Polish CD releases

by M.Pathuis


Released by Selles

These 5 cds, come each in there own jewelcase, and together in a cardboard sleeve. There is no booklet or something else, each jewelcase has a 2 sided-front cover with 1 picture at the front and the tracklisting at the inner which can also be found on the backcover. There are a total of 100 tracks and 1 interview taken from "Elvis Sails".Here is the tracklisting of each CD: CD 1- Heartbreak hotel - I was the one - I want you I need you I love you - Don't be cruel - Hound dog - Love me tender - Anyway you want me - Too much - Playing for keeps - All shook up - That's when your heartaches begin - Loving you - Teddy bear - Jailhouse rock - Treat me nice - I beg of you - Don't - Wear my ring around your neck - Hard headed woman - I got stung, CD 2- A fool such as I - A big hunk O'love - Stuck on you - A mess of blues - It's now or never - I gotta know - Are you lonesome tonight - Surrender - I feel so bad - Little sister - Can't help falling in love - Rock-A-Hula baby - Anything that's part of you - Good luck charm - Shes not you - Return to sender - Where do you come from - One broken heart for sale - Devil in disquise - Bossa nova baby CD 3- Kissin cousins - Viva las vegas - Ain't that loving you baby - Wooden heart - Crying in the chapel - If I can dream - In the ghetto - Suspicious minds - Don't cry daddy - Kentucky rain - Puppet on a string - Witchcraft - Trouble - Poor boy - I want to be free - Dontcha think its time - Young dreams - The next step is love - You don't have to say you love me - Paralyzed CD 4- My wish came true - When my blue moon turns to gold again - Lonesome cowboy - My baby left me - It hurts me - I need your love tonight - Tell me why - Please dont drag that string around - Young and beautiful - Hot dog - New Orleans - We're gonna move - Crawfish - King creole - I believe in the man in the sky - Dixieland rock - The wonder of you - They remind me to much of you - Mean woman blues - Lonely man CD 5- Any day now - Don't ask me now - His latest flame - I really dont want to know - Baby I dont care - I've lost you - Let me - Love me - Got a lot o'livin to do - Fame and fortune - Rip it up - There goes my everything - Lover doll - One night - Just tell her Jim said hello - Ask me - Patch it up - As long as I have you - You'll think of me - Wild in the country - Excerpts from "Elvis Sails".


Released by Magazyn Silesia - 2000

This CD comes in a jewelcase with a 2 sided booklet, with at the back the tracklisting. Backcover also has the tracklisting. Here it is: 1.Always on my mind 2.Love me tender 3.Love me 4.Susipicious minds 5.Can't help falling in love 6.Fever 7.Love letters 8.It's now or never 9.The girl of my best friend 10.Are you lonesome tonight 11.Surrender 12.She's not you 13.Suspicion 14.Help me make it through the night 15.Kentucky rain 16.Let it be me 17.You dont have to say you love me 18.Bridge over troubled water (on the backcover it says "watek").


Produced for cd by Selles Records - 1998

Remastered at Artvox mastering studio

Great looking cd from the famous Selles magazines. This cd has a nice looking picture from Elvis at the frontcover, also the inner and backside have some nice looking photos. At the inner of the booklet is only the tracklisting, what is also behind the cd and at the backcover. The CD itself is a nice picture-CD with a shot from Elvis in his golden suite. Here is the tracklisting: 1.Tutti frutti 2.Money honey 3.So glad youre mine 4.Lawdy miss clawdy 5.Dont be cruel 6.Love me 7.Ready teddy 8.Long tall sally 9.All shook up 10.One night 11.Baby I dont care 12.Your cheatin heart 13.Wear my ring around your neck 14.I need you love tonight 15.A fool such as I.


Produced for cd by Selles Records - 1998

Remastered at Artvox mastering studio

This great looking CD comes in a jewelcase with a 4 page booklet, inside of it is a photo from Elvis singing Teddy bear from the movie Loving You. Backside of the booklet has also a photo from Elvis and the tracklisting at the left. Behind the CD is a shot from a very young Elvis. Backcover has the same picture as the backside from the booklet and also contains the tracklisting. Here is the tracklisting: 1.I forgot to remember to forget 2.I'm gonna sit right down and cry 3.Paralyzed 4.Let me 5.Have I told you lately that I love you 6.When m y blue moon turns to gold again 7.Judy 8.Your cheatin heart 9.Just call me lonesome 10.I'm comin' home 11.It keeps right on a hurtin' 12.Little cabin on the hill 13.It ain't no big thing but it is growing 14.The fool 15.From a jack to a king.


