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Olivia Newton John - Don't Throw it All Away

Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:55 pm

Here's an interesting song (albeit overdubbed) I thought was worth posting here :mrgreen:

What follows is a copy and pasted job from me regarding the YT uploader comments, whose obviously a dedicated musician with a good ear-

This song should have been on the radio! My first intention was to kind-of-restore the best digital recording I had on a CD but I soon realized that even maxed out with a limiter/compressor/expander it did not have the full sound it deserved. That was going to require some careful mixing of extra acoustic guitar tracks to the original recording.
It had to be original and sound like it actually belonged there so I had to play it back and forth at least 50 times till I got the correct combination of rhythm patterns that would fit the song. I envisioned it to have a sort of "EXPLOSIVE" sound. That is why I laced it with two-12 string guitars. One thing I did not want to do was just add a simple rhythm guitar part but rather a complicated and artistic rhythm that caused the two 12 string guitars to bound off each other on the left and right channels. Also I wanted the rhythm guitar to be a combination of rhythm off-strokes and combination lead picking. I even dropped in an extra bass note on the word "seems" so it would sound like a bass bomb. I didn't have a bass guitar so I used a 12 string acoustic plugged into a pre-amp tape deck mixer and tuned the low E note down as it went on the multitrack main frame. It really does depend on your musical perception. I understand this era of music very well as I have grown up listening to thousands of hours of these classic tracks.

I notice that the playback on Youtube is not near as good as on the original wave file.
I'm glad to see that this song has been getting some decent hits since I posted it.
You got to put yourself in a state-of-mind to do this kind of work. Very glad I can share these with the fans. This was a very special time in music history and I remember it well. Olivia is 7 years older than me so I probably couldn't have enhanced these songs back then like I do now. It took decades of musical experience before I got the nerve to do it. One day while listening to the originals it just hit me that some of her songs do not have "Full Sound" for the guitar tracks (for whatever reason) the studio didn't provide it. So I tried doing it myself as an experiment to see if I could make the audio quality sound better. It's sort of like expanding the bandwidth of high fidelity of these old analog recordings and bringing them up to a more enjoyable listening experience. I especially like listening to these enhanced recording with my Sony MDR-NC7 headphones.

Re: Olivia Newton John - Don't Throw it All Away

Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:45 pm

The song was originally recorded by The Shadows, and was one of the six songs which were played on the Lulu Show on TV in 1975, and which the public then voted for to see which one would go through as the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.