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Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:07 pm ... ple-2-7385

From "Sir Arthur" (ELVIS_MEMORABILIA club)

Hello Groupies!

When I saw this list I was appalled that some one could be so inane! I had to responde! I hope you will too!

I made the following reply to the very erroneous statement concerning Elvis at the site claiming to have a list of the most overated WHITE People.

"Elvis Presley – Elvis didn’t write his own songs, barely played the guitar, and was a worse actor than the entire cast of Belly. Despite being a cheap facsimile of Little Richard, he is still known as the “King of Rock ‘n Roll.” Only in America."

Here is my reply (I am Item #17 on his reply list):

"17. Sir_Arthur wrote:
What a crock of S**T this message is!!!! Name me one entertainer known world wild by ONLY their first name! Only ELVIS! Little Richard had his time but he was not managed and promoted as Elvis was. True Elvis did not write any of his song, so it was and is with many big named stars white and black, yet his voice was immaculate! Elvis never accepted any award he did not feel he earned! He donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities.

As for Elvis ability as an actor he was superb in his more serious roles as in "King Creole", "Flaming Star", "Charro" and "Wild In The Country".

I am asking you to retract your statement about Elvis and let's give the man credit where credit is due!

You can have the rest of your list. I just hope you start off your list of overated blacks with the name Barack Obama!

October 9, 2009 @ 5:30 pm"

Now JOIN ME in making your feelings known!
Remember this Fan Club has a mission to uphold the "Respect, Dignity and Memory of Elvis Presley"!
Thank you all for making this the great Fan Club that it is! You all make me so very proud!