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Thursday, Nov 8th, 1962 Candids!

Thu Mar 09, 2006 10:05 am

Taken on the set of 'It Happened At The World's Fair' - Thursday, Nov 8th, 1962


Vernon Presley accompanies Memphis' Mayor Loeb to the set, where the Mayor officially accepts Elvis' donation of $50, 000 to combined Memphis charities! (text courtesy of 'Day by Day')

Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:02 pm

Great shots Funky


Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:13 pm

Great pics!!!


Thu Mar 09, 2006 6:40 pm

... Mr. Elvis Presley! Our Bank Emloyee of the Month! A totally innocent looking guy, by that time... No wonder, teenagers at the time, turned their back on him, and welcomed the 4 from Liverpool! All the kool, had left the Memphis Flash, by 62...

Fri Mar 10, 2006 5:53 pm

Have to disagree on this one Ger, Elvis ALWAYS had kool down pat..
like you i am a 50 s fan ( mostly 'cause i remember it all takin'g place)
now grant it, the LEVEL of his koolness say da 50 s from 1 to 10 would be a 10 in my book, as to where the 60 s Id vote maybe a 4, da 70s back up in the top level..
but at any time of his life Elvis wuz one cool dude.. i would'ved luv to hang with him for been cool and his sence of humor, even if we never played one note togther ..but thats a whole different topic.l
later Elton ^j^