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Elvis references on shows

Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:07 am

Melrose Place :

-nurse Benson (played by Cilla)
-Jane has EWH in her book shelf
-"Here comes Santa Claus" is heard in a x-mas episode

Superman L & C :

-DP editor , Perry White is a HUGE fan , the others thinks hes a little obsessed lol (the actor Lane Smith was from Memphis)

Perfect Strangers :

-episode "King and I" (Balki is hypnotized to think hes E)

Balki : "Is E really dead ?"
Ghost : "What is it with you humans and that guy ?!"

Balki : "Mary Anne , Ive got sad news : E is dead !"

Rederiet (Swedish drama show set on a Stockholm-Abo cruise boat) :

-Uno enters a contest on the radio and the price is the 50s gold jacket that E wore (the suit was made in 86 no less.....authentic for sure)....he also sings JR , he he.

-sleazy biz tycoon Pehr Silver buys it from Uno for 50k krones ;)

-captain Karin Bergstrom has a white E bust in her cabin