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Well I am all set for Elvis Week!

Thu May 29, 2003 9:48 pm

Anyone else going? i really wish we could get as many guys and gals on here together for dinner one night. anyone interested in this, send me an email.. ill arrange it.

Thu May 29, 2003 9:57 pm

Great man!!!!! Have a great time. WHere do you stay when you go for Elvis week? They are having a party at the Autobon house that weekend if you are interested in going. You can see all the details at if you are interested...........

Fri May 30, 2003 8:04 pm

I'll be in Memphis this August. From the 9th to the 16th.
I will be staying at the Homestead Studio Suites hotel (on Corporate Ave E - near Airways Blvd.) Since I'll be staying for a week, I will be getting a discount on my hotel stay. (I plan to check out of my room on the 16th, go to the events, and then head out of town and stay overnight somewhere on the way home).

Tom (from Ohio)

Fri May 30, 2003 9:41 pm

Well, since I have wanted to go to Graceland since I was a teenager, I too have decided to finally make the pilgrimage. My wife and I are finally getting to go, yippie!!!! However, I have a 1 year old baby going along too, she will be 1-1/2 by then. We are not making it for Elvis week, I wish tho. I have reservations at the "Heartbreak Hotel" for this coming September. We are only staying 2-3 days and nights then headin' back home. I figure what the heck, I only live once and I know that we will probably blow too much cash on an overpriced hotel and food and most likely buy a ton of souvineer stuff we really don't need but enjoy ourselves while we are at it! :lol: