Elvis’ discharge from the army was long awaited in South-America as well as in the rest of the world. His first post-Army album was released in many South-American countries in 1960. All of these Lp’s have differences to U.S.A.’s counterpart.


Argentina issued the album as VOLVIO ELVIS! (Spanish translation to “Elvis Is Back!”)



Backcover features the KING CREOLE bonus photo and text in Spanish. Four different pressings have surfaced so far. You can spot them by looking at the eighteen Lp’s depicted on back. The reaction to this Lp was so big that a special 78RPM/45RPM single was released with the most popular sides: FIEBRE (Fever) b/w HAZMELO CONOCER (Make Me Know It). Please, see ELVIS, SOUTH-AMERICAN STYLE book, pages 38/39.

Also, a 4-track Extended-Play Album (AVE-357/VOLVIO ELVIS!) using the same tracklisting as UK EP was released:


Uruguay used the same cover featuring different Lp’s on backcover. They also released a single and an EP.



As Brazil used US cover, they included a special inner sleeve to justify “Extra Elvis Photos Inside” title:



The inner sleeve was made out of very thin paper and is very hard to get in a “decent” condition. A special “Elvis Voltou” (Elvis Is Back) poster was printed for Brazilian record stores. This is even harder to get than the inner sleeve!









Chile also used US cover omitting the “Extra Elvis Photos Inside”. Backcover has text in Spanish only and it’s completely different to anywhere else:




Columbia was another South-American country to issue this album. They used “ELVIS HA VUELTO” (Elvis has returned) as title! Oddly enough, they changed the color to “Ha Vuelto” but forgot to do it on the exclamation mark!!! Thus, two different shades of yellow appear on cover!!! Two different catalogue numbers are featured on cover: LPM-2231 and LPVC-232. On backcover, they used some of the inside pannels army photos of the US release plus ads for other Elvis previously released Columbian albums:


Being this MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ELVIS ALBUM, and for you Elvis CD collectors, here goes 1997 Argentina’s ELVIS IS BACK CD release:



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Carlos R. Ares