to open up OEPFC of Great Britain Elvis Monthly archives.

Throughout the 376 pages are multitudinous eyewitness accounts of 1974 Elvis “Summer Festival” performances by fans from around the world, including: Dennis Berry (Oldham, Lancashire), Keith Alverson (Georgia, USA), Kerstin Ede (Sweden), Lila-Jean Morris (Canada), Katherine (USA), W.A. Harbison (Northern Ireland), Angie Sheering, Anne E. Nixon (Dudley, West Midlands), Wanda June Hill and her daughter, Starla (California, USA), Annie Bentley (Great Britain), Chantal Dambremont (Belgium), and Pat Barrs.

The fascinating content of Rock Legends ‘Elvis – Mood Swings’ and Fort Baxter’s ‘Elvis – Desert Storm. Closing Night Las Vegas Hilton. September 2, 1974’ receive exhaustive analysis. Popular 70’s magazines tapped for rare insight include Rocky Barra’s Strictly Elvis, Elvis Monthly, Rex Martin’s Worldwide Elvis News Service Weekly, and Paul Lichter’s Memphis Flash.

“Elvis At Vegas” By Lila-Jean Morris (Eyewitness Fan Account Of Aug. 19th 1974) is the title of Chapter 24 that, when complimented by author analysis & show transcription, represents the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis/first-person coverage of this season’s “Opening Night” to appear in print.

‘The British Elvis Fan Club’s “SuperTrip USA” ‘74’ is written in honour of the lovely Anne E. Nixon — a star in our galaxy of Elvis writers. Simply type “Darrin Lee Elvis Fan Club” on Amazon and you will find this book available, worldwide, for just $29.99 plus shipping.

Update April 24, 2017

The Elvis Concert 2017

With Elvis' original band members: Eddy Graham, Bob Lanning, The Sweet Inspirations...

21 april - Poppodium Hedon, Zwolle
23 april - De Lindenberg, Nijmegen
25 april - Paard, Zwolle
27 april - Mezz, Breda
28 april - Melkweg, Amsterdam
29 april - Effenaar, Eindhoven
30 april - Tivoli, Utrecht
01 mei - Stadsschouwburg, Middelburg
02 mei - 013, Tilburg
03 mei - Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
April 22, 2017


This LIMITED EDITION 180 gram 2LP set contains for the first time ever, the complete archival sound recordings of all of Elvis Presleys television appearances from 1956 – 1960.
All the 40 tracks herein are restored re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology.
The bonus 24-page gatefold photo album contains many
rare photographs with listings of Elvis TV appearance dates.
SIDE A – 23:27

28th Jan 1956

Shake Rattle & Roll/Flip Flop & Fly
I Got A Woman

4th Feb 1956

Baby Let's Play House
Tutti Frutti

11th Feb 1956

Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel (with Stage Show Orchestra)

18th Feb 1956

Tutti Frutti
I Was The One

17th March 1956

Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel

SIDE B – 21:26


24th March 1956

Money Honey
Heartbreak Hotel


3rd April 1956

Heartbreak Hotel
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Suede Shoes (reprise)

THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (NBC) - NBC STUDIO – Hollywood, California

5th June 1956

6. Hound Dog

7. I Want You I Need You I Love You

THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW (NBC) - Hudson Theater, New York, New York

1st July 1956

8. I Want You I Need You I Love You

9. Hound Dog (Leiber/Stoller)

10. Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yay

SIDE C - 19:40

THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (CBS) - CBS Studio, Los Angeles, California

9th September 1956

Don't Be Cruel
Love Me Tender
Ready Teddy
Hound Dog

THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (CBS) - Maxine Elliot Theater, New York, New York

28th October 1956

Don't Be Cruel
Love Me Tender
Love Me
Hound Dog

SIDE D – 23:23

THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (CBS) - Maxine Elliot Theater, New York, New York

6th January 1957

01. Hound Dog

02. Love Me Tender

03. Heartbreak Hotel

04. Don't Be Cruel

05. Too Much

06. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

07. (There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley

THE FRANK SINATRA SHOW (ABC) - Fountainbleau Hotel, Miami, Florida

26th March 1960 (Video Taped) / 12th May 1960 (Air Date)

08. It's Nice to Go Trave’lin - with Frank & Nancy Sinatra, Joey Bishop & Sammy Davis Jnr

09. Fame & Fortune

10. Stuck On You

11. Medley - Witchcraft/Love Me Tender –
(with Frank Sinatra)

12. Love Me Tender Reprise – (with Frank Sinatra)
Update March 25, 2017

(Click on the photo to see it enlarged)

Encore Performance Volume VI: '57 at 60 ‐ Tonight Elvis Presley

Scheduled for release in Spring, a new book publication by Joseph A. Tunzi / JAT Productions and Daryl W. Restly.
The book, titled Encore Performance Volume VI: '57 at 60 ‐ Tonight Elvis Presley will feature photos of Elvis Presley, from the John Sebert collection, that were taken on April 2, 1957 at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada.
These photographs are taken from the original negative sources rather than lower quality scans you might find in other publications. Back in 2015, while JAT Productions was preparing the book, Encore Performance V: One Performance Only, Featuring Chicago '57, Tunzi acquired the original negatives from the John Sebert collection.
This collection included over 300 photographs taken that evening. '57 at 60 ‐ Tonight Elvis Presley will retail at $39.95 plus shipping & handling and will feature roughly 250 of these images.
Update February 8, 2017


The current line-up of the Sweet Inspirations, featuring original member Estelle Brown and Portia Griffin, will soon be performing in Belgium as part of the show ’An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians’. The show also includes Elvis’ 1970 drummer Bob Lanning, as well as his percussion player Eddie Graham, who can be seen in the MGM movie ‘Elvis, That’s The Way It Is’. The dates are Friday, May 5th at Kursaal in Oosteinde and Saturday May 6th at Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp. You can order your tickets here:
The Sweet Inspirations have fond memories of performing in Belgium for both fanclubs, and are looking forward to rekindling those friendships again, while Bob Lanning and Eddie Graham are excited about performing there for the first time.
Update February 3, 2017

(Click on the photo to see it enlarged)

One Night In Toronto

Coming soon:
A historical document 60 years after april 2 - 1957 to be released spring 2017 with hundreds of unseen photos
* interviews
* backstage stories
* private moments
Update January 16, 2017


To celebrate the 60th ANNIVERSARY YEAR of Elvis’ first appearance on national television, Boxcar Enterprises will release a LIMITED EDITION 400-page hard cover book (with slipcase), a comprehensive illustration of Elvis Presley’s early television appearances titled ‘Elvis on Television (1956-1960).

From his first national introduction on the Dorsey Brothers ‘Stage Show’ in January 1956, through his appearances on other TV shows hosted by famous celebrities such as Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan (including the infamous ‘from the waist up’ show in January 1957), this book goes well behind the scenes of each show documenting his arrival, the rehearsals and the shows themselves, all the way through to Elvis’ post-army appearance on The Frank Sinatra-Timex Show in May 1960. It was to be his last television appearance for eight years.

Supported by a fully comprehensive text, (by Gordon Minto) collected here are scores of historical documents, memorabilia and hundreds of rare photographs - many of which have never before been published. This book will captivate the reader throughout, and is the most detailed document on the history of Elvis on Television from 1956-60.

The Book is expected to be released June 20th 2016

Update may 3, 2016


The show 'An Evening with Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians' will be doing 14 concerts in Sweden, Finland and Holland in a couple of weeks. The show includes Elvis' 'On Stage' drummer BOB LANNING, as well as his 70s bodyguard DAVE HEBLER.
The production crew behind the show has now added another name, percussionist EDDIE GRAHAM, who played percussion for Elvis at almost 200 Vegas shows in 1969 - 1972. Eddie remembers Elvis as a gifted entertainer who always gave his best, and who was kind and generous towards the people he worked with. You can hear Eddie's percussion (Elvis sometimes called it 'kettle drums') on albums like 'On Stage' and 'That's The Way It Is'. You can even see Eddie in the movie a couple of times, for instance in the Vegas rehearsal sequences.
Looking back at his association with Elvis today, Graham says: "I come from a Jazz background, and when Elvis started making headlines I was not interested in the "new" rock n' roll. I was not a fan. I didn't see what the fuss was about Elvis shaking his hips. Then later, when I was asked to step in and play Elvis' show in Las Vegas, I got a totally different perspective. I realized his talent and his connection to black Southern Gospel music. Man, it was an epiphany. Watching him work and his effortless singing gave me a respect for him that I didn't share with other "rockers" of the day. Little Richard and the likes to me were all show and short on talent. Elvis was just the opposite. By the way, I was NOT initially a fan of the Beatles. Remember, I was playing pure Jazz at the time. Now I have broadened my tastes and realize the contributions of these groundbreaking artists".
This tour marks Eddie's first appearance at Elvis shows in Europe. For more info, please visit: www.elvisnews.dk
Update April 13, 2016

Dave Hebler & Bob Lanning Coming To Europe

The acclaimed show ”An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians” (USA) will be touring Scandinavia and Holland in April & May '16. The guests will include Elvis' 1970 drummer BOB LANNING ('Polk Salad Annie', 'The Wonder of You', etc.) as well as Elvis' bodyguard and karate teacher DAVE HEBLER. In the 70s, Dave experienced all the highs and lows of Elvis’ life and career up-close, and he talks about his association with Elvis in a very frank and straightforward manner. Dave is co-author of the controversial book ‘Elvis: What Happened’, which came out just weeks before Elvis’ death. Dave has a lot of interesting Elvis stories, which he will share with our audiences, and after the shows you will also have the opportunity to talk to him face-to-face. Even at senior age, Hebler is still a lean, mean killing machine, and he will be doing a karate demonstration during the shows, the same one he did with Elvis many times, and which you can see in documentaries like 'This Is Elvis'. Of course, Dave is best known for his insightful comment right after Elvis’ death: “How do you protect a man from himself?”.

