(Blast from the past - Strictly Elvis )


The Unconquered King

by Louise McCurley

Strictly Elvis  No. 67 ( November 1973)

Sixteen years ago I began a dream of meeting Elvis Presley, hardly daring to believe it would come true. Yet, on Friday, June 29, 1 realized my dream had become reality as I stood beside Elvis Presley, the unconquered king. 

How did it happen? Remembering back, I'm not sure... but it started when I saw Elvis perform in person for the first time in Macon, Georgia on April 15, 1972. The concert fanned a fire kindled those 16 years ago and I knew I had to do something. So I organized the " Can't Get Enough of King Elvis " Fan Club. I wrote Elvis and Col. Parker numerous letters, telling them of the club and asking them to come to Atlanta. 

When I was advised of the Atlanta booking I was ecstatic. I called Mr. Sam Wallace, with RCA, who has helped me in the club, to ask him if he thought it possible for me to meet Elvis when he came. He just said, " We'll see. " 

I became apprehensive, frightened, nervous and even hopeful. Elvis had such tremendous response to the first two shows that three additional performances were booked. I obtained tickets for all five shows and sat back to wait. I knew the first show, June 21, would be a hurry-up affair for Elvis as he was booked in other cities the previous and following days... so I did not hope for too much that night.   

Ed Bonja / J.A.T. Publishing Elvis and Louise McCurley

Then on Friday night, June 29th, I was introduced to Col. Parker before the show. With a twinkle in his eye, he told me to come to him during intermission and I would be taken back to meet Elvis. I returned to my seat trembling. My fantasy was becoming a reality. 

When intermission was announced, I quietly slipped out of my seat and was escorted backstage. When I entered the room where Elvis was waiting, I knew what it felt like when Cinderella went to the fancy ball. There was Elvis, resplendent in a white suit with gold jewels and spangles. For this moment I had waited 16 years. Here was the unconquered king. 

Elvis presented me with a huge hound dog, a scarf and two kisses, laughingly explaining how he could not go on stage with lipstick. Much too soon it was time for him to go on stage and I floated back to my seat to watch his great performance. 

I will never forget this meeting with Elvis, who was polite and gentle and more handsome than any Prince Charming. He is truly, and beyond a doubt, the unconquered king.