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Pinnacle Studio Plus - for all your editing nightmares

Sat Dec 03, 2005 12:47 pm

I'm not sure if this is the right board to use, but I wanted to warn people against buying Pinnacle Studio Plus version 9. I recently decided to spend more money than I have on upgrading my computer and buying editing software for my home movies and for various Elvis projects I would like to do. I chose Pinnacle Studio Plus version 9 because it has the picture-in-picture function. That's when the nightmares and frustrations began.

Where do I begin describing the problems...? I can only make a clip about 10 minutes long - anything longer freezes up the program and then it can't be opened. The program has a video clip stuck in its brain somehow, and it keeps replacing other clips with this one for no reason and without warning. Changes to video clip lengths and colour adjustments etc. that are supposed to increase in increments of 1 at a time suddenly start leaping around by huge amounts. At certain trouble spots along the timeline, effects like fades and wipes simply can't be added. The icons are there but the effects don't happen.

Despite these difficulties I've managed to edit together some really great stuff, but guess what? The program won't burn it to disc!! It freezes up and says "Out of memory...have to close...etc.." But it's not out of memory - I have 1.5 GB of RAM which is 4 times the amount needed.

If anyone has any advice for me that would be nice, but basically I wanted to warn anyone thinking to buy this program....DON'T!!! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Sun Dec 04, 2005 2:25 am

danny -

I have that video capturing/editing programme and very similar problems !

Sometimes it freezes immediately after opening !

Other times it works quite well for a while, then plays up.

Trouble is, when it's working, it's great !

Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:35 am

The 2 star rating (out of 5) on Amazon based on 62 reviewers is a good indicator of a box o' crap.

Is there a warranty on the box? You could repeatedly complain to Pinnacle until they get sick of you and offer a refund.


Sun Dec 04, 2005 2:53 pm

I thought Pinnacle offered a 30 day downloadable demo version ?

Avoid buying Uleads stuff as well until you've tested on one of their demo downloads. Some work some don't.

Also Windows XP has a ghastly habit of keeping back RAM on programs that were open and using it but it still seems to reserve it even when you've closed them.

You can have all the RAM you want in your PC but the recomendations always refer to the amount of "free RAM"

I normally run these kind of apps on a reboot and I close nearly everything running in the background before I open the software up. I do anything up to 6 pieces of footage in the picture in picture mode and it always needs every ounce of free resources.

Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:57 am

Thank you for the replies, folks. I appreciate it. Maybe I was too savage in my first posting, but really, it drives you crazy to have so many creative ideas, to try to wrangle the finance to purchase all the stuff necessary, only to have this kind of thing snatch it all away.

There was more I could say, like the symptoms Colin described. But to add something positive I can say that the Pinnacle website has a patch that you can download that does help - a bit. Actually it helped a lot for a day or so, and then things deteriorated again.

But my advice still stands. The program offers so much ability, but in the end delivers next to zilch.

Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:29 pm

The software I use was giving a little bit too much grief to my ageing PC's resources.

So i went and bought a new PC this last weekend.

A 3.2 Ghz CPU, 1 Gb of RAM and a Dual layer DVD Writer.

The software runs no better. :cry:

Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:28 pm

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