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Re: George Klein with Elvis '57 pic

Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:56 am

elvisjock wrote:My favorite GK picture is the shot taken at the party held at Graceland after Sonny West's wedding. Elvis is standing in the living room, holding a rifle. George is seated behind him, appearing to have his head up Elvis' ass.

Please, do share.

Re: George Klein with Elvis '57 pic

Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:14 pm

ian wrote:
BrandtMichaels wrote:Image

Thats George and I as of Tuesday if I remember correctly lol. My girlfriend and I got to sit and have a long chat with him about Elvis and George's career in radio etc. He's a super nice guy! You can tell he really loved Elvis. He had nothing but nice words to say about him!! He signed an autograph for me to put in my copy of his book.

Its really cool because I always feel like Im bothering people like that by asking about Elvis. It must be weird talking about someone you were friends with that passed away years ago, ya know?

Anyways, Ill be posting the pictures from my trip very shortly!


8) Thats really awesome!! I look forward to hearing what he had to say about Elvis and further pics!! By the way did you ask George if he saw Elvis in July and August of 1977? It would be fascinating to hear more about these months and to see more pictures also! 8)

Nice Blue Suede Shoes. :D