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"Charro" maybe another version in studio vaults...

Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:22 pm

The movie "Charro" was one of the few movies in Elvis'
career which I felt could have done something for Elvis'
in a positive way....

But failed to do so for many reasons.....

Here we had a movie finally where there
was no singing and Elvis appeared ready for
the part with a totally different look....
Elvis was made up to have that sort of
Clint Eastwood look that was still some
what popular at the time.....

The other actors looked however like they were all rejects
from a Gunsmoke TV show with bad dialogue to boot......
in my opinion.
The actor who played Gunner was the only actor
who looked and sounded the part,
as it appeared to me he was also given the best dialogue
of the movie too....
The actress who played as Elvis'leading lady should
never have been cast in the role in my opinion,
not only did her acting suck,
but she also appeared to have no chemistry
with Elvis at all, nor was she all that great
looking in my opinion.....
Anyway what's done is done I guess......

There does appear tho that another version
was filmed for some reason, looking at some of these pictures.
Could the first version have been a little better was
the dialogue a little more adult as rumoured?

For the producers to go out of their way to film Elvis
all over again just because they felt he looked better
with a vest on makes no sense....

Unless of course all the pictures without the vest were
just the rehearsals and no filming was done....
A few scenes from the movie were cut as well,
that we know of for example this boob scene
at the beginning of the movie.....
The bath scene......
Maybe Tunzi might have a few answers in his forth coming book
Elvis Presley as The One Called Charro...
PEP 8)

Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:44 pm

IMDb trivia: It's rumored that there was some alternate, violent scenes, that were deleted from the final edit.


Outstanding review, excellent observations.

Wasn't the role offered to Clint Eastwood first?

In my opinion Elvis is believable as Jesse Wade. This film was a step in the right direction. I wouldn't mind an alternate version, as long as he doesn't break into a song in every other scene, though I must say I really like "Let's Forget About The Stars", which was not filmed.

Tue Feb 21, 2006 6:09 pm

I like this movie. One of Elvis' better ones. How about a special edition DVD with both versions, if they excist?

Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:03 pm

Another topic about "Charro" here... excellent review by likethebike: ... hp?t=20403

Bath Scene

Wed Feb 22, 2006 12:12 am

The Bath scene (as shown in your pics) WAS in the film, atleast it's in the version shown on the BBC?

Interesting to see those costume variations - Isn't Mr Tunzi doing a Charro book next?

Wed Feb 22, 2006 12:30 am

Great pics thanks

Wed Feb 22, 2006 4:13 am

Hav-A-Tampa wrote:Another topic about "Charro" here... excellent review by likethebike: ... hp?t=20403

Thanks Hav-A-Tampa for the link to the original thread,
I personally wasn't aware of this thread when
I posted or I would have just added the information
to the original postings.....

I was surprised, an obviously not off the mark when
I felt "Charro" had that Gunsmoke feel to it.....

Now it makes all the sense in the world, since it
was the same director.

Chosing him as the director was obviously
the wrong way to go for this movie, his choice or
rather the people around him obviously
didn't have the skills to pick a better cast or
direct the movie in the right direction to go
beyond the TV feel......

Really a shame....... :evil: As it could have been so much better.

PEP 8)

Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:45 am

Shaky, when did the BBC screen it?