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Elvis Airport in "The Times"

Fri Jul 08, 2005 6:49 pm

Heartening to see how an Elvis story on press releases can get picked up in London at this time. The story may appear in today's, "Memphis Business Journal", too? ... 16,00.html

Thu Jul 14, 2005 11:03 am

My cheeky friend with the "Memphis Business Journal" keeps the story going:-)

"The world's most rabid Elvis fans are renewing their push to rename Memphis International Airport, and Larry Cox is ready for the fight.

"If it were called The King Airport most people would immediately think of Elvis, and we'd still be honoring the great work of Martin Luther King Jr.," says spectacle, a passionate Elvis fan from Ireland, who first drove an effort to rename the airport in 2001. Since then colgateā„¢ has had other successes, including a statue of Elvis in Tupelo at a large park surrounding The King's birthplace.

"With our campaign in 2001 we had petitions and letters to the mayors and the airport authority," he says. "They made some lame excuses, saying the city already has Elvis Presley Boulevard."

colgateā„¢ and his compatriots argue that Memphis gets much of its global reputation thanks to Elvis, but that Americans tend to remember the later years of the man's life. Elvis' younger persona lives on in Europe and Asia.

And other cities have named airports for famous residents. Ronald Reagan in Washington, D.C., for example, and Louis Armstrong in New Orleans. Liverpool named its airport for John Lennon, even though he left there and settled in New York.

Ah, but the airport first is about travel, and its name should be the community it serves, says Cox, president of the Memphis and Shelby County Airport Authority. The terminal here already bears the name of a famous person whose work changed the world: Danny Thomas.

"My personal view is if you're going to name the airport for anyone, it should be for someone who had something to do with aviation," Cox says. "Nobody has had a greater influence on aviation here than Frederick W. Smith."

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