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Love Me Tender, Dodgy Script

Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:24 pm

The thing that has always puzzled me for years whenever I've been watching Elvis first motion picture 'Love Me Tender' is the scene where after Elvis brothers played by Richard Egan (Vance Reno), William Campbell (Brett) and James Drury (Ray) escape the train with some help from Neville Brand (MIke) and his two partners. Clearly you can see and hear Vance saying to Brett and Ray, 'Get it and their Guns' (around 59 mins into the movie). But later on, Neville Brand (Mike) somehow produces another weapon that was supposedly confiscated ! Can anyone else explain that ?

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This scene where hey presto, Mike draws out a gun. You got to wonder why and how someone involved with the production of the movie did not notice the script/storyline errror-

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