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July 21st '75 Candids!

Sun Jul 02, 2006 7:54 am

I hope you understand this . . . . and answer me! Cheers!
Are the first two images of Presley leaving Norfolk (21st!) enroute to Greensboro!?
Is the third image Presley' departure from Norfolk!?
Finally, the last two images . . . do they pertain from Norfolk or Greensboro!?
Or, do any (if not all) of the images pertain to Presley' arrival in Asheville?!!!
I would love to see some candids of Presley in/ departing Asheville!!!!!!
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Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:19 pm

Hi Funky!

They ALL pertain to ElvisĀ“departure from Greensboro to Asheville on July 22, 1975.

I bought my copies way back about 25 years ago from the Strictly Elvis Generation in Greensboro so I assume they would have dated the photos correct.

By the way, photo # 3 is reversed.

Here's another from same departure


Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:04 pm

So these were taken after (an angry) Presley sped passed the musicians/ singers at the road - side ice cream stand, enroute (as he wanted to leave early :roll:) to the Greensboro airport! Thanks for dating these Brian . . .

Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:37 pm

These are great photos.

I always thought the musicians/singers considered the "highway incident" to be one the funniest things, that every happened on tour. I remember reading one of them telling the story and being quite amused by the fact, that here they were just settling down and then they see Elvis speeding past! Must have been a sight. LOL And they all had to hurry, because his private jet got only cleared at the airport after their chartered plane had taken off.

Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:24 pm

That's new to me Melanie (not that I am doubting you), but I read the chartered plane flew on to Asheville 'empty' only to return to Greensboro (out of Presley' guilt and common - sense/ wise tour decision) to pick up the musicians/ backing - singers and crew!