Tour promo video:
Tourdates are as follows:

April 28 & 29 - Hotell Klockargården, Tällberg, SE
April 30 - Vara Konserthus, Vara, SE
May 1 - Royal, Eskilstuna, SE
May 4 & 5 - Sellosali, Espoo, FI
May 6 - Sibeliustalo, Lahti, FI
May 7 - Oulu Areena, Oulu, FI
May 11 - Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
May 12 - 013, Tilburg, NL
May 13 - Metropool, Hengelo, NL
May 14 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
May 15 - Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL

Source: Arjan Deelen - Update January 6, 2016

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Out Now - The February 1977 Tour - An Audiovisual Documentary ~ Volume I

Rock Legends just released their new book '' The February 1977 Tour - An Audiovisual Documentary ~ Volume I '' . The first photo book of this series is mainly about the first tour of 1977. The February 1977 Tour is an audiovisual document exploring the first shows of 1977 in a photographic manner along with several performances recorded live during some of the events which are featured on the bonus CD. This new flyer shows some extra pages along with the bonus CD cover that comes with the book. The book itself is nothing less than an extension of the FTD books and will fit nicely besides them, their printing quality is equally in the same league, and if not better as far as the seventies are concerned. Make sure you don't miss the first one of this new series !!!!
Update October 20, 2015

The February 1977 Tour - An Audiovisual Documentary ~ Volume I

Rock Legends is proud to announce a new series of concert themed volumes that would make perfect companions to your FTD book collection. The first book of this series is mainly about the first tour of 1977. The February, 1977 Tour is an audiovisual document exploring the first shows of 1977 in a photographic manner along with several performances recorded live during some of the events which are featured on the bonus CD.

The book also takes a brief glimpse into the last tour of 1976 with rare photos of the five related shows and then an overview of two shows from the first 1977 tour, focusing on West Palm Beach, Fl. and Montgomery, AL. Finally, a more in-depth insight to the Charlotte, North Carolina concert in the way of rare photos and a live cd recording!

(Click on the photo to see it enlarged)

This photographic document features many unpublished images throughout that will be appreciated by photo collectors and fans around the world.
This first volume of the February 1977 tour is 24,5 x 24,5 cm, 192 full color pages with a matt laminated hard cover binding, professional 150 gramms silk paper and superb design .
September 29, 2015

Elvis Presley Karma 2010: E.P., LMP And Cilla – Useful Knowledge

Available Now! “Elvis Presley Karma 2010: E.P., LMP And Cilla – Useful Knowledge" is a 188 page, A5 format soft cover featuring the fantastic artwork of Nightrider Designs, beautiful photographs from Keith Alverson and Special Collections at The University of Memphis, in addition to exclusive interviews with trustworthy Elvis World figures: Kathy Westmoreland, Joseph Tunzi, Phil Gelormine and Rosemary Alden.

The author’s remaining inventory – twenty two (22) copies – are being given away as GIFTS to those folks who visit eBay (www.ebay.com), utilize the key word search "Elvis Darrin Lee", and win one of his ongoing auctions/”Buy It Now” listings. Each Elvis Presley FTD CD, DVD or item of memorabilia that is being offered for sale is competitively priced – often below market. To hold this stunning book in your hands allows you to fully appreciate graphic artist Chris Middleton’s skills (as evidenced in The Elvis Files series) and what Nightrider Designs is capable of creating!


“Fate Reaches Out And Taps The Brave” ~ “The Nature Of Fate” ~ A Life Roadmap For LMP (EP Offers Up A Workable Solution) ~ Elvis Responds To Threats / The Rise Of LMP ~ If I Can Dream (Please Let My Dream Come True)

Chapter 1

The Self-Destruction Myth Collapses Under Authorial Scrutiny

Chapter 2

If I Died Tonight, It Would Take ‘Em A Year To Get The Smile Off My Face (Spoken By Elvis)

Chapter 3

The Man In Black, The Memphis Flash & Hollywood Hokum

Chapter 4

The Hycodan Overdose: Thank God For Blonde Miracles… Enter Sandi Miller *“The January-February 1972 Hilton Engagement”

Chapter 5

Aloha – A Pharmaceutical Powered Performance By A Star In Decline?

Chapter 6

Tales Of A Post Aloha Pharmaceutical Binge In Sin City (January and February 1973) *Linda Thompson’s “Drowning In Chicken Soup” Tale Circa 1973-1974

Chapter 7

The Rumored February 1973 Prescription Drug Overdoses

Chapter 8

The May 1973 Tahoe Engagement – Lucy, Colleen, And An Onset Of Pleurisy *Elvis “The Rancher” Cast As The Lead In Psycho

Chapter 9

A Rumored Near Fatal Drug Overdose In St. Louis’s Chase Park Plaza (28th June 1973 Tour Stop) Chapter 10 Revisiting The June-July 1973 Tour And Jeanne LeMay Dumas Meets A Greek God

Chapter 11

The October 1973 Hospitalization: Due To Demerol Addiction? *The Stanleys, Sonny West And Forging Of Prescriptions

Chapter 12

A Snapshot Of 1975: Baptist Memorial Hospital In Jan., Huntsville In June And Asheville Gunplay In July *The July 1975 Norfolk Catfish Controversy *Pill Poppin’ High Over The Lone Star State?

Chapter 13

The 1975 Las Vegas Hilton “Summer Festival” And Hospitalization: A Testament Of Courage

Chapter 14

Celebrating America’s Bicentennial With The King *Overmedicated And Perfunctory At Kiel?

Chapter 15

The Sahara Tahoe Stand In May 1976: A Factual Overview

Chapter 16

Going Back In Time To Understand Sir Elton John’s Fifteen Years Of Demeaning Elvis Presley *The 1977 CBS TV-Filmed Shows – A Factual Assessment *Elvis Meets The Sioux Nation On 6/21/77 *An Honest, Realistic Perspective On EP’s Voice *Seeing Rapid City With 20/20 Vision

Chapter 17

August 16th, 1977: The Truth Comes At Long Last *God, I Ask This Of You ~ “Don’t Ask Me Where I Got These Balls” ~ Reflections Of Vernon and Gladys Love Presley

This project is dedicated to Lisa Marie Presley and in its year of printing (2010), was one of three birthday gifts that author Darrin Lee Memmer shipped to Graceland's corporate office on 13th August 2010 in an effort to celebrate not only the year of her 42nd birthday, but The Candlelight Vigil honoring Elvis Aaron Presley. So don’t delay a bit of shopping on eBay (www.ebay.com) because once remaining copies of "Elvis Presley Karma 2010: E.P., LMP And Cilla – Useful Knowledge" are shipped, this groundbreaking book is Sold Out.
Updated August 8, 2015

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Club Elvis Summer Festival 2015, Zaragoza, Spain

The Spanish FanClub Club Elvis will origanize another Elvis event. This will be their fifth edition and is the biggest Spanish Elvis. After the huge success of the last four editions, Club Elvis Spain will return to Zaragoza this year. We are going to celebrate our 24th Anniversary of the fanclub, and will bring the Elvis fans and the members of the Club the best Spanish Tribute artists and Spanish Elvis bands in a one big meeting, on July 3rd and 4th. Seven of the most important Spanish Elvis Tribute bands and artists will perform in this festival, including The ETB Barcelona (special guests at the last TCB Concert in Barcelona, on january) and also The Velvet Candles, one of the best Doo Wop groups in Europe.
All in all, A big meeting you don't want to miss!!!
More info: www.clubelvis.org or at www.facebook.com/clubelvis
Update June 22, 2015

Bob Lanning's Elvis Website Now Active

Elvis’ 1970 drummer BOB LANNING, who will be touring Europe in the coming weeks, now has a new website up titled www.boblanning.com.

It contains background info on Bob, an interview with him about his association with Elvis, photos from his collection and several videos. The website is still in its infancy, and much more material will be added in the coming period.

