Post here your Elvis' pictures

Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:41 am

And Pep, I was not upset--just shocked that my first photo contribution was one no one had really seen. It made me happy that it made you all happy to see it! That's like the biggest thrill ever to me :)

AND BOB! I did see your post--let me go dig out the article and I'll be back--I'll even transcribe the text from it for everybody.

- Stace

Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:50 am

Bob, I'm sorry but it is a clipping in every sense of the word--it has been clipped--the date of the issue was cut off--I only know it is from people because it has "SCOOP" down the side--my sister subscribes to people and I'd recognize it anywhere as being from that mag.

The photos have small text beside them that says: "TED NEWMAN JONES COLLECTION"

And here is the article.

A Fresh Look at Elvis in His Prime
He is the King as fans like to remember him: smoldering looks and the energy of a rising star, captured in these rare Elvis Presley photographs. Experts say they were probably taken in 57, the year of "All Shook Up," when Presley was 22.
The photographs belong to Nashville guitar maker Ted Newman Jones, 52, a self-described "Elvis freak," who says he was given 11 pictures of his hero--including those printed here--20 years ago by friends who found them in an Austin, Texas, house they were renovating. For two decades Jones kept the photos in a safe place. Lately he figured the 25th Anniversary of Presley's death Aug. 16 would be a good time to make them public. Tod Morgan, of Elvis Presley Enterprises, guardians of the King's estate, welcomes shots like these, which pop up every so often: "Everytime you discover an image you haven't seen, it's like getting to know him again. It's just one more moment that you can add to your Elvis conciousness."

And the caption next to the photos:

Elvis in spotlight (left) and with an unidentified fan. "These are pictures of Elvis before he was tainted by the industry," says Jones

I guess since it says 25th Anniversary, that would put the mag's release in the summer of 2002 sometime.

- Stacy

Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:36 pm

beautiful pic you've posted. That's one I've never seen before. Would love to get the clear shot. I'll probably spend the next hour turning that into a color poster or something for the living room. It's sweet.

Just when I think I have em all you guys come up with another award winner. Thanks so much!

Italianjob :D