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From fans to fans

no label (Released 1998)

2001 theme
C.C. rider
I got a woman/ amen/ I got a woman
Love me
If you love me let me know
You gave me a mountain
Trying to get to you
O solo mio/ it's now or never
Little sister
Teddy bear/ don't be cruel
Help me
My way
Polk salad Annie
Band intro
Early morning rain
What'd I say
Johnny B. Goode
Hail hail rock and roll
Hound dog
Unchained melody
Little darlin'
Can't help falling in love
Closing vamp
(recorded live, April 24, 1977, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here we have an audience recording concert from the April 24, 1977, the only positive thing I can say is that it's nice to have "Help me" from the April tour, but for the rest it's a waist of money with all the great soundboard concerts that are available. This is only for the die-hard Elvis collectors (like me ;-)). The sound quality is average, and a big minus is that the CD contains only 1 track of 64 minutes. Only 500 copies were pressed, that's 490 copies too many.

Sound rate ** -