1960's 7"'s from Peru

When it comes to collecting Elvis' 60's 45RPM records, Perú is a very interesting country. First, it is the ONLY country in the world that made ALL their picture covers using their own artwork! Secondly, 45RPM singles were far more popular than EP's. So much so, that only KID GALAHAD was released as an Extended-Play record. But, it was split between a 4-track EP and a 45RPM single!

Another ultra-rare EP is the various artists one issued to promote Elvis, Neil Sedaka, Little Peggy March and Sylvie Vartan. Elvis' song is "Return To Sender".

In the 60's, RCA Victor/Perú issued all their records through FTA (Fabricantes Técnicos Asociados) (Associated Manufacturers).

Thus, correct catalogue number is FTA EP-4.
Basically, FTA designed two different kinds of picture sleeves:
a) Using their own layout and artwork.
b) Designing picture sleeves using pictures taken from movie pressbooks.

These picture sleeves were manufactured with a very thin paper, so it's VERY hard to get them in near mint condition nowadays. However, its worth the try! They are beee-oooo-teeeh-fooooohl!!!
Check these out!

It was natural to label both VIVA LAS VEGAS singles as "Climb" songs (see above).
However, they seemed to like the Climb so much, that when Roustabout b/w Hard Knocks (FTA-390) 45RPM single was released, both songs were also designated as Climb songs!
The practice of using motion picture pressbooks' photos to produce these wonderful covers continued up to (and including) Spinout b/w All That I Am (RCA-637).

This has been a quick look at the most interesting Peruvian 60's singles. As previously stated, these releases are very hard to find. But the real "holly grail" from Perú are their WHITE LABEL PROMOTIONAL singles. Most of them were very "amateurishly" produced stamping RCA Victor seals over them!

They were pressed in very small quantities and sent to radio stations in a special promotional sleeve:

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the Peruvian Andes!
Rock on!
Carlos R. Ares