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NASHVILLE area - Gordon Stoker Elvis interview on TV

Sat May 06, 2006 12:05 am

Tonight Friday May 5 (10:00pm CST) Channel 4 WSMV Evening News

As part of tonights late night news, they are featuring an interview with Gordon Stoker in his home where he shows off his personal Elvis collection. I just saw a promo for this on TV today. From the short clip they showed, Gordon is looking rough, and his home looks like a virtual Elvis museum.

The most interesting thing, and am very skeptical about, was Gordon holding up an acetate, while the announcer says "hear an Elvis recording you have never heard tonight at 10:00."

Probally just an alternate take of some movie song, that has already been booted. However, at least I never get tired of seeing a real Elvis acetate. I would assume Gordon has the intelligence to know the difference between a real Elvis vocal, and a sound alike publishing demo vocal intended for Elvis.

I intend on watching, and for what its worth, I will report back. Perhaps others in the Nashville area will also tune in and see what is up.

Sat May 06, 2006 4:48 am

Thanks for the news :wink: .

Sat May 06, 2006 5:30 am

Glad someone saw this! I was going to put this on the main page, afraid it would not be seen here. At the same time I was not sure about making it a big deal, since an Elvis story on the local news happens fairly often, usually as a "sweeps" gimmick.

However, Brad, if my math is correct:

Kentucky + Good antenna = WSMV (or perhaps you get it by cable or sat feed)

I don't really expect much, I watched the 5 & 6 pm news and they hyped this with another commercial that showed one of Elvis' pill bottles enshrined in some sort of case. F that, play the damm acetate...... dammit! I did like the "Sold Out" 70's concert poster framed on the wall they showed. I had not seen one of those before. Once again, I would assume Gordon Stoker would only have legit items in his Elvis collection. (I assume he picked up enough real stuff along his carreer that he does not buy stuff too often, but this interview might give some insight to what he has in his collection at least.)

As I now think about it, perhaps I am starting to get my hopes up way too high for this to be anything. I mean how much could one expect them to cover in a less than 5 minute news segment (at tops).

Sat May 06, 2006 6:33 am

That was strange. An Elvis segment just aired, but Gordon Stoker was no where to be seen. (Perhaps, I was mistaken, but I am pretty sure I saw Gordon Stoker on the promo clip.)

Instead, they featured the personal collection of John Heath who lives outside of Memphis. He showed the Bi-Centenial Jumpsuit, and there were a lot of Vegas, and Stage Memorbilia featured on his walls.

He also had a book Elvis checked out of the library, and several other rare items. The rare record they talked about was a white label with typed "SUN" (In red on one line)and "PRE-RELEASE-SAMPLE" (in black on a second line) of That's All Right. Apparently, this is an actate pressing of the 78. You could not see what was on the Bside, and part of the label was torn. He mentioned they made a copy of the the B side, but did not say if it was Blue Moon of KY, or not.

They made no mention that this version of "TAR" did not have the echo on it (I doubt they knew). They were hyping the fact that the recording had only been played once since it was aquired by John Heath (to make a digital copy of both sides). Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees....

Sun May 07, 2006 4:47 am

Thank you for saying.

I agree with what you said, and here is (raises glass) to breaking the cycle!