Bob has also made an exclusive agreement with Arjan Deelen for the next few years to jointly work on more shows and other Elvis-related projects. "So many times through the years I've thought about re-visiting the time I worked for and performed with the magnificent Elvis Presley”, Lanning says. “But I wanted to do this in a way that paid tribute to Elvis' Legacy. I'm pleased to be a part of the Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians Tour and also to work with Producer Arjan Deelen. Our new website boblanning.com looks great and I'm excited about working with Arjan for future tours and other projects..." Photo: Elvis at the Astrodome, February 1970. Bob Lanning is on drums.
Source: www.boblanning.com Update April 20, 20154

45 YEARS AGO....

Today it's exactly 45 years ago that drummer Bob Lanning performed his last show with Elvis Presley at the Houston Astrodome (March 1, 1970). Remembering the Astrodome concerts today, Lanning says: "I remember flying to Houston from Las Vegas. Elvis was singing and we were partying. We had such a great time. Those shows were a lot of fun. Elvis knew that these were the people that grew up with him and felt close to him. He gave six knock out shows. Especially that final night was a real killer!". Bob Lanning will be appearing on the 'An Evening with Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians' tour in May:

April 30 & May 1 - Hotell Klockargården, Tällberg, Sweden
May 2 - Vara Konserthus, Sweden
May 3 - Royal, Eskilstuna, Sweden
May 6 - 100 Club, London, U.K.
May 7 - Sage Gateshead, Newcastle, U.K.
May 8 - Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic
May 9 - Independance Club, Madrid, Spain
May 10 - Bikini Club, Barcelona, Spain
May 12 - Malmitalo, Helsinki, Finland
May 13 - Sellosali, Espoo, Finland
May 14 - Chapito, Casino Mondorf, Luxembourg
May 15 - Metropool, Hengelo, Holland
May 16 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
May 17 - Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland

This remarkable tour will mark the first time in those 45 years that he participates in an Elvis event, and thus the first time in all those years that he will be playing Elvis' music again. Bob says that he is particularly looking forward to rockin' out on 'Polk Salad Annie' again! More details: www.elvisnews.dk
Update March 2, 2015 - Source: Arjan Deelen

LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57

Coming Soon …… LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57 is a stunning 12” album bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectible British HMV (His Masters Voice) singles released between March ’56 and March ’57. This special llimited edition of only 500 copies comes in a 180g vinyl format. When Elvis signed his new recording contract in November 1955, taking him from Sun Records in Memphis, to national music giant RCA Victor, nobody could have predicted the influence he would have on the course of popular music worldwide. Elvis’ pioneering, early UK singles were released on EMIs, HMV label before being moved by British Decca over to RCA/RCA Victor in 1958. LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57, charts Elvis’ meteoric rise in Britain. Featuring recordings from Elvis’ Sun Records catalogue and the now legendary RCA ’56 sessions, 16 pure Rock ‘n’ Roll gems, pre-army Presley at his very best!

• 500 Limited Edition;
• Quality 180g black vinyl;
• Printed colour inner sleeve;
• Liner notes;
• Stunning artwork;
• Contains all 8 singles from between March ’56 to March ’57 in chronological order.

1. Heartbreak Hotel HMV 7M 385 (45) / Pop 182 (78) 2. I Was The One HMV 7M 385 (45) / Pop 182 (78) 3. Blue Suede Shoes HMV 7M 405 (45) / Pop 213 (78) 4. Tutti Frutti HMV 7M 405 (45) / Pop 213 (78) 5. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You HMV 7M 424 (45) / Pop 235 (78) 6. My Baby Left Me HMV 7M 424 (45) / Pop 235 (78) 7. Hound Dog HMV POP 249 8. Don't Be Cruel HMV POP 249

1. Blue Moon HMV POP 272(45 & 78) 2. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine HMV POP 272 (45 & 78) 3. Love Me Tender HMV POP 253 (45 & 78) 4. Any Way You Want Me HMV POP 253 (45 & 78) 5. Mystery Train HMV POP 295 (45 & 78) 6. Love Me HMV POP 295 (45 & 78) 7. Rip It Up HMV POP 305 (45 & 78) 8. Baby, Let's Play House HMV POP 305 (45 & 78)
Update February 3, 2015

Elvis At 80: Friends & Musicians Reflect On What Might have Been

On January 8, 2015, Elvis Aaron Presley would have turned 80. And even though he’s been dead for more than 37 years, his fame is still unrivalled and his legacy continues to inspire new generations. Graceland, his house in Memphis, is visited by 600,000 tourists every year, his music continues to sell in vast quantities, and new details about his life and death still make for popular tabloid fodder. It seems that we can’t get enough of the man from Tupelo, Mississippi. Most insiders agree that his death was inevitable; years of depression and prescribed medication abuse ended on August 16, 1977, when he was found dead in his bathroom at Graceland. It’s tempting to reflect on what his life would have been like if he had survived that fateful day. We asked several of his friends and associates, who will be touring Europe in May ’15 with An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians, to reflect on Elvis at 80. Would he still be singing? Would he have changed his lifestyle? Would he have toured the world? Hear the answers from those who knew him best!

Marlyn Mason, who co-starred with Elvis in his last scripted film The Trouble with Girls, and one of the very few to have actually recorded a duet with him, believes that he wouldn’t have changed all that much. “He’d still be ELVIS,” she notes. “Always with a woman, maybe the entourage would be gone… But I like to think that he’d be like Tony Bennett, in top form and keeping the fans happy. He would definitely still be singing. I think Elvis just had to sing. I don’t think that he would limit himself to any specific genre – just whatever appealed to him.” She also believes that he would have realized his dream of doing serious acting roles, and that he would have been recognized today as a great actor. “He really had it in him. He told me, ‘I’d like to do one good movie because I know people in this town laugh at me.’ This is a direct quote… The saddest thing he ever said to me.”

Drummer Bob Lanning, who played the drums for Elvis at 63 concerts during his ‘comeback’ era, agrees that he wouldn’t have changed much: “I think that today Elvis would be a survivor of the rock and roll life-style. With age comes a better understanding of how you may want to temper that a bit. Having said that, Elvis would still be Elvis, and he loved his family, his buddies and his players and would still be enjoying every minute. I’m sure that he would have toured the world by now, because that’s what he loved doing most, performing… He would still be making music, and I’m sure that his creativity would have taken him to new places even he wasn’t expecting as a young man.”

Bass-player Duke Bardwell, who played 181 shows behind Elvis in the mid-70s, got to experience first-hand the toll that fame had on the rock and roll icon: the fans, the press, the paparazzi… Duke feels that the downfall was inevitable, because it was too much to handle for any one human being. He hopes that Presley, if he had still been alive today, would have found peace and solitude: “I do think his celebrity would never allow him to truly live in peace as long as his whereabouts were known to the public and to his fans. I’d like to think he’d be in a place of his choosing, unknown to most, with several companions of like minds, who could all play and sing. I see several cars that please him, including an old Caddy. There is not a gold record on the walls… anywhere. There is not a jumpsuit in a glass-case. He needs no reminders or trophies because he knows who he is and what he has done. I see a beautiful, aged woman with a forgiving and tolerant heart that holds him close at night and enables him to feel grateful for just still being alive. I see him smile…”
An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians will be touring Europe in May 2015. For more details please visit: www.elvisnews.dk
Photo insert: Bob Lanning, early 70s.
Source: Arjan Deelen - Update January 7, 2015

Elvis Presley – La Collection 25cm en couleur

Expect to be released at the end of this month is a Box Set titled "Elvis Presley – La Collection 25cm en couleur Ultra limited edition". It is in a total edition of only a 1000 numbered.
110 tracks: 49 originals + 61 bonus tracks (alternate, live or rare studio tracks)
Update September 11, 2014

Teenage Hero Website

After two long years of working progress.....we are glad to inform you about the website www.teenagershero.com is working again… the last two years have been a period of research and study of possibilities of new kind of release. Coming in 2015 two new books from Teenagers Hero Publishing are planned.

From now we are planning to update regularly the website with news, book updates and other books review ….
About the next two books, The First will be a different kind of project with focus on early 1956 a sort of update of the previous book. In the specific Steve Rino is working on the first three months of 1956, for a large format 400 pages book. The book will be part of a larger package..... The Second one will be the follow up to the acclaimed and much discussed Teenagers’ Hero. In the specific Steve Rino is working on July and August 1956, for a large format 400 pages book.
We hope you can be active of the making…..
Update August 26, 2014


In 1970, Elvis was truly op top of his game. He’d just done a fantastic comeback in Las Vegas a few months earlier, and he was now ready to conquer the world. In late January he returned to Las Vegas, and once again he blew everybody away. And then, following this highly successful Vegas engagement, he performed six sensational concerts at the Houston Astrodome for more than 300,000 fans. His drummer at all of these shows – 63 in all – was 22-year old Bob Lanning. It’s Bob Lanning that you can hear on classic Presley recordings like ‘The Wonder of You’, ‘Polk Salad Annie’ and ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’, and on albums like ‘On Stage – February 1970’, FTD releases like ‘Polk Salad Annie’ and ‘The On Stage Season’, as well as imports like the ‘Rebooked At The International’ box-set. At the time, Bob got the job because Elvis loved his style of drumming right from the get-go. They were supposed to audition 9 drummers, but the moment Elvis heard No. 3 play -- Bob Lanning -- Elvis immediately said: “Looks like we got our drummer!”. Lanning has a real kick-ass type of rock ‘n’ roll drumming that gives the even slower songs an extra edge, and he cites Earl Palmer (Little Richard’s studio drummer) as his main influence. While Elvis was rocking up a storm center stage, Bob Lanning was right behind him, playing with more bite than a pack of angry Rottweilers!

