Post here your Elvis' pictures

Rare footage pic

Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:09 am

If you wonder if there is any unreleased footage, here is a sneak preview:

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very good pic

Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:18 am

:) :D :) :lol: 8) very good and rare pic , never seen it before.

Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:19 am

About time we get On Tour with an extra DVD with rehearsal material like this. It's awesome to watch these behind the scenes footage.


Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:51 am

Cool picture. Elvis seemed like he had just woke up during this rehearsal. Great stuff ! 8)

Wed Feb 14, 2007 11:29 am

it is a rehearsal in Buffallo 1972
Elvis sing here Burning Love