You can add here the info of Elvis in the media

Sat Jul 02, 2005 9:50 am

The AEK Newsgroup used to be a great Elvis talking shop.

But it has descended into a forum where posters just rubbish other posters.

I hope this MB isn't going the same way.

Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:01 am

I came too late to see AEK before its current venomous state. I see you there occasionally Colin, above the fray.Good man

It's a shame we have to wade through such a wave of vitriol and hatred to try to glean something useful there. I can't see this MB going that way, however. That would be heartbreaking......

Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:44 am

ColinB, Scatter, Did you guys come to read about the subject of this thread, or about the usual abuse, Ive grown accustomed to:-) ... earch+News

Sat Jul 02, 2005 11:05 am

Came to read about the Airport.......stayed for the abuse :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sun Jul 03, 2005 4:47 am

MauriceinIreland wrote:Doc, Do you really think I am "a self-promoting, statue-obsessed blowhard"?

My statement is based on the majority of your posts and -- evidently -- it is a feeling shared by many on this MB.

If you dislike such a catagorization, I suggest you rethink what you chose to post here.

Good luck!


Re: Hi

Sun Jul 03, 2005 4:55 am

Simon1 wrote:Hi Tom.

I am not trying to defend Maurice here but it strikes me that you so often mention that you have worked with celebrities for over 20 years.
I think everyone knows by now.

Damn Simon, you beat me to the punch! Most people are wise to you by now too Tom, just a thought i'd pass on!

Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:29 am

I''m a new member of this board but I have been visiting this MB for 2 years.

Maurice, despite the hostilities, keep up your good work.

Sun Jul 03, 2005 8:56 am

Doc, you are funny. I twist no arms. People can choose of their own volition to read or ignore my posts, your good self included:-) Besides the description is dishonest.

The statue of "Elvis at 13" is a fine work of art by a gifted sculptor, Michiel Van der Sommen.
Save me from philistines!

A more discerning reader would have noticed the numbers on this message supporting my efforts are rising. Albeit slowly but surely.

Good day to you sir. LOL.

Thanksamillion Jove, your kind support is appreciated.

Meanwhile the Elvis Airport story has featured on Elvis news all week. ... earch+News

Sun Jul 03, 2005 11:58 am

Good old Maurice, he never tires of proving his many critics right.

Genesim is back fighting socialism and Maurice is blowing oily smoke out his ass.

It's just like old times around here.

Sun Jul 03, 2005 12:24 pm, always positive stuff about Elvis, and a lifelong member of my fan club it seems to me.

My "Many critics"? maybe a dozen sourpusses out of the millions of Elvis fans in the world! You don't get out much do you?

Nevertheless you do help keep the topic up front. Thanks:-) ... earch+News

Sun Jul 03, 2005 12:56 pm wrote:Good old Maurice, he never tires of proving his many critics right.

And using up valuable bandwidth in the process.


Sun Jul 03, 2005 1:04 pm

Doc, tell me I'm not getting to you.

I read most of the Elvis trivia you seem to think is so enlightening, without commenting, perhaps you would try and contain YOUR impetuosity:-) ... earch+News