Dear Elvis collectors;
I am very honored to be part of the FOR ELVIS CD COLLECTORS ONLY team! And it's a pleasure to be able to talk about what I love the most: vinyl records. Knowing there are so many of you hardcore collectors, I will concentrate on rare South-American pressings.

So, let's get things started with this baby! LPM-1884/MELODIA SINIESTRA (King Creole) Argentinean PROMOTIONAL ONLY Lp.

Even the regular release is quite different to its American counterpart. As you can see above, Elvis' picture is reversed showing right profile as in EPA-4319/KING CREOLE, VOL. 1 US EP. Colors are much brighter and title/text in Spanish. Also, there is BAILABLE (Suitable For Dancing) (!?) legend at top right. There are two commercial pressings: a) Black label, silver letters and b) Black label, dog on top.

What you are about to see is the promotional only WHITE LABEL pressing. As of today, this is the ONLY copy I have ever seen. I had access to BMG/Argentina vaults while doing the research for my íVIVA ELVIS! - The Ultimate Discography And Price Guide From Argentina and ELVIS, SOUTH-AMERICAN STYLE books. And this pressing is not even listed! However, I did find at BMG/Argentina files other factory sheets showing white label pressings such as LPM-2523/POT LUCK CON ELVIS (Pot Luck), where only 58 (fifty eight) white label copies were pressed. Please see íVIVA ELVIS!, page 85. So I assume this is probably the same with this pressing. Please, take a look at this gorgeous label:

I am also including part of the original label copy.

Hope you like this first approach! Questions and suggestions are VERY WELCOMED! There'll be plenty of rare items coming very soon...

Rock On!
Carlos R. Ares