In recent years, various researchers have tried to locate Bob Lanning, but so far none succeeded. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that Bob lives a quiet life these days, away from some of the modern technology that many of us take for granted. He prefers to go biking for 2 hours daily, and he also plays the drums for several hours every single day. Needless to say that he is in terrific shape. Arjan Deelen, producer of the ‘An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians’ tours, was able to locate Bob and struck a deal with him for an exclusive tour in May 2015. This is going to be rather special, because this tour will mark the first time since 1970 that Bob will be playing Elvis’ music. For the first time, you will be able to hear songs like ‘Polk Salad Annie’, ‘The Wonder Of You’, ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ and many others as played by the drummer that you can hear on the original Elvis versions. No doubt it will be bittersweet for Bob in some ways, because the last time that he played these songs was with Elvis. If you want more information about this remarkable tour (which also includes a.o. bassplayer Duke Bardwell), or are interested in booking the show, then please contact Arjan at: deelen@elvis.dk Below you can hear a short clip of Elvis introducing Bob Lanning at the January 26, 1970 Opening Show in Las Vegas. A couple of days ago, Bob heard this recording for the first time since these words were originally uttered by Elvis, and he was positively thrilled. Interestingly, Elvis also mentions Bob’s mother, singer Roberta Sherwood: http://youtu.be/F2GCJAqKhUk
Photo credit: Elvis introduces drummer Bob Lanning - Friday, February 27, 1970 ES, Astrodome, Houston, Texas.
Source: Arjan Deelen - Update Augst 17, 2014

Book "The New leader In Las Vegas"

Soon to be out is a new book titled "The New leader In Las Vegas". This book is just like the first release hardcover "Caught On Camera", 144 pages and presented in a deluxe slipcase. This time the slipcase contains gorgeous gold embossing.
Foreword has been written by Joe Esposito and with every book comes a 8x10 bonus photo handsigned by Joe Esposito in person.
This is a limited release of 1000 copies worldwide.
Update August 11, 2014

Items From Elvis Presley's Funeral Up For Sale

Items used during Elvis Presley's funeral are going under the hammer. The Hound Dog hitmaker passed away in 1977, and he was laid to rest at his sprawling Graceland compound in Memphis, Tennessee. Presley's father Vernon personally asked gospel singer J.D. Sumner to organise the funeral, and he compiled a handwritten list of songs and speakers for the event. The list, as well as a personalised Bible given to him by Reverend Rex Humbard, who officiated at the funeral, are going up for sale through U.S. memorabilia company Moments in Time. Both the notes and Bible are on sale together for $95,000
Update July 14, 2014 source: contactmusic

“Elvis – We'll Remember You”

In July of 2014 an independent Finn Fan Productions will release a unique coffee table book titled "Elvis – We'll Remember You". The book will contain many unseen photos of the King of Rock'n'Roll from the files of Ed Bonja. Bonja will open his photo exhibition of the same name in a South-East harbor town of Kotka, Finland on July 23rd, and the photo book supports the exhibition.

Photos for this publication were taken by Ed Bonja, who worked as Tour Manager and Official Photographer from 1970 to 1977. During that period he took some 10.000 photos of Elvis and various happenings in conjunction with the tours and engagements. Ed's photos were routinely used on all kinds of souvenir materials promoting Elvis tours, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe engagements. In addition, most photos used on the single and LP covers from the 70's are from Ed. “Elvis – We’ll Remember You” covers years 1970 – 1975; including various tours, photos from Las Vegas Hilton Engagements and photos of crew members and musicians alike. The book is divided in four different categories, which makes it a very special one. These chapters allow you to take a look also behind the scenes of a superstar’s production. On 200 full color pages, we see Elvis meeting fans – on and off stage, sometimes receiving gifts and awards. Roadies can be seen taking care of business and helping the organization their own way, as well as Colonel Parker relaxing at his home in Palm Springs or playing Santa for Hilton employees children. Included are the photos Ed took at Graceland when went there to take pictures for the live album cover. Not to forget The King himself: you’ll see Elvis on stage doing what he loved to do – entertaining.

Text in the book is in both Finnish and English, which makes this book international. Naturally, photos speak for themselves and cross all language barriers. Ed is a fantastic story teller and his vivid memories are integral part of this book. This is not an ordinary photo-album-style book, this is a photographic essay which tells the Elvis story in many ways: particularly through the lens of Ed Bonja. Limited print of 1.000 is available, so order your copies now! Quote for prices and freight costs available by e-mails at: elviskotka@hotmail.com Promotion video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyQmXWMpM9w&feature=youtu.be
Update June 25, 2014

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Club Elvis Summer Festival 2014

The fourth edition of the biggest Spanish Elvis event is back. After the huge success of the last three editions, Club Elvis Spain will return to Zaragoza this year. We are going to celebrate our 23th Anniversary of the fanclub, and will bring the Elvis fans and the members of the Club the best Spanish Tribute artists and Spanish Elvis bands in a one big meeting, on June 27th and 28th. Eight of the most important Spanish Elvis Tribute bands and artists will perform in this festival.
A big meeting you don't want to miss!!!
Update June 15, 2014

Elvis '72 Bright Summer Nights

Elvis '72, Bright Summer Nights - featuring over 150 photographs, many unpublished from his June 1972 tour and on to Las Vegas in August. This hardback book will share insight into these two engagements..

Sessions 4 will be distributed worldwide with the most accurate information of any previous sessions books or websites. It is based on documents and every union contract containing more information that is sure to capture the hearts of every Elvis fan of music enthusiast. The book will be over 1000 pages and over 500 photographs from the first session in Nashville to the last session in Graceland. Check our website as more updates will be given as the release draws near.
Update March 9, 2014


Touring in Europe during May is An Evening With Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians, a show featuring former bandmembers – bassplayer Duke Bardwell, drummer Jerome ‘Stump’ Monroe – and other top musicians paying tribute to The King. The MC for the proceedings is Elvis’ former head of security, Dick Grob. The package will play the following dates:

May 1 - Klockargården, Tällberg, Sweden
May 2 - Klockargården, Tällberg, Sweden
May 3 – Vara Konserthus, Vara, Sweden
May 4 – Vershuset, Naestved, Denmark
May 6 - Kerava-Sali, Kerava, Finland
May 7 – Konserttitalo, Turku, Finland
May 8 - Musiikkiteatteri Palatsi, Tampere, Finland
May 10 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
May 11 - Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland
Photo: Elvis and Dick Grob in Greensboro, April 14, 1972
Update March 4, source www.elvisnews.dk

Elvis in the Dome

JAT Publishing is finishing up shipping the new book Elvis in the Dome there are only a few copies available to pre order.You can order directly at www.jatpublishing.com...
Update February 22, 2014

Caught On Camera: The 1950s Candids

We just received this very nice book titled "Caught On Camera" featuring rare candids from the 50's in a beautiful designed slipcase book that is printed in a very limited quantity of only 750 copies. Click on the picture above to see it enlarged.
Update January 8, 2014

"Little Mama" / "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" vinyl

For the first time on 45 rpm, Elvis live "Little Mama" - "I Forgot To Remember To Forget". Available in black and pink vinyl. Limited edition! Only 250 copies of each.
Updated December 28, 2013

The Elvis Files Magazine #6

Here we have the front cover with a cool picture of the December 2013 issue of the "Elvis Files magazine".
Update November 4, 2013

Essential Elvis #82

The new Essential Elvis magazine is out now, this time with the following articles:
We pay tribute to the Jordanaire who passed away in March.
We talk to the British journalist based in Las Vegas in the 1970s.
A day-by-day account of our recent trip to the USA.
A round-up of the latest Elvis industry news.
Elvis' friend and karate training partner, Bill Wallace, pays us a visit.
Part IV featuring the letters 'F' and 'G' with Trevor Simpson.
A round-up of the latest CDs and what's due out.
A look at the State Fair Coliseum in Jackson and the shows that Elvis performed there.
Enjoy an exclusive interview with Sir Cliff Richard about his love of Elvis, and the meeting in Germany that never happened.
And lots more...

For the fans who are interested to obtain a copy of this magazine can go to essentialelvis.com/ for more information.
Updated July 9, 2013

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The third edition of the biggest Spanish Elvis event is back. After the huge success of the last two editions, Club Elvis Spain will return to Zaragoza this year. We are going to celebrate our 22th Anniversary of the fanclub, and will bring the Elvis fans and the members of the Club the best Spanish Tribute artists and Spanish Elvis bands in a one big meeting, on June 29th. This years main theme is "Elvis In The 60's", and all the Spanish Elvis Tribute artists will sing only songs of this decade or perform parts of the Elvis career during the 60's like The Show In Pearl Harbor, Comeback Special, Elvis At The Movies, Elvis In Person, etc..

A big meeting you don't want to miss!!!

More info: www.facebook.com/clubelvis
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/156631981175467
Update June 21, 2013

Elvis Is back In Vegas

World-Famous BINION'S on Historic Fremont Street in Las Vegas has joined forces with The King's Ransom Museum to present the ultimate Elvis exhibition. This multi-million dollar collection will showcase a rare and unique glimpse into the life and career of the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

Genuine artifacts and priceless personal treasures of Elvis will be on display in the very city where he set up court and ruled Las Vegas from 1969-1976.

The passion and frenzy that filled Las Vegas when Elvis was in town has never been replicated since. Now, more than 30 years later, the spirit of Elvis' memory will live on, as it comes back to Vegas with ...


"Like us" on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TheKingsRansomMuseum
About Binion's: http://www.binions.com/
About THE FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE: http://www.vegasexperience.com/
The 1964 Elvis Presley film Viva Las Vegas featured nighttime footage of Fremont Street and Binion's Horseshoe Casino during the opening credits.
Update June 11, 2013

100th issue of 'Elvis - The Man & His Music

Now Dig This is very proud to announce the publication of the 100th issue of 'Elvis - The Man & His Music', the quarterly magazine that's recognised around the world as the leading Elvis Presley publication.