Produced for cd by Selles Records - 1998

Remastered at Artvox mastering studio

This good looking 2 cdset comes in a jewelcase with a 2 sided booklet, at the front a nice shot from the 68 comeback and at the back the tracklisting from CD 1. Behind the 2 cds you will find the tracklisting from CD 2, and at the backcover a great shot from 68 comeback. CD 2 contains live tracks from June 27 - 29, 1968 from the NBC television studios in Burbank California. Tracklisting for CD 1: 1.Blue suede shoes 2.Got a lot o'livin to do 3.Love me 4.Don't be cruel 5.Baby I don't care 6.Tryin' to get to you 7.Treat me nice 8.One night 9.Hard headed woman 10.It's now or never 11.Return to sender 12.Please don't drag that string around 13.Kiss me quick 14.She's not you 15.Too much monkey business 16.Easy question 17.Western Union 18.Good luck charm 19.Tell me why 20.One sided love affair. Tracklisting for CD 2: 1.Love me 2.Trying to get to you 3.Are you lonesome tonight 4.Lawdy miss clawdy 5.Medley: baby what you want me to do, dialogue, heartbreak hotel, hound dog, all shook up, can't help falling in love, jailhouse rock, dialogue, love me tender 6.Trouble/Guitar man 7.Dialogue, where could I go but to the Lord, up above my head, saved 8.Dialogue, blue christmas, dialogue, one night 9.Memories 10.Medley: nothingville, dialogue, big boss man, guitar man, little egypt, trouble, guitar man 11.If I can dream 12.Tiger man.


Produced by Factory records

Weird cd from Elvis in a jewelcase with no extra information, it has a 2 sided booklet, front and backcover contain both the same picture. Backcover contains the tracklisting, here it is: 1.Jailhouse rock 2.Don't be cruel 3.Trouble 4.Too much 5.Hound dog 6.Don't leave me now 7.All shook up 8.Blue suede shoes (from the G.I. Blues CD) 9.Shake rattle and roll 10.Good rockin' tonight 11.Tuttu frutti 12.Blueberry hill 13.Lover doll 14.I feel so bad 15.Such a night 16.I'm comin' home 17.Little sister 18.King of the whole wide world 19.One broken heart for sale 20.Good luck charm.


Released by Magazyn Silesia - 1998

This CD comes in a jewelcase with a 2 sided booklet, with at the back the tracklisting. Backcover also has the tracklisting. Here it is: 1.Jailhouse rock 2.Blue suede shoes 3.Hound dog 4.Too much 5.All shook up 6.Heartbreak hotel 7.Good rockin' tonight 8.Got a lot o'livin' to do 9.Party 10.Rip it up 11.One sided love affair 12.Mystery train 13.Baby I don't care 14.Teddy bear 15.Don't be cruel 16.Paralyzed 17.My baby left me 18.Hard headed woman 19.King creole 20.His latest flame 21.Treat me nice 22.Rock - a - hula - baby 23.I need your love tonight 24.Thats all right mamma 25.A big hunk o love 26.Aint that loving you baby 27.Wear my ring around you neck 28.Little sister 29.Stuck on you 30.Memphis tennessee.


Produced by Club Eve

All tracks digitally re - mastered - 1998

2 cd-set from Elvis in a jewelcase that is stocked in a slipcase, it has a 4 sided booklet with no photos, at the inner you will find a short lifestory from Elvis written by a guy called Pierre Richard. The back of the booklet, jewelcase and slipcase contain the tracklisting. CD 1 contains the tracks from Golden records Vol. 1 & 2, CD 2 contains the tracks from Golden records Vol. 3 & 4. Here it is: CD 1: 1.Hound dog 2.Heartbreak hotel 3.Jailhouse rock 4.Blue suede shoes 5.Loving you 6.All shook up 7.Love me 8.Too much 9.Don't be cruel 10.That's when your heartaches begin 11.Teddy bear 12.Love me tender 13.Treat me nice 14. Anyway you want me 15.I want you, I need you, I love you 16.My baby left me 17.I was the one 18.That's all right mamma 19.Baby let's play house 20.Mystery train 21.A big hunk O'love 22.My wish came true 23.A fool such as I 24.I need your love tonight 25.Don't 26.I beg of you 27.Party 28.Paralyzed 29.I got stung 30.King creole CD 2: 1.It's now or never 2.Stuck on you 3.Fame and fortune 4.I gotta know 5.Surrender 6.I feel so bad 7.Are you lonesome tonight 8.His latest flame 9.Little sister 10.Good luck charm 11.Anything that's part of you 12.She's not you 13.Wild in the country 14.Wooden heart 15.The girl of my best friend 16.Follow that dream 17.King of the whole wide world 18.Can't help falling in love 19.Return to sender 20.Rock - a hula - baby 21.Love letters 22.Bossa nova baby 23.Witchcraft 24.Kissin cousins 25. It hurts me 26.Viva las vegas 27.What'd I say 28.Please don't drag that string around 29.Indescribably blue 30.You're the devil in disquise