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Army Photos - Lax and Presley

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And below is Lax and Presley during induction day.

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Jove wrote:Image

And below is Lax and Presley during induction day.

Both new to me thanks!

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I have never heard of Frank Lax, but it appears you pulled the photos from this page:

Maxxguard :: History

The story there about Lax, a remembrance, as he died in 2005, there is interesting. Why leave it out?

Frank Lax.jpg
In Loving Memory of
Franklin D. Lax, Sr.

March 19, 1937 until May 8, 2005

Mr. Franklin D. Lax, Sr. was committed to his country. In March 1958 he was sworn in with the most famous soldier of all time, Elvis Presley. From that point in 1958 they were in basic training together in Fort Hood, TX and both were stationed in Germany until 1960. Mr. Lax then continued service by serving in the Army National Guard as Military Police. Mr. Lax, Sr. and Elvis Presley kept in touch until Mr. Presley’s death in 1977.

Mr. Lax Sr. was also committed to his community. He served as a County Commissioner, a City Judge, was founder of the Tennessee Constables’ Association, was first elected in 1972 as a County Constable and continued to serve in this position until his death in May 2005. Mr. Lax, Sr. founded Maxxguard, Incorporated in 1979 and served on the Governor’s State Advisory Board for the Department of Commerce and Insurance, and the Security Guard Regulatory Advisory Board from 1988-1996. Mr. Lax was Chairman of the Security Committee at First Baptist Church and a Lifetime member of the Kiwanis Club. He also served in numerous committees throughout his lifetime.

A proclamation was declared, by Madison County Mayor Jerry Gist, that Monday September 19, 2005 would be Franklin D. Lax Sr. day for the tireless giving of his time and energies, in serving this community in numerous capacities.

He believed that he could serve his clients better if he were in control of his employees’ training so he became certified as a trainer in all aspects of the security guard business.

Other security companies outsourced their training needs, so not only did Mr. Lax train his own employees, but those of other companies as well.

In 2003 Franklin D. Lax, Jr. “Frankie” bought the company from his father and moved to President and CEO. Mr. Lax, Sr. moved to Chairman Emeritus and remained active with the company with his experience and wisdom until his death in 2005.

Frankie continued with his Dad’s philosophy that you and your employees benefit greatly from handling your own employee training program. By doing your own in-house training, you are able to develop relationships with your employees and at the same time evaluate their ability to perform to Maxxguard standards.

Maxxguard’s past and continued growth is due to the loyal customer base established through identifying, customizing and delivering the service clients need and fulfilling those needs those needs through a group of well trained men and women guards.

And around the same time, this news report was published:

Just buddies Frank Lax and Elvis Presley were fast friends, even after Army years
Pete Wickham, Jackson Sun News, Sunday, May 29, 2005

How many kids you know can tell this story? ... for Frankie Lax, the King of Rock 'n' Roll. and his memory. have been a part of his life since the day Frankie was born. Because until the day he died earlier this month, Lax's dad, Frank, was Elvis Presley's Army buddy.

Walk into the Maxxguard Security office that Frank Lax started, and Frankie now runs, and the memories are all over the walls. Signed pictures, framed gold records. The requisite playing cards, soft drink bottles and bric-a-brac that accompanied Elvis' ride through life like dust particles on the tail of a comet. Then Frankie goes to a curio cabinet and pulls out one of those white leather jump suit belts that were part of Elvis' ''The Vegas years.'' ''Dad always wanted one of those belts. Elvis found out, and had the guy who made them (Mike McGregor) make one for Dad,'' Frankie said, matter-of-fact.

Matter-of-fact. It's just how the two were. It began when the two were inducted into the service at Fort Chaffee, Ark., in 1958, then went through basic together at Fort Hood and did their two years in Germany. One of the pictures Lax has, obtained from a magazine photographer years ago, shows Lax and Elvis - wearing a semi-garish checked sport coat - holding their uniform duds before the requisite buzz cut and shots. ''Elvis offered to give Dad that coat, but he said no because it would've been too big for him,'' Frankie said. ''I think he regretted that (especially as the eBay era dawned)." And it was that way always, Lax said. Just buddies. ''I think what drew them together was they came from similar backgrounds (Lax growing up near Paris, Tenn., Presley from Tupelo, Miss.), they both had strong Christian convictions and idolized their mothers.

''But Dad just treated him like a buddy, because that's what he was. He never asked him for anything, and I think Elvis appreciated that,'' Frankie said. He goes into the story about Elvis needing a couple of shirts at the PX. ''He couldn't go - you can imagine what kind of scene that might cause. So he asked Dad. Gave him the money and Dad brought him the shirts and some change. Elvis told him to keep it and Dad said, 'No I don't want the money. I would have done it for any of these guys.' Elvis really appreciated that.''

Presley had the chance to repay the favor one night in a club in Germany. ''They were out with a group of guys, and Dad ordered a soft drink. When he was 13, Dad had promised his mother on her deathbed that he would never touch alcohol. 'Well, Elvis and a few other guys had drinks, and Dad ordered a soft drink. The other Army guys were teasing about how he wouldn't drink - and eventually they got into a brawl over it.'' That is, until Presley stopped it by saying, ''The man don't wanna drink, leave him ALONE.'' Brawl stopped.

Now, understand, if you were a friend of Presley's there were some interesting perks. Frank Lax used to tell a story about one interesting night with an Army buddy. ''They both had dates down from Paris ... they were tired of the movies, didn't want to go out, and Dad said, 'Let's go see Elvis!''' They head down to Elvis Presley Boulevard and turn into the gates. ... ''They get to the gate, a guard comes up and Dad says, 'I'm Frank Lax, and I'm an Army buddy of Elvis'. Now a stranger leaps into the car, and security pulls her out right away, but they wave his car to the front door.

Someone answers and says 'Mr. Presley's down in the game room, come with me. He wants to see you.'' The dates are still stone-cold silent, but telepathy has given way to mild shock. Elvis is playing pool. Lax and friends stayed a few minutes, made some small talk, touched base. Presley comes over to the ladies, kisses their hands, says hello . . . still, silence. Lax and friends head back to the car, back out of the gates, and Frankie said, ''The two girls just opened their mouths and started screaming.'' Presley would return the visits, often when he was seeing a young lady in the Jackson area. He knew he could hang out at Lax's South Jackson home and just be with a friend. No big deal, just a night with a buddy. The friendship found a tragic end in 1977 with Presley's death. ''I went down to the funeral with Dad. I was only 12 or 13 at the time, but I remember he was broken up for days,'' Frankie said.

Nice little anecdotes but, somehow, I doubt Elvis hung out at Frank Lax's house in the 1970s.
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