Ever since the first edition appeared in December 1988, the magazine has attracted a worldwide readership of Elvis fans whose interest is first and foremost The King's musical legacy. During the intervening 25 years the magazine has presented more than its fair share of exclusives: previously unpublished photos, fact-filled articles and in-depth interviews with Presley associates being top of the agenda.

Issue 100 is a bit special - a 60-page bumper edition packed with exclusive content spanning virtually every aspect of Elvis' career and legacy.
These include:
For the first time ever - a detailed account of Presley Center Courts, the ill-fated business venture that cost Elvis dearly.
A look back at some of the essential releases of the last 25 years.
The former backing singer recalls working with The King.
The golden age of home cinema.
Behind-the-scenes stories from the author of 'Welcome Home Elvis', 'From Memphis To Hollywood' and 'Summer Of '61'.
12 of the worst Elvis cover versions.

...plus extensive CD, DVD and book reviews, readers' letters, news 'n' views and a whole lot more!

Says Editor and founder of the magazine, Trevor Cajiao: "We've pulled out all the stops to make this 100th issue really special. There's something for everybody here and, thanks to our great team of knowledgable writers and contributors, it's the perfect way to celebrate this publishing landmark. Enjoy The King's legacy. Enjoy 'Elvis - The Man & His Music'. Let's have a party!"

Order your copy today from http://www.nowdigthis.co.uk/
May 28, 2013

Essential Elvis #81

We just received the latest issue of the Essential Elvis magazine (nice cover). This issue is packed with articles and interviews such as Donnie Summer, Ed Bonja, and of course a lot of pages with CD and book reviews. The lay-out is one of the best I've seen in an Elvis magazine, simply beautiful. For the fans who are interested to obtain a copy of this magazine can go to essentialelvis.com/ for more information.
Updated April 15, 2013


Boxcar Enterprises will finally release its long anticipated title “Elvis – Aloha via Satellite” on June 3rd 2013 as part of a 40th Year Anniversary special celebration. This massive, most comprehensive 450 page hardback volume is packaged with hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen. Also collected here exclusively, are scores of historical memorabilia as well as the Colonels original internal documents and scripts that explores the making of this historical event from the early plans all the way to the many RCA releases that followed from around the world. This, with the informative text included in this release is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.

RELEASED June 3rd 2013
Click here for a 2 minute YouTube preview trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWabw4CkWXY&feature=youtu
Direct Download HD version here http://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJpTG13T004NVZwdmNUQw
Source: Boxcar - Updated April 13, 2013

2 New Books from JAT Publishing

2 New Books from JAT Publishing Celebrating 25 years of Elvis Presley Productions
“Flip, Flop & Fly - From St Louis to Atlanta 1973 - 1976” which has rare photos with over 120 unpublished colour and black& white images filling this 208 page production. “Elvis Presley in King Creole” has over 140 rare and unpublished photographs, Includes rare docs which may help solve the mystery of the missing outtakes
See YOUTUBE Trailer:
Update April 11, 2013


‘The Original Elvis Tribute’ will be touring Europe again in May, and the show will once again feature various Elvis-related backing vocalists and musicians such as Mary & Ginger Holladay (backing vocalists 1969 – ’75), Duke Bardwell (bassplayer at 181 shows + Today sessions), Carol Montgomery (backing vocalist 1969 – ’73) and Jerome ‘Stump’ Monroe (stand-in for Ronnie Tutt at shows in ’71, ’75 & ’77). The tour will consist of 7 shows in all in Finland and Holland, and for the first time, in Paris and in Denmark.

Many fans will be happy to know that the big surprise of 'The Original Elvis Tribute’ 2012 tour, Ginger & Mary Holladay, will be back again. On the highly successful spring ’12 tour, they delighted the crowds with their great voices and warm personalities. This time they will be reunited for the first time in 40 years with fellow backing vocalist Carol Montgomery, whose voice can be heard on 11 of Elvis’ original albums, starting with ‘From Elvis In Memphis’ from '69 and ending with the ‘Fool’ album from ’73. This tour marks the first time that Carol Montgomery (also listed in some session books as Sonja Montgomery) will be appear in an Elvis-related show.

Tour dates are as follows:

May 11 – Grønnegade Kaserne, Næstved, Denmark
May 14 – Savonlinnasali, Savonlinna, Finland
May 15 – Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland
May 16 – Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland
May 17 – New Morning, Paris, France
May 18 – De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
May 19 – 013, Tilburg, Holland
Info: www.elvisnews.dk

Update January 31, 2013


Boxcar Enterprises in association with JAT Publishing will release a 40th Year Anniversary special book, in celebration of Elvis’ iconic ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ titled, “Elvis – Aloha via Satellite” in February 2013.

This massive most comprehensive 450 page volume is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar’s previous outing of “Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the Years” released earlier this year.

The text book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen. Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonels original internal documents and scripts. This is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.

On January 14th 1973 “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - Via Satellite” was the first live concert to be televised live with a global viewing audience of 1.5 Billion. An audience larger than man's first landing on the moon! From the ‘making of’ to the show itself, the reader enjoys reliving the magic of this extraordinary event and is sufficiently reminded that 1,500,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong!

More details with further artwork in January 2013.
Source: Boxcar - Update December 23, 2012


Coming next week:
Elvis at Radio Recorders Studio
New official cd release!
An album from Elvis One ("Top Notch Nashville - Part 1 & 2")


- 43 official unreleased alternate takes!
- Instrumental Muskrat Ramble***
- 2 #1 hit recordings
-1957 RCA commercial
-and more! p***recorded for the movie "King Creole"
All tracks remastered for this cd release.
Including 8 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

01 Mean Woman Blues (master) 02 I Beg Of You (take 2, 3, 4, 6 fs only + master) 03 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (take 1) 04 Blueberry Hill (take 1 & 4) 05 That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (take 7) 06 I Beg Of You (take 7, 9 & 10) 07 It Is No Secret (take 4) 08 Peace In The Valley (take 5, 6, 8 + master) 09 Take My Hand, Precious Lord (master) 10 All Shook Up (master) 11 Blueberry Hill (take 5 + master) 12 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (take 3, 4 & 5) 13 Is It So Strange (take 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + master) 14 Blueberry Hill (take 8) 15 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (take 8, 9, 10, 11 & 14) 16 That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (take 8 & 9) 17 That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (take 10 & 11) 18 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (master) 19 That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (take 12 & 13) 20 It Is No Secret (take 6, 7, 8 + master) 21 It Is No Secret (take 9, 10, 11 & 12)

Bonus tracks: 22 Don’t (master) 23 Lover Doll (LP master) 24 Doncha’ Think It’s Time (LP master) 25 Lover Doll (EP master) 26 Doncha’ Think It’s Time (Single master) 27 Muskrat Ramble (Instrumental) 28 1957 RCA Commercial
Update November 15, 2012

Walk A Mile In My Shoes (review)

We have just received a copy of the book '' Walk A Mile In My Shoes '' co-produced by Elvis For Everyone and Rock Legend Publications.
Arjan Deelen's last journey into Laurens van Houten world of Elvis in Las Vegas at the end of August 1973 with a group of fans is already ten years and half years old. '' Elvis : Caught In A Trap '' is an excellent document on this period in Elvis' life on and off stage, and guess we can expect the same from his last effort.

'' Elvis : Walk A Mile In My Shoes '' is a totally different publication as Arjan talks to people from the Elvis world such as musicians ( James Burton, Duke Bardwell who wrote the preface , Jerry Scheff, Ron Tutt and many others ), songwriters etc...
All the interviews are very interesting and go hand in hand with varied images throughout the book. Indeed the interviews are enhanced with photographs, which makes the whole thing more enjoyable since this is partly a photo book. Perhaps the best of both worlds after all !
The graphic design is extremely well done with multiple photos of Elvis on stage with the personalities interviewed . There are also several photo sections spanning different eras of Elvis' career , a few we've seen on some occasions while others are unpublished or rarely seen.
I am quite sensible to wrongly dated pictures, although I understand this is very hard to make such book without a single error even though it's the dream of all publishers. The ones that I noticed at first glance were nevertheless minimal. By example on page 16 ( top right ) there's a photo dated from Amarillo, TX June 19, 1974 while in fact this picture is from  San Bernardino, CA May 10, 1974.  The photo on top of page 90 is supposedly from Hampton Roads, VA April 9, 1972 concert while it is in fact from April 14, 1972 in Greensboro, NC. Elvis was wearing the '' Burning Love '' suit at the matinee concert in Hampton Roads, VA and it's not what we have there.
The biggest error being the section titled '' Greensboro March 13, 1974 '' as those pictures are actually from the Charlotte concert of the same tour. Ironically on page 9 there is an actual photo from the Greensboro show ( in color ) of Elvis wearing the blue target suit instead of the '' Raised On Rock '' suit as seen in the Greensboro section.

Don't be put off by such small mistakes as this is only a short fragment of the book, and by any means do not diminished the quality of this work. This book is highly recommended for fans who enjoy a good read, and at the same time like to see new photographs, all of this in an harmoniously fashion, and simply a nice companion to '' Elvis : Caught In A Trap '' on your book shelf.
The book comes with a bonus CD of the same title featuring various tracks ( mostly 50s and a few 1974 home recordings ), about all of them aren't new but nice to have altogether into this collection. This is of interest to notice though the inclusion of the excellent newly found Louisiana Hayride track from 1955 '' I Forgot To Remember To Forget ''.

