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Re: Elvis and Linda

Thu Nov 22, 2007 11:19 am

Vissie wrote:
Steve_M wrote:I beginning to think you are winding me up deliberately, or are your keystrokes accidental through some kind of nervous twitch / fit?

I have not shared my opinion with you regarding Red, far from it I've stated fact(s).

Regarding the question above, the answer concerns a thread in the All Elvis forum a few weeks ago when you informed us of your opinion about collectors and I asked you based upon that opinion what your opinion was regarding a related matter. Your response was to tell me that yuor previous comments were only your opinion which I'd already demonstrated i was aware of and then to explain to me what an opinion meant.
You appeared to me to be reading something I'd not even written and not being able to see that which i had written. The saga in this thread seems to have similar echoes to it.

Come to think of it, why ask me a question then follow it with a request not to concern myself with you when you've just asked me a question? The answer should be interesting, but I'm all too aware that you might read a completely different question to that which I've asked.

If you give the answer of 67.9 then I think your day pass may have expired. :wink:

Whatever you say Steve ;)

Thanks for taking the time to compose such an in depth answer to my question. I believe you may have outdone the effort and time i took to answer yours.

At the core of this is the fundamental reason for people having a desire to contribute on here. People either seem to not want others to do so or they use and consume members time over other matters in order that they cant contribute positively at all.

In an attempt to try and understand why this is I ask. Only for the answer to fall into the same category as the original posts that spark the enquiry.

Re: Elvis and Linda

Thu Nov 22, 2007 11:28 am

KHoots wrote:
drjohncarpenter wrote:Of course, my original reply was only meant to provide a gentle laugh. Ha ha.

I, for one, got that. The thread took on a life of its own since then!

Doc I appreciate your comment had limited purpose, but I can't help seeing further potential with some people for the reasons I've given.

There really are those (I call them "70's fans") who don't know the histroy of Elvis and Red and only care about the book Red helped to write as if it was all one sided and that Red was "just" a bodyguard who got bitter about being fired. Those fans dont understand the genuine friendship they had, that's not the fans fault as such if they aren't interested in anything other than Jungle Room sessions, but if those same people read your comment and take it as a joke or a throwaway comment (which for different reasons it was) it could do with being strengthened after (I can't recall who replied about it originally) said it didn't need to be said because it was obvious. well its that comment I picked up on more than yours because as I say, for some fans it is far from obvious and that's all I've really tried to highlight.

Your post and the reply to it were an opportunity for me to make the comments that I did.