(Blast from the past - Strictly Elvis )


Keeping Up With Elvis

by Linda Holm

Strictly Elvis  No. 41 ( September 1971)

Before a small gathering of close friends and his manager Col. Tom Parker in his dressing room in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley accepted a large ebony and gold plaque from Chris Crosby, the son of Bing Crosby. On the plaque was engraved: "To Elvis Presley, in recognition of your artistic creativity and your influence in the field of recorded music upon a generation of performers and listeners whose lives and musical horizons have been enriched and expanded by your unique contributions. "

J.A.T. Publishing © August 28, 1971

This great honor has only been bestowed four times in the past by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) and previous winners (before Elvis) have been Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Irving Berlin. The award is titled "The Bing Crosby Award, " and William Cole, a national officer of NARAS also made the presentation with Chris. Bing was on a vacation in Scotland and otherwise would have made the presentation to Elvis himself.

The award is given to those artists who have made outstanding creative/artistic contributions of long-lasting duration in the field of phonograph recordings. The National Board of Trustees of NARAS votes on the recipient of the award. NARAS is well known for its Grammy-Awards (televised each year). 

Elvis was deeply moved and greatly pleased by the award and the great meaning and significance it carried. He will hang the plaque among his other awards and statues in the den at Graceland. Meanwhile, after his engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton International has been completed, he'll fly back to Beverly Hills for a few days; then will return to Graceland in Memphis for the holidays. 

He surprised Priscilla with a brand new $11, 000 de'Tomaso Pantera, a gorgeous deluxe Ford­powered Italian sports can, although he gave her a Tan Mercedes last Christmas. Now she has two beautiful cars. 

Strictly Elvis © August 28, 1971

Priscilla has been busy taking lessons in Spanish to add to the other two languages, French and German, that she already knows. Guess what! At Elvis' urging, she's also been taking classes in Karate in West Los Angeles from one of Elvis' former instructors. 

And Elvis surprised his right-hand man, Joe Esposito and Joe's wife, Joanie, with a beautiful new $70, 000 home in Cheviot Hills, a section near 20th Century Fox Studios. Joe previously occupied an apartment near Beverly Glen Blvd. in West Los Angeles. 

Christmas-giving comes early as far as Elvis is concerned. His generosity lasts all year !