Elvis by the Presleys - The all time family favorites

BMG/Asia 74321-83943-2

This promo is a rare piece. The front has a very cool looking photo, also there is a praise: "Special Radio DJ Edition- Promotional Sampler - Not for sale". The backside of the booklet has 2 photos from Elvis and Lisa Marie. The backside has the tracklisting, some photos from "By the Presleys",the logo from SONY/BMG the old RCA logo and the praise: "for promotion in Hong Kong and Taiwan". This CD is even harder to get then the other CD.

Tracklisting: 1.How great thou art 2.Joshua fit the battle 3.Known only to him 4.Never ending 5.Crying in the chapel 6.Wooden heart 7.Can't help falling in love 8.We call on him 9.Blue Christmas 10.Don't cry daddy 11.Always on my mind 12.Only believe 13.The impossible dream 14.O come all ye faithful.

Elvis 70th Anniversary Promotional Sampler

BMG/Asia 74321-83813-1

This rare looking promo is to promote the 70th birthday of our King. The front has a nice looking shot, the back of the booklet has 4 small picture from the CD's where the songs been taken from. On the backcover are the same 4 pictures together with the track listing. Also the logo from SONY/BMG and the old RCA logo. At the lower left there is the praise: "for promotion in Hong Kong and Taiwan".This CD is very RARE and hard to get!!!!

Tracklisting: 1.For the good times 2.Can't help falling in love 3.Blueberry hill 4.I need you so 5.Money honey 6.I'm counting on you 7.Rip it up 8.When my blue moon turns to gold again.

This cover is the alternate cover for this CD, this one never made it, only a view have been made, extremely RARE!!


Contents: Heartbreak Hotel; Blues Suede Shoes; Hound Dog; Don't Be Cruel; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear; Jailhouse Rock; Stuck On You; It's Now Or Never; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Can't Help Falling In Love; Suspicious Minds; The Wonder Of You; Always On My Mind.
Issued in 2001 by BMG Taiwan to promote the "The 50 Greatest Hits" 2 CD set.
Sound quality: Remastered from original master tapes.
Total running time: 40:19

This 15 track promotional package is a collector's dream-come-true. The entire contents of this promotional package are housed in a 7" red cardboard sleeve. The front of the sleeve depicts a 1956 silhouette of Elvis with a guitar and holding a microphone. At the bottom of the front sleeve, it states: "Before Elvis, there was nothing - John Lennon". On the back of the cardboard sleeve, the title of this release is printed as well as the following phrase: "CD Sampler - Promotional Use Only, Not For Sale". This warning is highlighted in yellow. The rear sleeve also lists the 15 tracks contained on this release along with the recording data in Chinese print. The BMG logo is also printed along with some Chinese print. The spine of the sleeve also contains the title of the release as well as the warning: "CD Sampler - Promotional Use Only, Not For Sale". Inside the sleeve, a 6 page foldout leaflet is included. The front page of the insert is identical to the front cover of the commercial 2 CD set release - "The 50 Greatest Hits". The second page lists the 15 tracks contained on the CD along with the before mentioned warning. It also contains some highlights from Elvis' career written in Chinese. The third page contains a full color Chinese advertisement for the commercial release of the 2 CD set - "The 50 Greatest Hits". The back 3 pages contain an introduction to the Elvis Presley phenomenon written in Chinese. This introduction contains 2 black and white pictures of Elvis from 1968 and 1970. The disc itself is attached to a full color double- sided replica of a 7" 45RPM single. In addition, the CD is made to look like a 45RPM single as well. The red label used on the CD is the same as the labels used on the replica single. At the top of the label, there is the BMG logo. On the right side of the label it states: "Side A - 45 RPM / Stereo". On the left side of the label it states: "Promotional Use Only. Not For Sale". At the bottom of the label it states: "King Of Rock & Roll - Elvis Presley - The 50 Greatest Hits - CD Sampler". This is truly a one of a kind release and a first 100% Elvis promo from Asia. If you have a chance to get this release, get it without even thinking about it.