You can order this book directly from Arjan Deelen, and if interested purchase a signed copy from the author at deelen@elvis.dk
Updated November 6, 2012

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Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 6 released

JAT Productions is now shipping "Elvis: Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 6" . Only a few left and you can order at www.jatpublishing.com
Update November 2, 2012

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DVD Elvis Hot Shots and Cool Clips vol. 6

Here we the flyer of the forthcoming DVD release "Elvis Hot Shots And Cool Clips Vol. 6". This volume will be housed inside of the legendary rare 1975 Hilton Showroom Menu. The DVD will include Las Vegas 1972, Kansas City 1972, Chicago 1972, afternoon show and more.
Update September 19, 2012

Greatest Live Hits of the 50s

The next MRS release in association with JAT Productions ‘Greatest Live Hits of the 50s’ will be officially released 22nd October 2012. The 24 track CD is most varied compilation to date, containing only the best live performances, making the ultimate live set list of the 1950’s.

For the first time on General Release, it has 8 new live tracks that have all been re-mastered and are now significantly and noticeably improved, than before. Additionally, the CD also contains for the first time, an unreleased live version of ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ from October 1955. Sound samples for entire CD will start appearing very soon.
Please note, it is likely that some Elvis fan club dealers will have stock 2 weeks earlier than the official release date of 22nd October.

01. Good Rockin' Tonight - Eagles’ Hall, Houston, Texas, March 19, 1955. 02. Baby Let's Play House - Eagles’ Hall, Houston, Texas, March 19, 1955. 03. That's All Right - Meridian, Mississippi, May 26, 1955. 04. Little Mama - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955 05. You’re a Heartbreaker - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955 06. Tweedle Dee - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955 07. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, January 22, 1955 08. Hearts of Stone - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955 09. Blue Moon of Kentucky - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, October 16, 1954 10. I Got A Woman - Eagles’ Hall, Houston, Texas, March 19, 1955. 11. Maybelline - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, August 20, 1955 12. I'm Left You're Right She's Gone - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, July 2, 1955 13. I' Forgot To Remember to Forget - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, October, 1955 14. Shake Rattle & Roll - WJOI Radio, Florence, Alabama January 19, 1955 15. Heartbreak Hotel - Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 16 1956 16. Long Tall Sally - Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 16 1956 17. Money Honey - Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 16 1956 18. I Was the One - Mississippi Alabama Fair & Dairy Show, Tupelo, Mississippi, Afternoon Show, September 26th 1956 19. Blue Suede Shoes - Mississippi Alabama Fair & Dairy Show, Tupelo, Mississippi, Evening Show, September 26th 1956 20. Paralyzed - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, December 15, 1956 21. Don't Be Cruel - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, December 15, 1956 22. Hound Dog - Mississippi Alabama Fair & Dairy Show, Tupelo, Mississippi, Evening Show September 26th 1956
Bonus Tracks:
23. Money Honey - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955 24. Shake, Rattle & Roll - Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955
Source: MRS - Update September 13, 2012

“Elvis in Concert 1945/1977”

Out in May in Italy is “Elvis in Concert 1945/1977” (Stampa Alternativa Edition - ISBN: 9788862222679) from long time Elvis Presley Club of Italy’s President, Sebastiano Cecere. This astonishing book (800 pages) collates all worldwide available information regarding Elvis’ live activities since his childhood experiences (when he use to visit Tupelo’s own radio station) to his very last gig in Indianapolis in 1977. Never before (worldwide) has such amount of information been collected in one single book (usually ‘in concert’ books only deal with the Seventies), with unreleased information never available before, regarding his very first appearances and concerts. Here you will find for the first time ever, the whole story of Elvis and the Hugh Jarrett Singers, including the only available professional picture of the group with Elvis himself (took backstage and never published before). The book is in Italian but you won’t need to speak and read Italian to be able to enjoy the “heart” of this labor of love. For each concert you will find all available details, including cities, venues, audience, gross receipt, play lists (many of them unreleased), musicians (for the very first time the most accurate Imperials line up, discussed directly with group leader Joe Moscheo), press review and discographies (official, FTD and independent labels) and all available album/CD release information, both official and unofficial.

Do you know who James “Mississippi Slim” Ausborn was, and which influence he had in Elvis childhood musical culture and skill development? Do you know what does it say the Morse code at the beginning of the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert? Do you want to know all the details of the 1957 tours? Did you know that when Jean Marc Gargiulo (president of “Treat Me Nice – Les Amis D’Elvis” fan club) met Elvis in 1969 in Las Vegas, Elvis himself was so worried about Jean Marc’s financial commitment to fly in USA (back then it was not so common…) that he asked him if he needed some money? Do you know that beside normal 45 and 33 rpm record releases, in the seventies there has also been a live extended play record release?

Click on the picture above to see the pages of the book enlarged

All of this and much, much more information, including rare and unreleased pictures, plus concert statistics are available on “Elvis in Concert 1945/1977”. Despite its mammoth dimensions (A4 format per 800 pages) its price is very affordable: only 38 Euros through the most important website retailers. You can even get it at a cheaper price (only 32.30 Euros) should you will buy it directly through the Stampa Alternativa publishing company website, at the following address:
You can get also in touch directly with the Author (note that he doesn’t sell the book). Please send your welcomed feedback directly to Sebastiano Cecere at the following e-mail address:
Source: Sebastiano Cerere - August 30, 2012

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Huge Elvis Event in Spain

Club Elvis Spain proudly present "The TCB Band" and "Dennis Jale" in Concert in Barcelona, Spain, on Saturday September 22 in the Sala Apolo. This will be the biggest event ever made by club Elvis in their 21 years of history. If you are in Barcelona these days, don't miss this oportunity to see James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Ronnie Tutt and Norbert Putnam, with the Austrian singer Dennis Jale in concert, for the first time in Barcelona.
And Our Special Guest will be: Joe Esposito.
Buy your tickets now, via ticketmaster:


“The moment he came into the studio, I was in awe”

For many years, the name Temple Riser was a bit of a mystery in the Elvis world. Not much was known about the dark-haired beauty with the deep, strong voice other than the fact that she had sung backup for Elvis at his early 70s Nashville sessions, and that she got to record a duet with Elvis live in the studio on ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. Her whereabouts were unknown, and it seemed like she had simply vanished off this planet. Nobody seemed to know where she was located or whether she was still amongst us. Earlier this year, Elvis expert Arjan Deelen decided to try and locate her, and just a few weeks ago, his research paid off when he found her alive and well and even looking pretty much the way she did 40 years ago!

Temple Riser, who is now 63, feels that she has been blessed in life, and cites working with Elvis and singing at President Nixon’s inauguration as her (singing) career highlights. About meeting Elvis for the first time, she says: “I was a little stuck up… I didn’t want to give him the impression that I was starstruck. But the moment he came into the studio, I was in awe… He had such a charisma about him, and he was so handsome. And he was very flirtatious!”, she says with a smile.

When asked about her nicest memories of him, she answers: “There’s several… I remember that he invited me and Ginger & Mary (Holladay) to come to his hotel room in Nashville - and we did. He was just so nice to us. Very easy to talk to, very talkative. He grabbed his guitar and we sang Gospels together. He didn’t sing any of his hits, just Gospel music… he loved that”.

About the duet, she says: “He asked me to do the duet with him. He was really having a good time while we recorded it. I just tried to do the best I could. You know, I used to be embarrassed about it. I didn’t think I sounded so good. These days with the internet it’s turning up everywhere, and people ask me about it. I’m proud of the fact that I got to sing with Elvis Presley. It doesn’t get any better than that!”.

The really exciting news is that Temple Riser will be joining the ’Original Elvis Tribute’ show together with a.o. Mary and Ginger Holladay for a Euro tour in May 2013!

“People have told me that the Elvis fans in Europe know about me, and I have always said: ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’. I’m really excited about coming to Europe for the very first time, and meeting the fans and performing for them. We may even do that duet, ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. Hopefully, I will do a better job on it this time around!”, Temple laughingly says. “It’s a priviledge to be able to pay tribute to the greatest performer ever and I will do my best to make this tour memorable for the fans. See you all in May 2013!”.

For more information about the ‘Original Elvis Tribute’ production, please contact Arjan Deelen at deelen@elvis.dk or visit www.elvisnews.dk
Source: elvisnews.dk - Update August 1, 2012

Elvis '69- Featuring '' Change Of Habit ''

J.A.T. Publishing has just distributed its latest book mentioned above ( see cover ) to all dealers and individuals who ordered. We have just a few left, anybody interested in one can order direct from J.A.T. Publishing .

source : Joe Tunzi - July 31, 2012

FECC members in Memphis - Drinks on August 14th - Let's meet

Any FECC members in Memphis this August? Well, it's time for a drink. We will all meet at Sun Studios at 3 p.m. on Tuesday August 14th, and then we can head over to Boscos for some drinks (http://www.boscosbeer.com/memphis/story/index.htm), and be out of there in plenty of time for those who want to attend the Memphis Boys Salute at 7 p.m.
You all know what I look like, so see whoever shows up that night!
(If not, see above ;-)
Contact paulsweeney@gmail.com for details
Source: Paul Sweeney - Update July 29, 2012


Out on August 1st is the remarkable new book “ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES”, subtitled “Arjan Deelen talks to the musicians, singers, songwriters and producers who helped create the ‘Presley Sound’”. It’s an essential book that for once focuses on the music and the music-making process in Elvis’ career.

