Post here your Elvis' pictures

Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:06 am

thefunkyangel wrote:Lew Nyack, I can't see you chained to the door :roll:!

I have other, more important uses for my chains. :wink:

On the other hand, I do have a brick salvaged from the demo.

Looking for potos of these buildings

Thu May 17, 2007 6:54 am

Though not on this list, here is a photo of Baptist Memorial that was taken in the 70's.
I scanned this from some of the photos in my collection.
Just wanted to post it before I lost track of it again



Thu May 17, 2007 6:15 pm

Here's me parked diagonally across from Babptist memorial hospital at Union and S. Pauline a few years ago.

I know, I know, Nice shirt.

Fri May 18, 2007 3:05 pm

Man, what a big dog you have :lol:!