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Wanted, reward! for close up starburst cape

Sat Oct 22, 2005 11:04 am

Now that Graceland is showing the starburst cape from a side where it is possible to make photos ....

I am offering a reward in the form of either other close up photos of any object in Graceland or jumpsuit they had on display in Sep 2003.
Or audio CD by choice (concerts, studio outtakes etc).

I am looking for good quality photos that show this cape (shot of the whole cape and close up photos of parts of it near the edges).

Same, I am looking good quality photos of the flower suit currently on display.

So if you are going to Graceland soon then think of me. Make these photos and then enjoy other close up photos or audio of concerts you always wanted to have but don't have.

PM me for details.

here are the two capes I would like photos of: