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See link above: though Brad & Riley posted some excellent pictures, can someone help providing the dates for the following pictures:

riley wrote:Image

riley wrote:Image

riley wrote:Image]

Doesn't look like an original picture ..or am I mistaken:

riley wrote:Image

riley wrote:Image

Brad M wrote:Image

Look at Billy's face..scared like hell...

Brad M wrote:Image

Re: Dates...please

Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:35 am

E-Cat wrote:

riley wrote:Doesn't look like an original picture ..or am I mistaken:

riley wrote:Image

It's not an original, I tracked this pic at another site, it's modified. The original sleeves are blue.

Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:39 am

Thanks for your confirmation Joe!

Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:28 am

The last two: with Linda and Billy, summer of 1974. Not sure of the date, ca june-july.
With Billy on tri-cycle, September 15 1975. Fresh out of BM!


Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:42 am

thanks for dating these !

Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:59 am

The pic with Liberace was originally black & white I believe, and was taken in early 1956 when EP played the New Frontier Hotel, here is the date of that two week stint. Bripet would know for sure.

First Vegas Visit. Apr. 23 - May 6
23 April-6 May. Las Vegas, NV. New Frontier Hotel

Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:19 am

According to the booklet of the 60s-box, the first picture shows "Elvis (getting) ready to leave Graceland for his first post-Army recording session, March 20, 1960".

Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:20 am

Here are a few more dates:

1 - 20 March 1960, leaving Graceland for RCA Nashville session

2 - 12 March 1960, greeting fans at gates

3 - 15 November 1956, after Liberace's show at Riviera [pic is colourized ]

5 - 24 June 1973, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York

Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:31 am

Thanks Doc, I stand corrected on the date I gave on Liberace photo.

Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:06 am

Great thx Doc!

Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:37 am