‘Arjan Deelen's insightful interviews shed compelling new light on the legacy of Elvis Presley. His innate love of his subject and well-spring of knowledge informs his work, ultimately producing a series of captivating, candid and revelatory interviews that offer heretofore new perspective on the artistry of "the King"’ ‘, said Ken Sharp, author of "Writing For The King” and "Vegas: '69".

Some of these interviews were used in the aforementioned book, as well as some of the world’s leading Elvis magazines, like “Elvis – The Man And His Music”, “Flaming Star” and “ElvisMatters”, and you can now read them in their unedited form in this fascinating publication. Several of the interviews in the book, like for instance the ones with Ronnie Tutt, Jerry Scheff and Michael Jarrett, are widely regarded as the best and most revealing interviews ever with these gentlemen. There’s also a strong sense of honesty about the book, because these interviews are presented precisely as they were conducted – so no editing or other manipulation afterwards. ‘Straight from the horses’ mouth’, so to speak. “ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY MUSIC” is a must for those who really want to know more about Elvis and the music he created.

The book is also a feast for the eye, with almost 300 rare and unpublished photos of Elvis, in some cases sourced from the original negatives and dias. These photos cover the whole spectrum of Elvis’ career, from 1954 to 1977. The foreword was written by Duke Bardwell, Elvis’ mid-70s bassplayer. Handsomely designed, this is a book that delivers on all levels. A free promotional CD containing various Elvis rarities, including the newly discovered live version of ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget’ as well as a rare 1956 radio promo, is also included. Order your copy of “ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES” now (hardback, 160 pages, color throughout) now from: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl
Source: EFE - July 25, 2012


Out now is the highly anticipated Bootleg Book, and wow what a book it is. This is one of the most exciting books I have seen, on a subject that intruiges most of the Elvis fans, and that is of course bootlegs.
The book contains all the info you need on the bootleg vinyl, and it's very well designed, and tons and tons of bootleg artworks. What is really cool is the stories behind the bootlegs, and it started all with a great visit of two Dutch Elvis fans at the Select-O-Hits shop in Memphis, what a read.

It all started from here.....

I won't spoil anything what you can read in this book, but it is very entertaining, you will love it!!!
Without any doubt, this is one of the most essential Elvis books ever, period.

For your reading pleasure the bootleg entries are divided into the following chapters:

7 inch singles
7 inch extended play albums
10 inch albums and 78rpm singles
12 inch albums and maxi singles
Interviews and session talks
Novelty and tribute bootlegged records
Far Eastern bootlegged records

It’s all here in a massive 640-pages high-quality hardcover book!
It’s for you, the Elvis collector, the fan and the vinyl- and music lover!
It’s a labor of love by five diehard European Elvis collectors and scholars.
It’s possible because of the fantastic support from many fans all over the world.
It’s the book that might soon become an instant classic in the Elvis world.
It’s Bootleg Elvis!

For more info go to http://www.bootleg-elvis.com/

Update July 7, 2012


The forthcoming photo-book ”Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes” is now nearing publication, and is projected to be out in late July 2012. This hardback A4-size publication will contain close to 300 rare and unpublished photographs, some of which have been scanned from the original negatives. Many of the photographs are printed full-size, and in A4 size you will really appreciate many of the finer details. Some of the highlights include:

*A sensational series of live shots of Elvis at the Forum on November 14, 1970. Most of these are unpublished anywhere and really capture the essence of Elvis as a live performer. Many dynamic, dramatic action shots… You will love these.
* A great series of unpublished shots from Elvis’ concert in Greensboro on March 14, 1974. A little older and a bit heavier, but still having a great time on stage and delivering the goods. Elvis’ shows were uniformly great in March ’74, but decent quality live photo series have been a little thin on the ground, so this series is most welcome for the true fan & collector.
* Several great shots from Elvis’ March 1, 1970 press conference (the rarer one of the two Astrodome interviews). Again, unpublished, with Elvis looking ultra-cool; with cigar in his hands, he looks for all the world like a character from one of those 70s crime movies! There’s also unpublished shots from the other ‘70s press conferences, great close up shots with remarkable detail – you can virtually count his eye lashes in these pix.
* A rare series of COLOR shots from Miami ’56, printed full page for optimal effect.

There’s much, much more, way too much to detail it all here. If you know our previous photo-books (Images 1 + 2), then you will know what to expect, only this one’s even better. We know that many fans have expressed concern about the high price of Elvis books of late, so we are pleased to report that this book is very affordable. Contact us now for more details: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl
Source: EFE - July 2, 2012



People get ready…
Don’t miss the most extensive ever book on Elvis vinyl bootlegs!
Don’t miss the adventurous history of Elvis bootlegs!
Don’t miss the never before told stories from various Elvis bootleggers!
And… don’t miss the Elvis bootlegs in close to 1,000 entries illustrated with more than 1,200 photos.

For your reading pleasure the bootleg entries are divided into the following chapters:

7 inch singles
7 inch extended play albums
10 inch albums and 78rpm singles
12 inch albums and maxi singles
Interviews and session talks
Novelty and tribute bootlegged records
Far Eastern bootlegged records

It’s all here in a massive 640-pages high-quality hardcover book!
It’s for you, the Elvis collector, the fan and the vinyl- and music lover!
It’s a labor of love by five diehard European Elvis collectors and scholars.
It’s possible because of the fantastic support from many fans all over the world.
It’s the book that might soon become an instant classic in the Elvis world.
It’s Bootleg Elvis!

You can also order this book through us for the best price: fecc@elvis-collectors.com
Source: Update June 29, 2012

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Club Elvis Summer festival

After the huge success of the first Spanish meeting from last year, Club Elvis Spain will return back to Zaragoza for the 2012 Edition of the CLUB ELVIS SUMMER FESTIVAL. We are celebrating our 21th Anniversary of the fanclub, and will bring to the Elvis fans and the members of the Club the best Spanish Tribute artists and spanish Elvis bands in a one big meeting, on June 30th.
This year special guest is "Ed Bonja", Elvis' official photographer and tour manager who will bring along some great pictures.
More info: www.facebook.com/clubelvis
Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/308129862591543/
Source: Club Elvis - Update June 15, 2012


BOXCAR ENTERPRISES will officially release its long awaited book ‘ELVIS PRESLEY'S GRACELAND THROUGH THE YEARS: 1957 – 1977’ on the 9th of July 2012. This release has a strictly LIMITED EDITION RELEASE of only 2000 Copies worldwide.
The hardback book measuring 12 x 10 inches and weighs over 3 Kilo’s and is bound with a hardcover cardboard sleeve slipcase. It contains 450 pages and includes over 1000 photos many of which are never before published with informative text (including Graceland’s pre history before Elvis’ time), original purchase documents, receipts, blueprints and much much more. It is the most comprehensive book on Graceland to date covering Elvis’ time at his residence. For further information and a quick glimpse at the book, it can be found on this YouTube trailer link below.

Elvis Presley FTD WORLD

The Japanese Elvis Fun Club "For Elvis Sound Fans Only" has released a new book titled "Elvis Presley FTD WORLD" on 25 May. This is the perfect Elvis' FTD Guide book updated until May 2012, and it explains the first 111 releases of the FTD Collector's label in detail from "Burbank ' 68" (1999) to new title "Welcome Home Elvis 1960" (2012). It shows all the song titles, audio information, background information... of each FTD title. This book has an official approval from the FTD label to publish this. Unfortunately, the information in this book has been written in the Japanese language, but each album titles, song titles & recording datas are written in English. The price is only 2,000 Yen (= 19.74 EUR).
You can order the book through http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4901964240/elvisworld-22
Below you can click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

Source: For Elvis Sound Fans Only - May 26, 2012

GRACELAND Through The Years 57-77

ELVIS PRESLEY’S GRACELAND, THROUGH THE YEARS 1957 – 1977 will be released by Boxcar Enterprises at the end of June 2012. After several years in the making this will be the most comprehensive book to date for every Elvis fan covering Elvis’ time at Graceland. The hardback book is 450 pages and includes over 1000 photos many of which are never before published. It also contains informative text, original purchase documents and receipts, blueprints and much much more. It is all together bound in a 12 by 10 inch hard cover cardboard sleeve slipcase like Boxcar’s previous outing last year of ‘The Final Curtain’.

