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Elvis evergreens 16/8-2010

Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:00 am

Radio Denmark has about 20 different channels, but most did not play even one single Elvis song 16 August 2010 :(

One actually did play Suspicious minds once. :wink:

Another channel, which is actually hosted by a "Former"(Dare I say :? ) Elvis fan who back in the 80`even wrote a most possitive book on Elvis, was playing some Elvissongs, BUT.....he chose to pick not Elvis`recordings, but other performers recordings of the songs
to play on his program on this very date :shock: (I really thought that he was one of the good guys, but after doing this he broke my heart and will never consider him as an Elvisfan again :wink: )

The Evergreen channel sure knew how to honour our man :| They played 6 Elvissongs in 24 hours........yes, you did read it right....6 :wink: ....all evergreens 8) / :|

02:03 In The Ghetto

05:49 I`ll never know

09:27 Harem Holiday

12:51 Harem Holiday(Yes, they did it once again :| )

16:40 Do you know who I am

20:18 Golden coins

23:57 You don`t have to say you love me

That`s it folks :wink: (That`s how the Danish radio DJ`s loves Elvis, and that`s how he is beeing presented to the Danish radio listeners 2010)

Even that we do have plenty of different channels......Rock, POP, Country......etc............NOT even one single word of Elvis, not even 16/8

I don`t know.....maybe Elvis really is history...........How sad :(