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Backstage Candid

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"With two Italian fans in Las Vegas on August 28, 1972 - The man is the President of the Italian fan club, his name is Livio Monari". ... tlv72.html

Next day, August 28 we were still sad, but realize that we already had our chance and could not ask for more.
We attended the 8 p.m. dinner show and midnight show. Then, to our surprise, at the end of the midnight show, a waiter came to us and said.

"Mr. Presley is waiting for you".
We could not believe it any more that the first time! Like before, they guided us backstage.

I asked Joe Esposito to have the photos taken by a professional photographer of the hotel.

He said "Elvis does not want that, because photographers could sell the photos to magazines". I replied, "I will buy the negatives, too".

"I must ask Elvis" Esposito said, and he went into the room.
He came out and said "OK".

Somebody went to call a girl photographer from the Casino.

Elvis came out and I told him, "I apologize... I'm not too good with cameras".

"No problem" he replied.

We took our place beside Elvis.
"Smile" said the photographer "Cheese" Elvis said and two shots were taken, unfortunately without the award.

Nicla said "Elvis is there anything you'd like to receive from Italy?"

"Yes, a Ferrari" Elvis replied and everybody laughed.
We said goodbye and the meeting was over.

The two photos were fantastic, very professional and good quality.

The dream we followed for years had come true.

We stayed in Vegas for 7 days.

We watched 14 Elvis shows, we met Elvis two times, we were given a scarf directly from his hands, and a dedication on the cover of the Lps...

..... can a fan ask for more?
Livio Monari

http://elvismomentsintime.freeforums.or ... IVIO#p7407


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Here is Livio Monari's page: ... fault.aspx

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first pix, he look like a gay :lol: