Post here your Elvis' pictures


Tue May 23, 2006 3:21 pm

I still have to grab through the tons of great pics aht you guy´s have posted here in the past..
but I´m currently looking for shots from the following dates:
(backstage-shots would be interesting too :o )

july/ august 69 (if correct dating is possible?!)
closing night 73 - 3rd sept.
houston 74 - 3rd march
memphis 74 - 16th + 17th, 20th march
Tahoe closing 74 - 26th may
niagara falls 74 - 24th june
opening 74 - 19th august
closing 74 (desert storm) - 2nd september
college park 74 - 27th + 28th september
niagara falls 75 - 13th july
december 75 vegas
Tahoe closing 76 - 9th may
memphis 76 - 5th july
syracuse 76 - 25th to 27th july
pine bluff 76 - 7th + 8th september
december 76 vegas
birmingham 76 - 29th december

would be great to get some help with that! :D
aside: there are lots of pics of E wearing the Aztec Sundial around in the http://www.. but only a few of them are really dated :(
so how to date the rest correctly? :shock: