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On stage hawaii 1961

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Excellent photo Brad.


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I had the whole empty arena to myself once. It was back in '95 (July/ August) and I went there just to film inside and out. The lady caretaker wanted to call a journo/ photographer from the local paper to do a piece on me, but I politely asked her not too. I took along the bootleg alblum with me just to place it up there on the stage whilst I was filming, making sure as I was panning the camera around, to include it in the film. I'm surprised it hasn't been knocked down as you American's just love knocking down old haunts :wink:!

Introduction, Heartbreak Hotel; All Shook Up; A Fool Such As I; I Got A Woman; Love Me; Band Introductions; Such A Night; Reconsider Baby; I Need Your Love Tonight; That's All Right; Don't Be Cruel; One Night; Are You Lonesome Tonight; It's Now Or Never; Swing Down Sweet Chariot; Hound Dog


A once in a life time set - list!
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Great photo Funkeyangel.

One great thing about this show is that we have it on cd..and let me tell you it is definitley a pleasure to listen too.. :D Really an excellent show!