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With Bobby Morris - Vegas 1969

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Never seen these before Delboy. Use to seeing different types of pictures from you lmao. Very nice !!! :lol:

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The first image is fake :roll:!

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thefunkyangel wrote:The first image is fake :roll:!

Yep, only one year later and Bobby Morris has aged ten years as well.

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Of all his lucky breaks, none was bigger for Bobby Morris than the telephone call from Bill Miller in July 1969. Miller, the entertainment director at Kirk Kerkorian's soon-to-open International, was on the telephone with news of a change of plans.

Harry James, the legendary big band leader, had just backed out of his commitment to conduct Barbra Streisand's opening engagement and Elvis Presley's much-anticipated comeback in the 2,200-seat International, now the Las Vegas Hilton. "It was three weeks before Streisand was to open. Bill said 'Harry has cold feet and doesn't feel he can do it.' When Harry fell out, I fell in. It was a helluva break," said Morris, then the musical director at the Flamingo and International.

When Streisand and Elvis opened, Morris conducted the 60-piece orchestra. That led to a two-year run as Elvis' musical conductor, instead of handling the International's lounge shows.

Shortly before Elvis opened, Streisand showed up one day for Elvis' rehearsal. Streisand approached Morris and said, " 'I'd really like to meet him' and I introduced them. "They went on a date and I asked Elvis how it went. He said they got along 'very well.' You can read between the lines," Morris said.

It was Morris who delivered some big news to Elvis on the night of the opening. Morris, whom Kerkorian had asked to greet VIPs on opening night, went backstage just before the show. When Elvis saw him, he asked, "Who's out there?" "You wouldn't believe it, Elvis. Every star in the world," said Morris, who had just seen a celebrity turnout like never before. With that, an already nervous Elvis was all shook up. Morris said he offered some words of advice: "I told him 'Don't be nervous; think of everyone in the audience without their clothes on.' "

Morris is still making music. He has been putting on Jazz at the Church every Friday at Third St. and Bridger.