A quick glimpse at the book can be found on this YouTube trailer link below.
Source: Boxcar Enterprises - Update may 8, 2012

(Photo: Marko Peltonen)


With Ginger Holladay’s arrival home yesterday, the ‘Original Elvis Tribute’ tour featuring a.o. Duke Bardwell, Bobby Wood, Jerome ‘Stump’ Monroe and the Holladay Sisters has now officially concluded. And what a tour it was! This was easily the show’s most successful tour yet: great attendances, enthusiastic crowds and tremendous shows. The show itself was once again a great mix of the classics and lesser-known songs like ‘For The Heart’ and ‘Any Day Now’. You can see a clip from one of the shows here: http://youtu.be/NR26SGu-L9A One of the tour’s highlights was the April 12th show at the Savoy Theater in Helsinki, where the band and the crowd celebrated Mary Holladay’s birthday. Everybody joined in and sang ‘Happy Birthday Mary’, while tour producer Arjan Deelen came on stage with a big birthday cake. Imagine the shock of everybody when Ginger Holladay tripped over one of the monitors and fell right in the middle of the birthday song! “Even as a kid she was always trying to upstage me, and she’s still doing it!”, Mary laughingly commented. Fortunately, Ginger was fine - though slightly embarrassed - and the band rocked the night away in Helsinki. ‘The Original Elvis Tribute’ will be back in May ’13, and shows have already been booked in Holland: on May 18th at De Melkweg in Amsterdam and on May 19th at 013 in Tilburg. We will have updates shortly on Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
For more info, please go to: www.elvisnews.dk
Source: elvisnews.dk - Update May 8, 2012

Bootleg Elvis!

here is the announcement for the upcoming book: Bootleg Elvis!
After many years of painstaking research, a group of five European mega-collectors have finished their work on the ultimate vinyl bootleg bible:
Bootleg Elvis

Now, in 2012, the time has come that this massive -640 pages- work of love and labor will be made available to all Elvis fans and music lovers worldwide. With more than 1200 color pictures, track listings, cross-references, matrix numbers, cover/label/vinyl/sound descriptions of about 1000 records on 480+ pages, this is the most in-depth work on Elvis vinyl bootlegs ever!

This book will not only list and visualize every known Elvis bootleg record, but it will also list and show all known variations of each record. All records will be listed in several chapters, being:

• 7-inch Singles
• 7-inch Extended Play Albums
• 10-inch Albums & 78 rpm Singles
• 12-inch Long Play Albums and Maxi Singles
• Interviews and Session Talks
• Novelty and Tribute Bootlegged Records
• Far Eastern Bootlegged Records

To top it off, there is an almost 65 pages description about the history of (Elvis) bootlegging, starting in 1901 up to today. There are about 70 pages of stories written by all the major bootleggers from the USA, Canada and Europe. They will tell you why they made their bootlegs, how they obtained their recordings, how they got their records and sleeves made and how they managed to sell their records without being caught.

Read stories -first hand- about albums like Please Release Me (the first Elvis bootleg ever!) The Hillbilly Cat "Live", The '68 Comeback, Million Dollar Quartet, Loving You Recording Sessions, Welcome In Germany and many more.

These are more than fascinating insider stories that were never known nor published before!

All in all, this book gives you the most complete insight ever into the evolution of bootlegging Elvis. Even if you’re not a vinyl collector, this book is definitely a must-have!
Update April 16, 2012

Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album

This CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album "Blue Hawaii" originally released in 1961.
It contains many previously unreleased outtakes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis' number 1 hit "Can't Help Falling In Love".

As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of "Blue Hawaii".
It will be released on May 8th, 2012 - for more info go to www.memphisrecordingservice.com.
Source: MRS - Update April 6, 2012


In the Elvis world, we are so used to hype and self-promotion that it’s easy to get a bit blasé when hearing about another ‘sensational book that you must own’. More often than not, the product fails to deliver and ends on your book shelf, never to be dipped into again. We will therefore keep our information about our forthcoming book publication simple and to the point. Elvis For Everyone! Publication has built a good reputation over the years with past photo-books like the highly successful “Images” series. We are now putting the finishing touches on a book titled simply “Elvis Walk A Mile In My Shoes” (A4 size, 140 pages) that will blow our earlier books right out of the water. The book will contain many amazing photos from 1954 to 1977, and most of these have never been seen before, not even in books like “Elvis Files”. Many of these photos were taken directly from the original negatives and dias, thus ensuring top quality, and some of these come from the collection of Elvis’ associates and musicians, one of whom has written the foreword for this remarkable book. The majority of these photos are in stunning color, and in the A4 format you can see all the details with amazing clarity. If you get only one book this year, then make sure that it’s “Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes” – the one book that can actually live up to its hype. Publication: May 2012.
For more info, please contact Constatijn Zantingh at: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl
Source: Elvis Corner Utrecht - April 4, 2012

Rock, Sex And Roll Out Now

JAT Publishing has just released ''Rock, Sex And Roll''. We're happy to announce all orders have been shipped and it's almost sold out. You can still get a copy from www.jatpublishing.com for a very limited time with a free 2012 calendar with each book.
March 28, 2012


The two Elvis Forever shows in Holland, which will take place at Het Paard in Den Haag on April 21st and at 013 in Tilburg on April 22nd, will feature a very special guest: Joe Pirzada, the producer of various great releases on the MRS label, like the recent 'Such A Night In Pearl Harbour'. Pirzada's next Blue Hawaii release will get its debut during these two Holland shows, and Joe will also be lifting the lid on his exciting future plans… He may even be playing a few rare clips, but that hasn't been positively decided yet. Joe will also be taking questions from the audience. Pirzada is a straight shooter who is not afraid to say things as he sees them, even if it upsets others, so be there, because this promises to be very interesting. Appearing on both nights will be the renowned 'The Original Elvis Tribute' show featuring a.o. Bobby Wood, Mary and Ginger Holladay, Duke Bardwell and Jerome "Stump" Monroe. Ginger Holladay just taped a video especially for the Holland shows, which you can see here: http://youtu.be/3c4seCnMGvM Several shows on the 'Original Elvis Tribute' tour are now sold out, like in Sweden and in Helsinki, Finland. A special Easter show has now been added in Helsinki, and it will take place at the Savoy Theater on April 9th. For more info, please go to: www.elvisnews.dk
March March 19, 2012 - Source: EFE / Elvis Shop Utrecht

Elvis Presley - Album Zuisou

Released now is the book "Elvis Presley - Album Zuisou" (Japanese Elvis book). In this book, The king of rock'n roll, Elvis Presley's selected 35 original albums are described deeply by Reiko Yukawa. Reiko Yukawa is a well known music critic in Japan and big fan Elvis. The column of each album contains Elvis' daily life at the time and behind the scene of his music works. Also,the book included a list of CD and DVD, which you can get right now. It's very useful for collectors. The author, Reiko Yukawa has been to Las Vegas many times in the 70's. She experienced a lot of live performances of Elvis. In 1973, when she got married in Las Vegas, Elvis became a witness of her marriage. You can order this book through Amazon.
Source: For Elvis Sounds Fan Only - February 19, 2012

Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album update

Due to circumstances beyond our control , the release date for the MRS Blue Hawaii has been put back to the 8th May 2012.
Source: MRS - February 15, 2012

Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album

Memphis Recording Service will release one of its minor titles of a CD/Book package titled 'BLUE HAWAII - THE EXPANDED ALTERNATE ALBUM' on the 23rd April. The CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album 'Blue Hawaii' originally released in 1961. It contains many previously unreleased out-takes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis' number 1 hit, 'Can't Help Falling in Love' . As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of 'Blue Hawaii'.

This title is currently available for Pre –order on Amazon UK and Play at below £12.

01. Blue Hawaii (Take 1FS Take 7M) 02. Almost Always True (Take 1FS Take 8M) 03. Aloha Oe (Take 4FS & SPM) 04. No More (Take 1FS Take 13M) 05. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 27FS Take 28FS Take 29M) 06. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 4FS Take 5M) 07. Moonlight Swim (Take 3M) 08. Ku ui po (Take 8LFS Take 9M) 09. Ito Eats (Take 6FS Take 7FS Take8FS Take 9M) 10. Slicin' Sand (Take 18LFS Take 19M) 11. Hawaiian Sunset (Master) 12. Beach Boy Blues (Take 1FS Take 2M) 13. Island of Love (Take 11FS Take 12FS Take 13M) 14. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 2M)

15. No More (Take 3LFS) 16. No More (Take 9) 17. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 1FS) 18. Ito Eats (Take 1MM Take 3FS) 19. Slicin' Sand (Take 15FS Take 16FS Take 17) 20. Beach Boy Blues (Take 3MM) 21. Island of Love (Take 3FS, Take 5FS, Take 10FS) 22. Aloha Oe (Take 2) 23. Aloha Oe (Take 3) 24. Aloha Oe (Take 5SPM) 25. Aloha Oe (Take 7SPM) 26. Aloha Oe (MASTER OF SECTION 2) 27. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 1FS Take 2FS Take 3FS Take 4FS) 28. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 5LSF) 29. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 6FS, Take 7FS) 30. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 8LFS) 31. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 9) 32. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 10FS Take 11FS Take 12FS) 33. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 18FS Take 23MM)
Source: MRS - Update Fenruary 10, 2012

Hilarious Duke Bardwell Video

Those of you who are fortunate enough to know Duke Bardwell (or 'Unca Duke' to his friends) will no doubt agree on the fact that he's a big hearted guy with a wonderful sense of humor. Together with his trusty horse (!), Duke just recorded a special YouTube video to promote the April 2012 'Original Elvis Tribute' Euro shows and especially the tour opening show at Vara Konserthus on April 7th, 2012. You can see this hilarious video here: http://youtu.be/f_8owzE2DFI Duke will be doing shows in Holland, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden and Norway together with various other musicians who also worked together with Elvis, including Bobby Wood and Mary & Ginger Holladay. An overview of the tour can be found here: www.elvisnews.dk Duke himself played bass on over 180 shows together with Presley back in the mid-70s. Looking back on his association with Elvis, he says: "It was the most magnificent thing musically that ever happened to me…".
Source: Arjan Deelen - February 9, 2012