Post here your Elvis' pictures

Fri Apr 01, 2005 12:37 pm

Interesting! Thank you, Del.


Fri Apr 01, 2005 2:25 pm

I was going to say that's not Jacksonville 55 because of Elvis' attire was known to be different on that day.

But being as he had his clothes ripped off - shirt anyway - then he could have been photo'd with a different shirt on the same day.

There are a few shots from 55 of Elvis wearing the shirt above, but none that I know of with a definite date, or can thnk of off top of my bonce.

Sat Apr 02, 2005 1:03 pm

Great pix. Never seen those before.
Elvis used this shirt during other shows in May 1955 so the pics most certainly are from May 1955. He is also wearing the same belt as he did on other shows in May.

However, there is ONE thing that doesn´t fit in. The necklace Elvis is wearing in the close-up pic is from the July-tour of Florida. In fact he is wearing that same necklace in another pic from Jacksonville in July 1955 where he hugs a girl. Elvis has a bottle in his hand. Compare the hair in the close-up pic with those of Elvis backstage with guitar from Tampa July 31st 1955 and you´ll see that it is the exact same. I´m more obliged to say that the pics were shot during Elvis Jacksonville gig on July 28-29, 1955.

Off for Denmark now. Back Sunday afternoon again.


Sat Apr 02, 2005 1:36 pm

Is it this one Brian: ?

Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:41 pm

Hi Steve!

That´s exactly the pic. You see the string-necklace Elvis wears in that pic. He wore this and a white one during the July tour that started after his short vacation in Memphis.

So I´m convinced the photos were shot during the Jacksonville shows in July and NOT in May 1955.


Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:55 pm

Thanks Doc, Brian and Steve for your input,

The fact that Elvis isn't wearing a shirt plus the fact that he wore the same shirt during the May gigs must surely direct the picture to the May show? Perhaps the shirt and necklace were thrown on as he was about to leave?

Sun Apr 03, 2005 10:53 pm

Del, the fact that Elvis isn't wearing a shirt doesn't mean too much as a snapshot in itself. I'm sure Elvis was shirtless on many occassions either through choice or through the Jacksonville incident.

The pic of E with a bottle comes from the Graceland archives and was included in the "A Celebration" book compiled by Mike Evans.

The caption for the pic read:
"1955 Jacnsokvill, Florida
All that was written on the back of this photograph was 'Jacksonville Ball Park, Hope you'll remember me,' but the gig itself was a milestone in Elvis' career. It was May 13, and the much-publicised occassion when rioting fans actually chased him into his dressing room, tearing off his clothes and shoes."

The admission that not much was known about the photo leads me to suggest it was a guess on Evans part as to when this pic was taken. I'll take Brians diagnosis over this anyday.