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using adobe audition cs 6

Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:45 am

How do you make a good stereo mix from a mono recording it's been done by people on here what do i do to make it work without it sounding rechanneled?
Also splicing incomplete takes together to make one good complete one?

Re: using adobe audition cs 6

Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:28 am

It's both a "trade secret" as well as an art. In other words, there is a "formula" for doing it, and there are people who do it for profit. You bring them an old mono concert, and they'll "stereo-ize" it for a fee: one record at a time. They advertise on YouTube.

But those often sound sterile to me, compared to the work of our own member MSpock, who makes the freshest, liveliest stereo mixes you could ever imagine.

I don't know the formula: people do this for either love or money, and it's their thing. I suppose once you understand engineering well enough, and the audio program that you wish to use, you'll figure out the formula. (Audition is more complex than some others, but it came with the CS6 Suite I have, so I may play around with it, to do some fun things.) But even if you know how to do it "technically," there is an art to it. They don't all sound the same.

I have done "splicing" to an extent, with Gold Wave. There are some projects which are very easy, and others, which are very, very, hard. The program will weave two "trims" together, but you have to really do it right, and that's the hard part.