By 1961, Elvis was so popular in Chile that when RCA Victor decided to issue LPM/LSP-2370: ALGO PARA TODOS (Something For Everybody), they did not wait to have its artwork ready to release it. A move they had already made with the following Chilean Lp’s: LOC-1035: FELICES NAVIDADES LES DESEA ELVIS PRESLEY (Elvis’ Christmas Album); LPM-2011: UNA CITA CON ELVIS (A Date With Elvis) and LPM-2256: CAFE EUROPA (G.I. Blues). All of these issues are VERY SCARCE!


This ultra-rare first pressing was in Chilean record stores for a few weeks only. Backcover depicts ads for Classical music Lp’s!!! No Elvis pics anywhere...




When final artwork was ready, they simply withdrew existing copies in record stores and replaced them not only with the regular MONO pressing. Chile has the distinction to issue Elvis’ FIRST South-American LIVING STEREO Lp. As you can see in the next picture, backcover is also different, with text and titles in Spanish.





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