Chat talk and light discussion


Wed Sep 21, 2005 1:14 pm

email me. i'll get around to each request ASAP. at the moment, i only have good time charlies got the blues and you've lost that lovin feelin, but in time i'll record plenty more. i'll send you a wma sample and i promise you, you won't regret it. i sound like my self, but due to me wanting to be an E impersonator a long tiem ago, i still have some Elvis in me, but i still sound good

i ahve had a few requests to hear me sing, and so that is why i have put up this thread.

ah the wonderful world wide web 8)

Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:30 am funny as it sounds to have some Elvis in you...(rumour is there's a couple kids around with some Michael Jackson in them) I'd love to hear it. I used to think I had some Elvis in me...

Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:45 am

also, if any one wants to make requests for me to sing to them maybe their fave song or what ever else, i'd be more than happy. also, if anyone wants to hear my own songs i have written on guitar or something like that, i'd love you to email me.

Sat Sep 24, 2005 6:03 am

You did a good job elvisjnr!!!! :D

Sat Sep 24, 2005 10:33 am

thank you Marco, also for your kind comments on my other topic

Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:43 am

ok everyone i now have 17 songs in the catalogue. some of my best

down in the alley
good time charlies got the blues
indescribably blue
where no one stands alone
patch it up
promised land
if you talk in your sleep

keep those requests coming too

Sun Oct 02, 2005 7:25 pm

I was going to ask you to do a version of Hurt :P

Actually I really liked the way you sing You´ve Lost That Loving know each step of the song and this is something I do appreciate it....many impersonators don´t know this... :wink:

Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:28 am

i did try a version of hurt, but it knocked the sh*t out of me. i distort the mike with the first few notes too. its attrocious compared to my other recordings. my vocal range is probably up to danny boy and after that, i don't sound too good :lol:

BTW, like i said, i'm not going to be an impersonator any more, i have written my own songs and have a singing teacher, so you won't see me in no las vegas casinos 8) :lol: