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Hope For The Classic?

Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:54 am

I have the latest Ipod Classic, first released in late 2009. I got mine several years later, updating a 2006 model.

It's still active product, and I see it around often. Especially with people who play music or DJ. There is a definite market for it, so much so that some people have bought spares just in case.

I see no reason not to update it. Just a few little things.

1. Larger *solid state* hard drive, with slots for micro SD cards. This would make it impossible for any other company to compete with capacity.

2. Direct download to device.

3. Apple lossless download support.

4. Make available highest quality compressed files. 320 kbps, no variable bit rate.

5. WiFi download and sync. As an option to the USB sync.

6. Lightning charger support, to adapt to all other peripherals.

7. Touch interface, with perhaps a small virtual click wheel to let you know it's the Classic. Something to clearly distinguish it, on sight, from the Touch.

8. Ultra-thin.

8. Microphone capability, but no phone or camera. This is an audio device. Make it the best.

9. Easy Cloud support.

Reasonable? This was the device that started it all. Some props!


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