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Rules of this Subforum

Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:22 am

1st rule: 1 album/cd/dvd/boot/ = 1 thread
2nd rule: every thread begins with a description of the release: cover art, track list, recording info
3rd rule: every answer to that thread centers on music, chart success, sales, and sound. No discussions about Elvis weight, no personal insults, etc

Note: Please make a report if these rules are not followed to the letter(in this case post)
Any member who is reported on or not found following these rules, especially in the insult department, will be suspended from the forum for 7 days on 1st offence,
2nd offence 1 month, 3rd offence banned from the forum altogether (changing one's ISP will Not save you either/once you enter the banned zone you are banned !).
Please make a report on any changes or updates that are needed to ensure this forum is run smoothly.
ZERO TOLERANCE is on high alert for any infraction against any member / every member is expected to obey the rules to a tee and to be on their best behaviour .