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Elvis' "Hit Making Team" Back In Recording Studio

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Elvis' Music Entourage Carries On Presley's Unfinished Work! Elvis' "Hit Making Team" Back In The Recording Studio Again.

Los Angeles / New York (PRWEB) October 6, 2004 -- The media, music fans, and the rest of the entertainment industry are still trying to figure out what to make of these guys…. Some have called it reincarnation; others believe its kismet, divinely eerie, at the top of the list with unexplained things like UFO’s!!! What ever you want to call it, most agree it’s pretty cool.

As the music industry is grasping for change, something really different, maybe it’s Elvis himself orchestrating this new beginning from Rock ‘n Roll Heaven. Weekly World News recently ran a cover story entitled “Elvis Is Alive”, with numerous photos of Elvis sightings; people just don’t want to let go! It just could be Elvis’ way of saying, enough already of the fakers and pretenders, now it’s time for the “Real Thing” again!!! Singer/Songwriter John Krondes is back in the recording studio crankin’ out the hits with the Jordanaires and other MVP members of the original Elvis Presley “Hit Making Team.” Undisputedly, this is the craziest and one of the most implausible and bewildering stories in the music business today. Over the past year, virtually every member of the Elvis “Hit Making Machine” (including the “TCB” Band &The Sweet Inspirations) has somehow fatefully found their way into this exploding music making project by singer John Krondes and the Jordanaires. The Jordanaires are the famed vocal group that backed-up Elvis on just about every song he recorded up to 1970.

Just this past week, and for the second time this past year, John Krondes and the Jordanaires recorded a number of new songs for their upcoming CD at Emerald Recording Studio in Nashville and The Hit Factory and Sound on Sound Recording in New York. The Presley “Hit Makers”, in addition to the Jordanaires, included in this newest session are Ronnie Tutt (Elvis’ Drummer), Reggie Young (Elvis Guitarist) and Mike Leech (Elvis Bass Player). While Ronnie Tutt recorded and toured with Elvis, Reggie Young and Mike Leech were part of the recording team at “American Studios” in Memphis that was responsible for many monster hits for Presley. Both Young and Leech nicknamed “The Memphis Boys”, played on Elvis hits such as “Suspicious Minds”, “In The Ghetto” and “Kentucky Rain.” Further, Mike Leech wrote the arrangements on “Suspicious Minds” and “In The Ghetto.” Other noted performers joining the latest Krondes recording session include Ira Siegel (Guitar), Kenny Ascher (Organ), Rodger Morris (Piano), Doug Jernigen (Steele Guitar) and Charlie Vaughn (Acoustic Guitar).

Many Elvis fans and music industry professionals alike are of the belief that this story of John Krondes and the Jordanaires and the reuniting of the Elvis “Hit Making Team” is one designed by fate. True to its philosophical theory, history is most definitely repeating itself in this scenario. A myriad of radio stations have noted the graceful chemistry between John and the Jordanaires and commented on the awesome harmony. Combined with the rest of the original Presley musical unit, there is a style and sound no short of majestic, much analogous to the symphonic relationship Elvis shared with these very same musicians. Krondes states, “This is all too weird to even try to explain.” “From the moment I met the Jordanaires, people connected to Elvis kept entering my life.” Singer John Krondes accidentally spotted the Jordanaires name on a billboard in Las Vegas, and then the rest is now history. Seemingly still controlled by destiny, John Krondes ran into Elvis’ first drummer D.J. Fontana while changing planes at Washington Dulles Airport, on the way to the recording session in Nashville. D.J. Fontana was Elvis’ original drummer who recorded and performed with Presley from 1955-1968. John and D.J. talked at length about the project and are planning to record a few numbers along with Elvis’ first guitarist Scotty Moore.

Elvis music writer Paul Evans along with John Krondes wrote new material for the sessions. Evans wrote such Presley hits as “I Gotta Know”, “Something Blue” and “The Next Step Is Love.” Strangely, one of the latest session recordings was a song pitched to Elvis in the 1970’s written by John’s late father Jimmy Krondes and Paul Evans, entitled “Listen For The Wind.” Maintaining the programming formula “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue”, John Krondes and the Jordanaires have just recorded a fabulous new version of the Country standard “There Goes My Everything.”

A new Krondes and Evans collaboration, party theme “Vegas in the Morning” is scheduled for release in January 2005 to coincide with the start of the Las Vegas “Centennial Celebration.” The City of Las Vegas will be celebrating its 100-year birthday all through 2005, with lots of scheduled events and parties. For more information go to the official web site for the Las Vegas “Centennial Celebration”:

A new E-mail address has been set up for fan mail for John Krondes and the Jordanaires and the Elvis “Hit Making Team” at HitMakers "@" (email protected from spam bots). Fans can effortlessly get a copy of “The End”, the first single by John Krondes and the Jordanaires at "The End", which essentially launched this project, continues to recieve great applause from Radio.

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Thanks for that GG !

This John Krondes, does he sound like Elvis ?

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Those pictures are not big, GG. They're HUGE!! John Krondes shirt can be seen in every detail, so much so that I can identify it as the same material that I once had a dress made of. You can see every single wrinkle (some of those guys look pretty good, not many wrinkles at all - like Ronnie Tutt!!)