Intimate & Rare.....My Home Movies of Elvis

Here's a quick review of a Video that was produced back in 1988 that has now become available in the VCD format.

The VCD has a New Title called "ELVIS"....Intimate & Rare.....My Home Movies of Elvis - Joe Esposito, which is the same title that Joe used for his photo book which he did with Darwin Lamn a number of years ago. The Video was basically just called Joe Esposito - My Home Movies of Elvis and with no cover that I know of.

To my surprise the VCD is in a little better quality than the Video that I have owned since 94' or 95'.

Content of the VCD or the Video is identical as far as I can see, and what that content is of course is what the titles say Joe Esposito's Home movies of Elvis !

Now some of this material we have seen over the years in bits and pieces on some of the video documentaries produced or supported by the Elvis Presley Estate, like Elvis' Greatest Performances series and a few TV specials along the way that I have seen over the years, But at the same time there are a few film clips I have not seen anywhere else other than on this Video or VCD.

For example a few sec's of the meeting Peter Noon of the Herman's Hermit's had with Elvis during the filming of Paradise Hawaiian Style, or seeing Elvis spending some time over at Colonel Parker's Home while Parker is Barbecuing at his Forida's Home my guess is 65' or 66' for this footage, another brief but interesting scene is Seeing Tom Jones with Elvis in Hawaii on a beach, my guess for this footage is around 1969.

It's hard to believe watching some of this footage that a still camera or a 8mm camera or even recording equipment of some type didn't come out during the Beatles visit with Elvis in 65'.

Come on Joe what happen????

Is this footage Essential? I think it is, it's a part of Elvis' life that we really never get to see too often and the general public really didn't get to see alot of what was on the original video until after 1988. I am personally not sure what happen, but I believe I heard that the Estate put a Stop to this rough cut video once they heard it was being done, so a lot of people really never did get to see some of this stuff that is on this Video or VCD, not even some of the Hard Core Elvis Fans I'm guessing.

It's a fun Video or VCD, 100% Elvis, what I mean by that is we hear Joe Esposito talk about the footage but we don't see him other than him being in some of the footage with Elvis, which is a little different from some of the Documentaries that have become available over the last few years, we see more of the person being interviewed than we do of Elvis. The insert for the VCD done well for what the producers are working with, the VCD running time is 43:20.

During that time we also get to see for example silent footage of Elvis Horse back Riding behind Graceland, Hawaii Holidays, Road trips which includes seeing Elvis driving a Bus and then having some fun play fighting with the boys during a bus break, Snowmobiling, some Outtakes are seen on the set during some of the Elvis movies like Easy Come Easy Go, Clambake, Stay Away Joe, and Live a little love A Little, get togethers with Family and friends.

By what we can see in this footage these were some fun times for Elvis and everyone that hung around during this time period. life coudn't have been better I'm sure !

Do I think there is more of this type of Footage in the archives that Joe Esposito film, YES ! Do I think we will ever get to see more, well, maybe.....we can only hope!

If you find this Video or VCD, you won't be disappointed, and now the bad news, as always I must point out I do not Trade or Sell any of this material that I review, however if you would like to ask any questions about the review or ask something about Elvis i would be more than happy to reply at the e-mail address

Elvis is Number One ! Keep him that way ! Happy Hunting !

By for now.